Kisluk Nadya (Nadin, Nadezhda)

Odessa, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Alexander Novsky str. 39/2, Apt. 22, Odessa, Ukraine 65088

e-mail: Nadesh_da@yahoo.com


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Dear Elena,
I would like to report to you about a scammer by the name of Nadine Kisluk from Odessa. The fake address that she gave to me is Nadejda Kisluk, Alexander Novsky str. 39/2, Apt. 22, Odessa, Ukraine 65088. Her e-mail address is Nadesh_da@yahoo.com . She of course has no phone and claims to live with her mother. The reason that I say fake address is the fact that I tried to send her a card and a rose  for her birthday but they were unable to deliver it as she did in fact not live there. She had just given me her home address a few weeks ago on Feb. 25 and I tried to send her flowers on her birthday of March 12. (See report):
Also our Odessa agent could not find Nadejda Kisluk (she had a birthday on March 12) - the person who lives in that apartment now told our agent, that Nadejda moved out several months ago. So if you provide us her e-mail, our agent can contact her and arrange a meeting.
I gave her e-mail address to the agents but she never contacted them to get her flowers for her birthday. Very strange behavior, unless of course you are a scammer and do not want to be exposed. She had now been busted and she made up some excuse as to the fact that she lives somewhere different for school. She had claimed to live with her mother in previous letters but her mother did not even live at the address she gave to me. I requested several more times to get her real address where she was living but she would not give it to me and I have not heard back from her since. Even though no money request had been made up to that point she is definitely up to something and I smell a scammer. I would be very cautious in dealing with this person as she may not even exist.
S. H. (Scam Hunter)


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Nadya's Letters - Original formatting is saved


Naday's Letter - Feb 07, 2002


I thank you for your interest to my advertisement.
My name is Nadin.

I am 20 years old. Height-162cm., weight-57kg.

I live in Odessa (Ukraine).

I am a student at the Odessa Polytechnical University. I study the software.

As to my nature I am cheerful and sociable thatís why around of me always a lot of people. Itís pity but it was not possible formeto finde a person with whom I would like to share my life! I wait for such person whom I shall surround with the caress, care and love! I shall make all that will be necessary for this purpose what to make by his happy and in exchange I shall ask only attention and love! You see it not so much, not so whether?

Probably you already understand what is my inmost dream? My inmost dream is creation of happy family which in all relations will be based on LOVE and UNDERSTANDING!

I am cheerful person, but sometimes to me becomes very sad, becouse beside me there is no person with whom I could divide the joyful moments of the life and to find a consolation per sad days!

Our world happens such severe therefore everyone require protection! Even most beautiful rose has thorns which protect her and at me them are not present! I am such gentle and fragile! Thatís why I so need in a strong man's shoulder, which will be support and protection for me!

This morning the bright solar ray has touched my face, it has penetrated
into my room, forcing wake me up and looking at new day! Probably, the
solar son wanted to bring me a good sign! And how do you think?..
I think all who want to find a good company and friend in the Internet
are not a pragmatics. On the contrary they are incorrigible romantics.
Romantics who are capable to throw down a little challenge to their fortune.
They decide to write about themselves and they are waiting for someone who
will find them in Internet and say:" You have already found him!". Who
knows maybe the real history of love will begin with these words.

I am too decided to make a challenge to my destiny. I have come in
Internet-club as well as my girlfriend make it earlier. She was so lucky to
found her native, close, unique man.
I am waiting for the same meeting too. That is why I am writing you.

I would like to know more about you. Please, write me about your dreams, your work and hobby, about your friends, parents. I hope our letters will help us to discover each other in spite of enormous of distances.
I understand, that you and me are divided with enormous spaces. I can't
give you my hand, I can't look in your eyes. But I think, maybe, you are
the man who I am looking for a long time?.....
I am looking forward your answer.If you want to correspond with me please
write me on my email: nadesh_da@yahoo.com

I am interesting all you could write about you. I should be glad to receive your photo as well.
With hope,


Nadya's Letter - Feb 21, 2002

Hello, dear XXXX , Iím glad to receive your letter! I hope youíre in high spirits! Thank you for your lovely compliment, your consideration for me is very pleasant!

I hope that your nephews have brought to you only pleasant minutes this time and their teeth didnít have cavities!

Thank you for your pictures- youíre looking greatly!

I would like to tell you about my life though it is very difficult to do in one letter. I'll try to tell you about my life in every letter.
I live in Odessa, as you know. It is a very nice seaport. Odessa is an old
city with interesting history. It was built more than 200 years ago.
Odessa and the late St.Petersburg are a little similar because these towns
were built by the same architects in 19th century.
I like to go for a walk along the cozy streets of our town. I live not far
from the seashore and often I hear the sounds of the lighthouse in the
I often dream when I am walking along the streets. I love to sit and
watch the sunset across the waves of the see. I watch the people walk by
holding hands. As I watch them I think sometimes that one day I will that
happy. I dream to have a family to have a close person near.
May be you feel loneliness as well as me? I think that Internet may help us
to be saved from loneliness and to find a close friend. And this virtual
existence may transform a reality one day! And what do you think about it?
Tell me about your dreams, please. What is the main thing for you in life?

