Possible Scammer: Bochevskaia Galina (Galya)

Cheboksary, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: 38 Lenin Street Cheboksary 428000 Russia.

Email: galinkka@yandex.ru 

DOB: 25 y.o

Submitted: 09/10/05


Bochevskaia, Galina also Galya
Ap. 25
38 Lenin Street
Cheboksary 428000
No phone
Email: galinkka@yandex.ru 
Age: 25 7-1-1980
Has two younger sisters, Masha 18y and Kate 16y
Has Mother and Father living in Svetlii.
Also has a profile listing here : http://www.sladurana.com/personals_profile/5104.html 

Galina sent me an email through rsvp.com.au but removed her profile straight afterwards.
The excuse was that men send pornagraphic photo's to her.
Having been unaware of scammers initially until I looked on your web site, I totally ignored the first couple of weeks of letters and was being sucked in bad.
Looking back now I see how stupid I was, but luckily I found your web site before I paid out any money.
Although she never asked me for money, I eventually offered to pay for her.
I offered to go to her but she said it wasn't neccesary, she would come to me and said she could get a "Tourist Visa".
Thats when I checked your site and also "Visa" sites and found that its almost impossible for her to get a Visa.
I told her about that, but she insisted she could get one. Being suspicious, I started asking more questions, especially about her photo's that were dated 2003. She said the camera was wrong. Strange I thought.
But when I recieved a letter which had answers to my questions and comments inserted into what looked like a classic pre-fabricated letter,
which also mentions about "combing my fine beautiful hair after I bathe" (In all my photo's I sent, I have no hair, I am bald.)
Thats when I sent a letter back asking if she were scamming me. I haven't recieved a letter since.
So I think I was right, or she's very angry right now.You don't need to omit my name in the letters, she never wrote it once ever.
I have attached all of her emails and photo's.
Yours sincerely,


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Subject: Hello
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 20:08:43 +0400

Hi my new friend!
I have received huge pleasure, having received from
you the answer to my letter.
I to remove the structure from a site because to send me the unknown
person the man pornographic photos of women and men. To half-this I
have been compelled so to make.
I do not know Than it to explain, I very
much with impatience waited to receive news from you, and I am very
pleased that you Have justified my expectations. Today I was included
in computer cafe and saw your letter. I Was in full admiration and at
once started to write the answer. Should tell, that I loved your
structure And I hope, that my structure also is pleasant to you.
However I would like to know about you more To learn about your
interests , about your life, about work, a hobby. I hope, that we
shall find About each other better to the future. Probably it -
destiny? Probably we are necessary everyone Another if are unnecessary
- we can become good friends. I speak, and I write in English, but I
do Mistakes. But you do not pay attention. I shall study, also you
even can help me with it. I would be Like to tell to you about me
directly. My name - Galina. I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary. I
certainly Love my country, and I do not want to speak about it poorly,
but very much here does not arrange me. I Will write to you about it
later. I have been given birth and grew here. I was very vigorous and
The inquisitive girl, was the diligent schoolgirl at school, liked to
study and study in that I do Do not know, most of all, that I was
interested in a history, algebra, chemistry and the English language.
Has brought up love of the English language and even studied at
private English school. My teacher had Praised me once also has told
to me, that the stork has mixed the countries when it has brought to
me to My parents. " You should be given birth somewhere in America. "
After school I was disaccustomed in College of medicine but I work as
the seller - the adviser In shop of cosmetic means. My work, not
difficult, but borrows a lot of time, therefore I love my work. And
all in my life would be wonderful if Not, to be one circumstance. I
very much frequently see young pairs as they are happy, that I am
pleased from Them it is sincere, but thus I remain, not loving men. I
dream from my own family and about The beloved husband, also I want to
have children. I very much would like to think, that ours The purposes
coincide, and you also want it. I have been never married, and I have
no children though I Love children because they enter happiness and
pleasure in our life. I love a life, I like to Listen melodious music,
to go to cinema, to go in a wood a ski in the winter, to go in
Campaigns the nature in the summer, I love the good company, and the
kind opens people. I dream to meet The close, cautious person whom I
can love, becomes real his loving wife and the true friend. Excuse me.
You did not become tired nevertheless my letter? Only I want to tell
to you so, that it does not do Possible to place all in them the
letter. Probably you are interested also my physical data? Well! To me
of 25 years. Growth 5 ' 6 ' and my weight 53kg. I do not smoke, and I
do not do Alcoholic drinks of a drink, also I do not accept drugs. I
care of occurrence, and I defend Health. My hair - brown. My eyes -
brown. Write about itself please more. I have to you the some people
Questions. Whether it is valid, you are ready to have attitudes with
the woman from Russia? What You expect from these attitudes? How you
represent your future with the woman from other country? Whether it is
valid, you serious in intention should find the wife abroad? That
should be Family of your dream? Please answer my questions in details
because they are important for ours Attitudes and the possible future
together. I do vividly, that two one people if they have much In
general, and overall aims in a life if they understand and support
each other and can fall The love also does each other happy. Let's try
to learn each other better and give, try ours Chance. I am going to
close my letter, but I hope to receive yours soon the answer with
answers to mine queations and Your history, write to me more about you
directly and everything, that you would like to divide with me. I
would be very much Pleased to receive your letter, I look forward to
receive it soon. I hope, that you understand my English language There
will be a full care. With the best regards. Galina.

