Sokolovich Tatyana

Kiev, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address:  9 Layocha Gavra, 115 flat, Kiev, Ukraine

e-mail: sta_59@yahoo.com


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Dear Elena,
I would like to report to about a scammer by the name of Tatiana Sokolovich from Kiev. The fake address she gave me was Tatyana Sokolovich, 9 Layocha Gavra, 115 flat, Kiev, Ukraine. Her e-mail address that she uses is sta_59@yahoo.com She has a profile posted on Match.com under the name of may_59 and also under the profile of 231388 under dating.com. The reason that I became suspicious of her are:
#1-It took almost 6 letters of asking her for her address to finally give one to me as she just seemed to avoid this question all together.
#2- After writing to her she would take several days or even weeks to get back to me and she claimed to be very busy and not being able to use her internet cafe which was a lie as she would check her mail daily as she would log on Match.com and it showed here as logging on.
#3- I tried to send her flowers and a card to the address that she provided me and as you will see in the report back to me that the address that she gave to me and claimed to have lived there was not true at all as the people living there had no idea who this person was and that she never lived there. (See report from delivery agent):
Tatyana Sokolovich
    Layocha Gavra, 9, 115 flat, Kiev, Ukraine (no phone number or zip code as she does not know it )
- Of course she does not know it, because she DOES NOT LIVE THERE!
Guys who live in that apartment have never heard about Tatyana Sokolovich, though this apartment is provided for a short or long-term rent. Maybe Tatyana has been renting it a while ago. Our agent made a photo of "her" house and "door" - enjoy! :-)
I questioned her on this and she stated to me that yes, she had just moved to a new location, which was a total lie according to the report from the delivery agent and when I tried to get her new address, I have never heard back from her again. Even though no money requests where made directly (there were a couple of inferences made in her letters as to money and a phone card) and I would use extreme caution in dealing with this person if she exists at all.
S. H. (Scam Hunter)


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Tatyana's Letter - Nov 13, 2001

Hello, XXXX

This is may be the most important thing in the world to find a friend, a human with common interests, who shares the same values. It is pretty hard to write a first letter, you know. There is so much to ask and so much to say. I will try to answer your questions. I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am a forth year student in pedagogical university. I study in a part time department and work between sessions as an English interpreter. I have a pedagogical practice.
As to my view-point on relationship between man and woman, I read a lot about different cultures, as to say took a scientific approach and watched people, the last gives much more . I can say that feminism is far away from woman's nature. Weak woman as she is standing besides strong and experienced man is what is natural.
Please, tell me more about yourself.

Tatiana.    If you could  send me your e-mail we could exchange photos. 



Tatyana's Introductory Letter - Nov 16, 2001

Hello, XXXX

I want to be as sincere with you. I am interested to find a mature man who want to make me his only lady. Thank you for your letter. I liked what you wrote. I, as a busy woman, extremely busy one, doing just fine In my teaching practice teaching my little crazy kids ! May be only now I have understood so deeply how I love to teach! It does take all time to prepare a good lesson, now I have 5 every day, but this is extremely exciting! This is a practice everybody should pass on our department. I prefer teaching. 13-15 year olds. This is the age when a teenager is becoming to be an adult. A constant
fight between childhood and adulthood where the last has to win. They can sometimes  express both almost at the same time. I think the age when they need most of our assistance. What do you think? Adolescence psychology is very important to me and not only because my future profession is a teacher but also because I plan to be a mother one day, I hope. I am also interested in scientific American approach in psychology towards family in general sense. 8000 kilometres, as you may say, make a big difference in this but exactly that makes me so interested. I would love to hear everything you might have to tell. Of course, there are problems, some kids don't have couple of dimes to buy a book. One day I was at the edge of tears in front of one kid, had to divert my look not to let him see it. I have already bought 7 books for kids but I am not able to maintain the whole school, I am not paid for teaching myself. Mayor does not give the fuck about it.  Sorry  for the word but I couldn't think of  a better one. May be somewhere in the future after having a painstakingly serious preparation you will be granted an unbelievably immense honour for an unprofessional apprentice to visit my lesson! Preparations would consist of making long philosophical promenades, not less then ten kilometres one session, along the deep and in some places pretty dark forest of  pedagogical science!
I think I want to tell you more about myself. My mother studied in the university. when she got
pregnant with my brother, she wanted to become a teacher of Russian literature. My father was an
officer in the Soviet Amy at that time. Mother had to quit studies, she found a job of a floor keeper in the hotel and after pregnancy never was able to find a decent job. She divorced my father when I was 6 because of his drinking habit. There is no need to say how we lived. My brother is 9 years older than me. He married his first love in, which is absolutely crazy, and lived separately. He knew what would happen if I did the same, and forced me to study. I wasn't against the idea, always liked to study. Since I was 18 years I got a job to afford university. I failed entrance exams for three long years. During those three years I got a very clear picture what would be waiting for me if I failed for the forth time.  I am from little town near from Kiev. No one believed I would pass the exams in the best university of foreign languages in the capital. I never had a tutor. Only books from the library. That was worth it.
Please tell me more about you and your life.

