Nigmaeva Oksana, "Russian Travel Agency", Sanin Andrei (report #4)

Talnah/Norilsk, Russia

Tel: 7 908-928-7669

Address: Russia, Talnah, Suvorova street, 7-35 / Russia, Norilsk, Ivanova 76


DOB: 7 of October, 34-35 y.o

Accomplices: Sanin Andrei

Submitted: 09/25/05

Fortunately I found your web site before I wired any funds for beautiful(yet cunning)Oksana's alleged journey to come visit me in the U.S.!!! I have many photos and several letters from her.Also I recieved an e-mail from the "Russian Travel Agency",along with a request to send $987 U.S. within 5 days or the price went up to about 1565.This is what gave me questions....Too bad,Oksana's a real convincing,beautiful woman.I was interested in her,very much.I'm a reasonably skeptical person by nature and she had me;hook,line,and allmost...sunk! She discovered me on a dating service I belong to called ""allegedly from an internet cafe in Talnah.I'm compelled to e-mail her back and ask her what's with this?(not to mention,let her and her sidekick know what I "REALLY THINK OF THEM")!!! Thanks again for the information. I hope you can find a way to prosecute those scum to the full extent of the law! If there's anyway I can help,let me know.Terry   




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