Subject: Hello
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 20:17:39 +0400

Hi dear!!!
Many thanks for your letter. It was very pleasant for me to
receive it. Thank for the message to me is more about you. It was very
interesting to to read it. I would like to know you much better in our
future correspondence.
Thanks you for that that you to send the beautiful photos for me. You
very beautiful!!! I can look hours at your photo. IT so to like me!!!
I hope that I can to convince you that to me to have dialogue with men
much more interestingly is much more senior me. The adult the man has
wide experience with women and knows as it is necessary to look after
them beautifully. With the person which is more senior than me always
very interestingly, it knows much and can tell a lot of interesting.
The adult the man really appreciates beauty. The adult the man any
more does not want to play game and serious attitudes want enough. I
think that if the man will be much more senior than me that I shall
feel confidence of it of all much more than in young to the man. For
me it is principal causes on which I to search for the man which is
much more senior than me enough.
Now I would like to inform you more about me. I
am very joyful person and I like to try something new so I have
various interests. I like to listen music, various kinds, from
classical up to popular and music of a rock. It depends on my mood. If
I would like to relax, I listen Mocart, Chaikovskii, Bethoven., how "
the Lunar sonata " Bethoven - my favorite. You ever heard about it? If
I am in high mood, I like to listen to music of a disco. I like to
dance much, - one of my favourite things to to do it. I did dance
within one year which was big. Now I do aerobics. In general, I can
speak, that I like to be in the form, I go in gymnastics to hold my
thin a figure. You love sports meets? I also like to hold My
convenient house, it is important for me. Other important thing in
mine Life - communication. I like to do friends to learn new people,
conversation To them, I like to spend with my friends. We like to be
outside of, to Spend on a nature. I love a nature and it is a lot of
animals. It calms I also force me to think of the most important
things in life. You know, I would like to find serious, fair, caring
and the decent person. The person I could divide my life and create
strong family with, based on kindness, love, understanding and
tenderness. But in my opinion, the most important thing for me - love,
I think, that two persons can not create family without that big
feeling. I want, that my future husband loved me and care of me. And I
shall do the same for him back. I have a lot of love and tenderness in
my heart, but there not any person about me, I can give it. I have a
plenty of friends around, a plenty of guys who love me, but between
them is not present anybody who I can speak, that I like. I would like
to find that special the person and to be happy with it together. How
each normal woman I would be like to love and love. Well, I finish my
letter now, and I shall expect your following The letter is very
impatient! Have the big day!!! Galina.

