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Lutzgina Maria

Perm, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address: n/a


DOB: January 12

Submitted: 10/30/04

On 10/29/2004 06:37 am PDT, "kozeroghahalok" wrote:
> Hi! I hope your day goes well. I got acquainted withyours profile and have
> been interested in you. Probably I toocan be interesting to you. I hope
> that you will answerthis e-mail, I shall be glad to receive your letter.My
> address I wait your letter.About respect for you
> Natalia.

Her name is now Maria Lutzgina
E-mail is 
Says she lives in Perm
I have no other informatio

I hope this information helps you catch this person. This is FRESH information and she is suppose to contact me after she supposedly returns from her Grandmothers this weekend!
these are the photos she has sent me!
Here's the e-mails sent

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E-mail #1
> Hello my dear,
> I am glad to hear from you today. Your e-mail means you are interested in
> getting to know me better and hopefully it will become the beginning of
> our love story. I am 28 years old and I might seem to be too romantic for
> my age to say so but still, I am looking for my only one, for the true
> love with the man who is experienced and know very well what he wants out
> of life and who wants to create the family of his own as much as I do. I
> do want to share my life with the person who'll be more than just a friend
> and more than just a lover for me, but somebody very special to me so that
> I would wish to make every single moment of our life together really
> wonderful and happy. I know it is not possible to change the person and I
> am not going to do it. You should not be perfect because I am not, I just
> want us to love each other and be happy just because we are together and
> share good thngs that life has to offer and bad things as well, because
> life has never been just a train of happy moments and all the couples have
> problems. I just think that our love to each other and wish to compromise
> will make our relationship deep, meaningful and happy. I am here after it,
> I'll never settle for something less than that and I do hope you share my
> opinion, my dear.
> Well, I guess I should tell you more about me so that you could have an
> idea who you are talking to and probably who you will share your life
> with. So, my name is Maria. It is an old Russian name and it is quite
> common for Russia. I live in Perm, it is a city, but of course not so big
> as Moscow for example. I graduated from the college and have a degree in
> Economy and now work as an accountant in a small shop. I live with my
> parents and they mean a lot to me. We have very strong family values and
> frankly speaking my parents have always been the best example for me as to
> how the couple living together should be. They are still in love with each
> other and I wish I could find the man who will treat me the way as my dad
> treats my mom. My dad is older than my mom for 12 years but their age
> difference is a plus for them. Dad is more experienced than my mom and it
> lets him be a real head of the family because all the most important
> decisions in our family are taken by my dad. They are really friendly
> people and my friends like to come to my place very much because my dad
> does not let anybody to leave us in a bad mood and it is always really
> nice to talk to my mom. You know, sometimes I ask myself if my friends
> come to our place to see me or my parents:) 
> Well, now you know a little bit more about my family and some common facts
> about me. I hope you'll write me soon and tell me more about you too.
> Please tell me more about your city. When is your birthday? Mine is on the
> 12th of January, by the way. What do you prefer to do during your spare
> time? I'll write you about my hobbies and interests in my next e-mail as I
> do not want to bother you with a very long e-mail, I am afraid it'll scare
> you away:) Could you please also tell me what exactly you look for in the
> relationship and if it is possible for us to become a couple in love in
> future.
> My dear, I hope my English is understandable, it seems to be so poor, as
> frankly speaking I did not practice it for a lot of years. I actually
> finished Grammar school and was really good at speaking English and I hope
> I'll be able to improve my English while talking to you.
> I hope to hear from you soon,
> Sincerely yours,
> Maria

Email #2
> Thanks a lot for your reply and picture. I am so glad to come to the
> Internet cafe today and hear from you. You know, unfortunately I do not
> have a computer at home and I go to the Internet cafe to have access to
> the Internet. Thank you very much for your warm words towards me. I do not
> know why but I was waiting for your e-mail very impatiently. I cannot
> explain even to myself why, but I feel something special about you. You
> know this feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you are expecting
> something really wonderful that is going to come into your life in the
> nearest future. And I have this feeling now. I know this is only my 2nd
> e-mail to you and it scares me in a good way why I feel so nice about you
> and your letters, my dearest. But anyway, it is so and it seems to me I
> can nothing to do with this excitement, Christian. 
> My dear, I do hope everything is going to be great between you and me.
> Frankly speaking I cannot help thinking of you and I would love to hear
> your voice. Can we talk on phone soon? I believe it would be so exciting
> to talk for real, not just virtually like e-mailing each other. I just do
> not have a phone at home, can you give me your phone number so that we
> could hear each other's voice? 