Hope you will be interested to answer me again.  


Tatyana's Letter - Dec 18, 2001


I am so glad  I have a chance to write to you again. I am very sorry for such a long silence. That is all
because I had to spend most of my time in the university and cyber cafe is not very close to it. I
didn't answer all your questions and would like to try to answer at least something for a start and that will explain a lot about me also. You asked me why I am looking for someone abroad, think it is one of the most important question.
The hole country is strictly divided into very rich and very pour people. This sever graduation began to
establish when Soviet Union died as an idea of union for many nations. Independence gave us a chance to work out new rules for society which faced a grand and inevitable-to-solve problem-problem of absence of national idea around which the hole society could gather. We achieved a lot during first years of independence were born. The top of Communist Party were the pioneers in bads and wrongs. The contradiction was in everything. People of power without any limits managed to make rules just for
themselves. Since that time and up to now we don't have a glimpse of opposition. That made possible grow such shameful characters as our ex-prime-minister who's now got a kick out of life in American prison. Strongly doubt he would choose Ukrainian jail. Well, coming down to earth this state of things could not but find its reflection in people's minds and mentality. Mob-oriented minds are on the top of the rest . I got bored to listen to their propositions to become another flabbergasting piece of furniture in their flabbergasting palaces. It will for sure change in hundreds of years. I simply choose not to wait for it. Yes, life is not only about politics and  constant fight  everywhere, I read it in your letter also to
have your own business is immensely hard, but I'd prefer something more than Kiev proposes. 
My fiend Katya lives in Paris. Once I was happy to visit her. I have seen so many open-minded, sincere, interesting  people I was surprised. I will be working hard on my potentials to earn this kind of  life. Material things come of course after. We have a proverb: there is time to gather stones and there is
time to throw them away.  Which means - sacrifice yourself to gathering as more experience as possible and experience will grand you everything. Now I understand this as I must study.
It turned out to be too sophisticated,  I guess. I am sorry for that if it sounds too spooky.
Here is 25 degrees below 0 by Celsius. Folks run from one door to the ohter not to be frizzed on the
Please tell me how your office? What have you been doing lately? How are you going to celebrate Christmas? Do you think I could collect call you with my greetings?

