Sidorova Natalia

(aka Katya Pavlova aka Olga Pshenitsina aka Nadya from Makeevka, Ukraine)

Novosibirsk, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: 630102 Novosibirsk Kosmicheskaya 21/1-705


DOB: n/a

I would like to report to you about a scammer Natalia Sidorova who is 24 years old and from Novosibirsk.Her address which is most likely fake is Russia 630102 Novosibirsk Kosmicheskaya 21/1-705. Her e-mail that she is now using is and she has a profile posted at Matchdoctor under the name of natashagerl.

Her scammer profiles and aliases that she has used in the past can be read at Katya Pavlova aka Olga Pshenitsina  and also
Nadya Makeevka- 
She wants me to send her $1360 dollars by Western Union for her airline tickets and visa to come to the United States. She has also given me a fake travel agency by the name of Alfa Zvezda, Narimskaya 19 /1 rooms 2, Novosibirsk, Phone number 140471. She even sent me a fake copy of her international passport. She will be waiting a long time before she ever gets her tickets, I guess. Please add her to your ever growing SCAMMERS LIST.


Ralph aka S.H.


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Dear Ralph,

I am very grateful to you for the letter.

This is a bit the information on me:

I was born and has grown in Novosibirsk. I have grown in very cultured family. My parents wanted that I became the doctor. I study at medical university I earn additionally in hospital. Recently I began to think that was mistaken when I chose a trade. The doctors in our country earn very little. And I do not think that something to change in a near future. In our country it is very difficult to live if you are honour enough. I very much love sports and sea. Also when I have money I spend them on the Internet in the Internet of cafe. I do not have money to travel really and I do it in the Internet. I very much would like to see the world. I tried to become model - but it not for me. I not the prostitute - I very much love sex but only with which people I to choose me self. I search for the man, which will help me to see other country, in the answer I can offer myself company.

I shall expect your letter

Your Nata


Hello Ralph,

I am very glad to your letter. Thank for your compliments. I studied language at school and university.
I write independently, but sometimes (when I do not remember spelling) I use the computer interpreter.
But to write the letters it is difficult enough for me. You ask me about meeting...
Certainly I would like to see USA and XXX more than Moscow:))

I love swimming and aerobics, in the summer I swim in lake, in the winter I go in pool.
I love different types of music is depends on mood. Also I very much love cinema.
In Moscow I was very much for a long time last time. I heard that Moscow very changed now.
Novosibirsk - very country town in comparison with Moscow.
I search for the honour and kind and careful man, which can become my friend.
As to my prospects.. I understand that in this country as the doctor I have no the large prospects.
But I am not sure that my diploma recognize in other country. When I shall finish university - I'll see.
My complete name Sidorova Natalia. I now study at university and my work is connected to training. I work in many hospitals of city, it depends on a subject of training.

Your Nata


Dear Ralph,

Yes, I would like to see you in a place where you live. I never was abroad and I can present America only on the American films:)
Certainly I think really to learn each other it is possible only at meeting face to face. The Internet does not give an opportunity completely to learn the man. The wedding is a very serious step. I understand what very difficultly to find one man on all life, but after divors of my parents I do not want to repeat this way. Therefore I with pleasure would like to arrive to you to XXXX, but I should honourly tell at once, that for me this very expensive measure. And I heard what to receive the visa in your country not easily, your invitation probably is required.

You spoke about that as cool down feelings in family. I understand about what you speak. I many times saw this situation too. I hope that it never to happen to me. I think that all problems in family occur when the partners cease to speak the truth. Until then while they speak the truth each other they can find the common decision. The real family should be together both in happiness and in a trouble. Also should honourly be divided by it with each other. It is my recipe of happiness:) Probably I am mistaken, but I hope that it is the truth.
May be I old-fashioned too:))

I very much would like cares of the house and husband and to feel this care on itself - all money in the world will not suffice to buy it. To buy happiness it is impossible. I saw many rich and unfortunate people, but I have the friends which not rich and are very happy together, I want it too.

Now I live in a hostel from mine university and to a regret we have no telephones in a hostel, but I can use the telephone mine familiar (but not so frequently.) My address Russia 630102 Novosibirsk Kosmicheskaya 21/1-705
Mine a complete name Sidorova Natalia

I shall expect your letter with impatience
Yours Nata


Dear Ralph,

I shall be free in March, but in April I should be at my university - I defend the diploma.
I was in travel agency and has learned that for reception the visa probably is required to me your invitation, probably is not present (it depends on mood in consulate). The registration the tourist visa is usual 14 days. The price (including the insurance) - 190 dollars.
The ticket of Novosibirsk Moscow and back costs about 310 dollars.
The ticket Moscow of XXXX and back costs 559,27 dollars (airline Lufthansa, through Frankfurt ).
There are other airlines, through other cities, but it is more expensive.
I have the international passport, so it is Ok.
Also for reception the visa is necessary to show the information from bank about purchase the American currency (not less than 300 dollars). So for travel I need 1360 dollars. It is my income for one year :))
I did not think earlier that it so expensive., what you to think of it?

Yours Nata


Dear Ralph,

The travel agency refers to Alfa Zvezda Nobosibirsk Phone number 140471 To tell precisely number of flight, date and time of a start, it is necessary to know when I shall pay for the visa. It depends on you. For example, if to pay for the visa now she will be ready on February, 24. So I can take the ticket on flight LH9353 on February, 25 and I shall arrive 13:25 in XXXX Intl Arpt If I shall pay is later will be other flight


Yours Nata


Dear Ralph,

I to think that you badly represent Siberia.
Here, probably, only three scanners on all city, it is very difficult to make new photos and very much expensive.
Also very few companies use the Internet and have the electronic address.
In Siberia have the Internet only 0,1 % of firms. Not each firm can put the second telephone, because it is not enough of telephone lines also many people live all life without the telephone (as me). I can give the post address of firm, but I think that it will not help for you much.
Novosibirsk Narimskaya 19 /1 rooms 2
The agency accepts for payment only roubles (it is the Russian rules), they speak that in Novosibirsk the bank is located which works with Western Union. They speak what very easily to use it. I should receive money in this bank, exchange them for roubles and pay in agency.

Yuors Nata


Dear Ralph

I have no the account in bank, therefore I went in bank to open the account.
And I have learned in bank that I can not receive money to the account from the foreign citizen.
In Russia is illegal to use the private account for reception money from the inhabitant of other state.
They speak, that for me one way only Western Union possible.
Why you do not want to use it?

Your Nata


Dear Ralph

I talked to my friend which to have small business with a foreign firm, and he has told that it is the really large problem. The private person can not by a legal way receive money to the account in bank, even when I shall receive money on Western Union, I am obliged to fill in the documents, that this money does not grow out of commercial activity and are not intended for purchase of valuable papers, real estate, the share in the company etc. That firm could receive money from the foreign partner the sanction of the central bank Russia is necessary, but the private person can not receive money from the foreign citizen and foreign bank on the account in bank. It is very serious. The people have told two illegal ways to receive money to the account in bank, but I it shall not use, I very much am afraid tax police, I can receive for it two years in prison. And everyone speak that Western Union is very reliably and quickly, it is strange why you had problems.

Your Nata

Subject: Re: Hello Natasha
From: "Natasha" <
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 20:47:56 +0600

Dear Michael

I have made a copy my passport, I also should know your complete name.


Your Nata


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