Iíll be waiting for your letter impatiently.

Sincerely Yours,


P.S. Dear XXXX, as to my name, Nedezhda is the full name of Nadya, which is the small one. There is also tender name as Nadenka, and in the French manner itís Nadine. There is the name Nadezhda in Ukraine, and I have never met such a name anywhere, thatís why I have decided to put the name Nadine in my letter to you. It seemed to me very easy to remember and to read!J


Naday's Letter - Feb 25, 2002

Hello, dear XXXX, Iím glad to receive your letter! Thank you for your nice compliment, your affection is very pleasant! Iíll answer your questions with pleasure; I like sea very much, just as you do. As Odessa is situated on the shore of the Black Sea, I like to spend time on the shore when summer comes, I swim and dive, and play active games in the open air! Maybe thatís why Iím looking so greatly!J The correspondence with you is very pleasant, dear XXXX. Youíre a nice and open-hearted person! I think there are many things we can speak about! Unfortunately, I havenít been to other countries, but I travel in my dreams! Dear XXXX, Iíd like to say to you that I am in sympathy with American men. They seem very friendly and sympathetic! As to my moving to another country I didnít think about it. A person is important for me, and if I fall in love, Iíll follow my beloved to his country; of course, itíll be difficult to leave my parents, but I hope Iíll meet real feelings! Nobody knows where their only person is. Probably, he lives beyond the ocean, and probably, in the opposite street, who knows!J Maybe, we are destined to meet each other! Dear XXXX, Iíd be glad to know more about B.! Itís very interesting! Maybe you have a picture!

I thank you praise my English, I understand the English language well, but my grammar is not so good and I use the service of the interpreter in the Internet club. I hope my message hasnít upset you!

My dear XXXX, thank you for your attention, Iíll give my post address with pleasure. Itís the following:

Kisluk Nadejda

Alexander Nevsky str.39\2

apartment 22




I hope youíll write to me when you have some free time.

Sincerely Yours,


P.S. My birthday is on the 12th of March.


Naday's Letter - March 07, 2002

Hello, dear XXXX, Iím glad to receive your letter!
I hope youíre in high spirits. Thank you for your
lovely compliments, your affection for me is very
pleasant! I thank you for your nice words about
Odessa, I hope that soon you will make sure in it
yourself! As to the capital of UkraineóKiev, it is a
very beautiful and majestic city!

I believe in fortune, and Iím happy to have got
acquainted with you, and I think that the fate is
making signs to us, it is important to see them!
Everything you have told me about your relatives is
very interesting, please, accept my sincere sympathy
as to your father. I want to tell you about my family
also. My family itís my mother and I. Also I have
older brother and sister who lives separately with
their family in Odessa.

Itís happened so that my parents have been divorced
for almost 10 years. It was very difficult to go
through it. I frequently recollect my childhood. We
had a happy and united family. Frequently we went
together for a walk on city holding each other by the
hands and discussing family news. The family income
was not great. But usually my father saved money for
our Sunday visit to cafe. Me and my brother and sister
we waited for this with impatient all week!

Sunday we came into a confectioner's shop. Usually our
father chose new cafes, where we had not been before.
He allowed us to choose everything what we wanted. My
mother laughed and tenderly looked at my father! We
chose various cocktails, mousses, jelly and cakes.
Then we sat down to the table and conversed. Time
passed imperceptibly.

I looked attentively at my parents often. They looked
each other with love. Their eyes shined with happiness
and I didnít realize that it could be lost. But it
happened so that they live separate now. I was proud
of our family. We loved each other and were happy
together. Now I have understood what happy moments
they were in my life! How quiet and fine I felt!

Then I decided that the main purpose of my life would
be a strong family I had dream to create.

I dream to meet my unique man and to create with him a
united family. Maybe I am overbold in my dreams but I
think ,probably youíre the man who will became a real
friend of mine. And what do you think?...

I am looking forward to getting your answer. I believe
we'll open our hearts to each other!



P.S. Unfortunately, I donít have a telephone number at
home, I hope it will be soon.


Nadya's Letter - Apr. 02,  2002

Hello, dear XXXX, I am glad to receive your letter! It is great that you have spent your time so pleasantly, and youíre in high spirits! Thank you for your attention, I am all right. The weather in Odessa is nice and sunny, and I am enjoying the coming of spring!

Dear XXXX, I would like to tell you about a small adventure.

As you know I live outside of the city, and to make it more convenient to reach the University, I am renting the flat not far from my studying. A week ago, to this address the host of the flat received a note from an Olga, who wanted to tell something me about you! My darling, please, tell me in what way are you connected with that Olga? And why do you ask my address again?  I trust you, and I am waiting for your letter where you will explain me everything.

Sincerely Yours,