Zaletko Valentina 

(aka Vali, Valy, Valya)

Gomel, Belarus / Nikolaev, Ukraine

Phone:  +375(232)-51-40-93


   Valentina Stepanovna Zaletko
   PO Box 141
   Gomel 246050


DOB: n/a

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Dear Elena,

In the year 2001 I did send you my Scam-Report concerning Valentina Zaletko, 40 years, from Gomel/Belarus

Valentina Stepanovna Zaletko
PO Box 141
Gomel 246050
Phone: +375(232)-51-40-93

She asked me at the time for he payment of monthly 50 $ for Email-correspondence and she was present at more than 100 different agencies all over the world. After some time she disappeared from your scammer list for whatever reason.

I’m sorry to inform you that she is back on the root as “Valy” from Nikolaev/Ukraine and she claims now to be 34 years old and (she is at least 42 y. o.). She is published brand-new at Adult Singles on 2003/07/21 

and also at Absolute on 2003/07/27 

This woman is w/o any doubt an international scammer and acting under various names as Valentina, Vali, Valy, Valya and also by different surnames. Her pictures are at least 4 years old and are absolutely identical.

Pls. warn your customers in regard of this woman.

Kind regards



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