Hope to hear form you soon,




Tatyana's Letter - Jan 04, 2002

Dear XXXX,

Your caring about me is so flattering to me. You do have my attention and I hope become a special person to I will treasure much. I am not sure that I will be able to write to you every day though because I don't have a computer at my apartment that my group mate (she) and I rent, moreover internet does cost here, so please don't take your high-tech life style for granted.  Moreover now I have the most intensive period of the year before final exams in the university. I wake up at 6:30, have my breakfast and write my teaching research work. It is got to be 80-100 pages with over 50-60 scientific resources mentioned. It means that I have to look through over 60 pedagogical theory books for the ground and basis of main standpoints that I want to defend in my research. Now I am coming to the completion of the job I began half a year ago. And all that without computer, but I love what I do because I have picked up the theme myself.  Sometimes I find really authentic almost antique stuff in libraries, and then this research on the basis of my teaching practice is making me laugh. I love to teach but they want us to put all we have experienced in theory. I wouldn't mind that at all if that wouldn't be planned for us in the way it has been planned. Think about it, they want us refer our practice to the theory books published 20-25 years ago where our grandfather of all grandfathers Lenin is mentioned as a best example of a teacher!  Of course no one takes it seriously. We do have excellent material to work with. So I keep myself busy with this until afternoon then I run to the university to have
my lectures and library have a snack and run to school to give lessons which is always the most exiting part of my usual day, it gives me so much energy to be with kids. At the end of the day I prepare classes for tomorrow. My practice is coming to the end, in couple of weeks schools will close for the winter holidays. Our department prepares big party for school kids. A week ago I was voted to take a humble part in organizing the activity as a leader. I am happy and making my best, hopefully I do have experience how to manage such things because I was voted for the third year at a raw.
I do have some pessimism about internet dating as well as I agree it does give chances to hear from a person things that very rare can come out in normal conversation. You are right we have to be as sincere as possible, hope that telling my normal crazy day is a little step toward meeting.

Layocha Gavra, 9
115 flat,
To Tatiana Sokolovich, (I really don't know a zip code, was told it is not really necessary)

Happy New Year!



Tatyana's Letter - Feb 19, 2002

Dear XXXX,

I am glad to write to you again, how is your basketball competition? Kill’em all, XXXX! Not much
happened since I wrote to you last time, my final exams is what I do now. I wonder how your voice may sound, could I collect call you somewhere in the future?



Tatyana's Letter - Feb 27, 2002

Dear XXXX,

That would be nice to hear your voice, I agree! But I have no # at the flat I rent, so may be I could
collect call you? My routine is just almost the same as I wrote you before, library, school, translating. You know what I watch Jack & Jill, do you know this show? Such a sweet, happy thing! Of course it is bald and unreal but such a nice fairy tale! That is what I do now every evening.
What kind of show do you like?
I work now as an interpreter and study as you know, think of service like ussearch.com does to make in Ukraine with my friends . Please take a look and tell me what you think, if I had let's say 50 or 60
thousands $ I would do a little sushi bar. That is very popular here and very beautiful business, I like sushi most of all, but first I have to earn the money doing something else.

B. sounds just fine!




Tatyana's Letter - March 09, 2002 

Dear XXXX,

Thank you very much for the greeting! I am fine and didn't disappear. I actually was waiting for you to
write me. I guess you didn't receive my e-mail I sent to you. Sending some of it to you again:

That would be nice to hear your voice, I agree! But I have no # at the flat I rent, so may be I could
collect call you?
My routine is just almost the same as I wrote you before, library, school, translating. You know what I
watch Jack & Jill, do you know this show? Such a sweet, happy thing! Of course it is bald and unreal but such a nice fairy tale! That is what I do now every evening.
What kind of show do you like?
Did you get that earlier? I presumed you didn't because you haven't referred to that.

Summer is coming on and it is getting warmer here, studies and all the routine of everyday life feels
less stressful when sun is shining and sky is smiling!

I am sure you will win next time!




Tatyana's Letter - March 20, 2002

Dear XXXX,

I just think I would like to hear your voice, and as long as I don't have a phone at my place I thought I could collect call you from a post office. I have to tell you that I am a bit pessimistic about the whole
thing and to hear your voice would be just logical, that is all. I really like you so far and would like
to keep on getting to know you more. If I were you I wouldn't spend too much on almost complete stranger as I am, right? May be you could get that card and tell me the pin so I can call you on better rates. Doesn't that say on my favor? Kidding.  But at the first place I wish to have my phone or ability to buy it myself. Don't take your high tech for granted, here it is different,

If it is to complicated, let's just forget about it,


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