E-mail #3
> hello again my dear,
> Well, I think I'd better now tell you more about myself as I promised. I
> hope you are ready for it as this my e-mail is going to be long:) So, I
> have never been married and have no children but really want to. I do not
> want to talk about my ex, just want you to know that I lived with the man
> for 6 years and left him because he slept with a lot of other women as it
> turned out. I do not think it is the way the relationship should be. Now I
> understand he was not the right man for me, but everybody can make a
> mistake, especially when it comes to love. Well, enough about it, let me
> tell you now more about me. So, during my spare time, I prefer to spend it
> at home with my family or go to see my friends. I do not have a lot of
> them, to my mind there can be only a couple of friends that you feel
> really close to and with whom you can share a lot of your thoughts,
> opinions and things that happened to me. The closest friends are the
> persons who can call you up after midnight and ask for your help and it'll
> be a pleasure for me to help them, not because they'll do the same for you
> in return, but just because I really feel so upset if my friends or my
> relatives have problems and I'll do my best to help them and if there is
> nothing I can help with I'll support them at least. But I seem to becoming
> too philosophical:) So, let me go on telling you about me. Well, during
> the winter time I like go skiing or skating with my friends on the
> week-end, during the summer time we usually go camping for a couple of
> weeks, I also like to go swimming with my parents to the countryside. I
> cannot say I go out very often, I do it maybe once a month but I enjoy it
> a lot. I can go to a night club and dance there a lot, or go bowling. But
> as I already said I do not go out very often. Usually I spend evenings at
> home talking to my parents or reading a good book or watching a nice film.
> I prefer to read historical novels, detective stories, Russian and English
> classics. As for the films, I like actions, comedies, thrillers. Some of
> my favorite films are: "The Rock", "Ocean's 11", "Pretty Woman",
> "Godfather", "Kill Bill" and all other Tarantino's films, "Dogma", "Taxi",
> "Leon", "Carlie's Angels", "Home Alone". I also enjoy watching films with
> Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Sean Connery, Julia Roberts. As for music, well,
> I can listen to any type of it but my favorite one is alternative,
> something like Rolling Stones, Cranberries, Garbage, Him. I like Madonna
> and Adriano Chelantano. 
> Well, what else I can tell you about me? I do not have a pet at home, as
> my mom has an allergy for fur, but I really want to and I hope when I have
> the family of my own we'll have a cat or a dog or birds:) My favorite
> color is blue. My favorite flower is rose. I like sunny weather and like
> to listen to the rain. Well, I seem to like everything:) Well, I just do
> not like hypocrites and people who play with people's feelings and who
> take advantage on people just because they can do it. I do not like
> cruelty and do not like when people make me feel as idiot or show that
> they think so about me. I really enjoy cooking, I inhereted it from my
> dad, he is really good at it! Russian cuisine is really good and different
> from others. I also like Japanese and Italian food. I do not smoke and do
> not drink, though can have a glass of good wine for some special occasion.
> Well, my dearest Christian, I think it is enough for now, as my letter is
> becoming longer and longer. I'll wait for your reply and I want you to
> know that I am becoming impatient to hear your voice. Could you also
> please tell me more about you?
> I hope to hear from you soon,
> Sincerely yours,
> Maria
> PS I send you more pictures today and hope you'll like them. One of them
> was taken when I was a student and worked as assistant during the summer
> holidays. Another picture is more recent and has been taken about 5 months
> ago.

 E-mail #4
> Hello my darling,
> I am here again so glad after reading your e-mail and so excited writing
> to you, Christian. We are becoming closer to each other, can you feel it?
> You know I told my parents and my friends about you and they all say hello
> to you. Frankly speaking they just noticed that I am smiling all the time
> and they could see in my eyes something new as if I am expecting something
> really wonderful to come into my life, as they told me. So I told them
> everything because it seems to be impossible to keep our correspondence in
> secret:) They are very glad about you and me, my dearest. I really like
> you and I am so impatient already to hear your voice. I was going to give
> you a call, but you seem to have forgotten to give me your phone number.
> Please do it in your next e-mail, ok? You know, all my thoughts are about
> our phone talk, Christian, and I believe everything will be really great
> when I call you up...
> My dearest, let me share with you a little bit more of my hopes and
> dreams. I told you already that my parents are really happy together and
> that they are the example for me as how the relationship between the
> partners should be. I believe when I find my true love I'll do my best to
> make us the happiest couple in the world and there can be no divorce for
> me, to my mind kids should have both the parents and I do want my children
> to have as good example of their parents as my mom and dad are for me. No
> way for the divorce also because to my mind there can be only one soul
> mate in this world for you and you cannot be happy completely till you
> find that person. I am dreaming about building strong and very tender
> relationship with my beloved and loving man, about our children who'll
> never be raised voice at and who'll go with their little problems at first
> and then with bigger problems to their parents, to us, and even if we
> cannot help them for some reasons we'll support them as much as it is
> possible and even impossible. I am dreaming about loving touches and soft
> kisses, about morning coffee and long walks together, about happiness
> shining in the eyes of my beloved just because he wakes up in the morning
> and sees me, his beloved. Maybe it sounds too perfect to become reality,
> but still I am ready to take the risk and find out if it is possible for
> us to happen, if we are the right persons for each other, the soul mates.
> I do not want to miss this chance and I hope with all my heart and soul
> that we'll become that couple in love, those special persons for each
> other. And if we are I am ready to leave Russia, I know I'll miss my
> parents and friends very much and I hope we'll be able to visit them once
> a year, but I know for sure I can be completely happy being in the arms of
> my beloved, honey.
> My darling, I need to go back to my work now, just let me send you a kiss
> that'll make you realize that a girl in Perm is looking forward to hearing
> the voice of the man
> Impatient Maria 


> Actually I do not like to ask anybody to do something twice, especiall if
> I ask a man to give me his phone number. Look, do you really think if I
> were a scammer I would tell you I am? If I were real I would say i am
> real, if I were scammer I would say I am real. So, what do you expect me
> to do now? Anyway, I think I should think it over if I should go on our
> correspondence or not. You do not seem to be my type of man. Even if I
> were a scammer what would I do to your phone number but call you up? 
> Maria

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