Subject: Hello
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 20:34:24 +0400

Hello my favourite friend !!!
Today at me the big and difficult day
was! I am very tired on work. Visitors of shop was much and all of
something wanted to buy.If you only could see how I was happy when
read your letter. I very much waited your letter and the pleasure of
mine had not a limit. When I read your letters pleasure overflows my
soul, this minute to me it seems, that you near to me and look in my
eyes. With each new letter we become closer each other. You know
during the small period of correspondence I has understood that very
much has become attached to you, day without your letter for me is bad
day. I hope that you feel the same. I would like to send you the
letter on your home address. If it is possible write to me your full
post address and I shall write to you. So it would be desirable to
take the letter written by your hand. The truth I will have some
doubts on the account of that they normally to reach the addressee,
our mail sometimes is in the habit to lose letters, but I hope that
will turn out. Though certainly through the Internet to communicate
much easier. In general the Internet is great achievement of a
civilization, since it connecting people taking place on the different
ends of our planet. I have got acquainted with its help with such fine
the man as you. By the way my friends ask about you. At us it is
normal. I have told them that you are decent and good the man. All of
them are very pleased that at me such friend has appeared and wish us
good development of our attitudes. They would like think that we in
fine pair shall. But we should better learn each other and it is very
important for me, on statistics many married couples get divorced
because that once they have hastened and hadn't time to learn each
other enough that it was possible to live together. I very much don't
want to do similar mistakes and I hope that you completely understand
me in this question. Now I shall tell a little about me directly. I
have been given birth in village. I have 2 younger sisters Mashas and
Kate. to Masha 18 Years, and Kate 16 years. All of them still go in
school. They live with mum and the daddy. I I have still the
grandmother. She very old. I very much miss them. I I arrive to them
seldom because there is no time because of work. From the early
childhood I like to make hairdresses. My girlfriends constantly Ask
me, that I have made to it anyone hairdress.
I am happy that you to send me one more fine photo of you. You are
valid very much very beautiful!!!! Anything to yourself you to have so
it is a lot of mice!!!! They probably very strongly stink also to you
to have much to clean behind them. My day on work was as always.
Buyers usually to come about 13.00 and then to me there is to work
difficultly with big a quantity of people. But then it to become more
easy. I sometimes to compose poems but I never to try to compose
songs. To me it would be very pleasant if you to compose a song about
me!!!!! Really you are very amusing that timid with girls but you to
not be afraid to appear on stage. Usually people which to hesitate of
girls to be afraid to be on a stage.
I concern very seriously
to health. I never smoked, though to me Offered, but in me even
wishes, did not arise. In me it - is a lot of Friends who smoke, and I
dissuade them from a harmful habit. And you smoke? You, probably,
know, which in people of Russia cannot live without alcoholic Drinks.
But there are many exceptions. I in general seldom take alcoholic
Drinks. I simply do not understand, how people can drink vodka. She
insipid. I Did not try, but when saw, how the screw of people the
person, all desire to try At once has disappeared. I drink only on
holiday some mistakes. It is pleasant to me White it is more. And how
you feel alcoholic drinks? For this reason I Has decided to get
acquainted with you because in Russia there are no normal men. One
beginning to take alcoholic drinks with youth, others After 40 years.
And I do not want that my husband, have arrived, creeping home drunk,
or It happens still to the worse: the beginning to sell things from a
house. I want to find To me of directly such special person whom I
shall be completely confident. For Me the most important in love
attitudes this trust and, certainly, Feelings. Also what you suspect
to this theme? Answer necessarily this question, it Very interestingly
to me. WOW... How many I have written also it after that that I am
tired on work!.. Probably it because I like to you to write and me...
In general I like You!... Well... Let me finish my e-mail. Greetings
to you from my friends. I shall wait very much your next message!!!
Please write to me soon! With love sincerely yours Galina

Subject: Hello
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 22:08:49 +0400

Hi the my dear friend!
You again have answered me, I in delight. I with great pleasure read your letters, it very
strongly lifts my mood. It is pleasant for me to know, that someone thinks of me and writes such
remarkable letters. I never thought that it is possible to become attached to person which you
never met, now I know that it probably. I feel that our acquaintance becomes more important for me
every day. I am afraid will imagine what with me will be if you will cease to write to me. I come
to idea that I probably would be very happy if you have told me that I am that woman which you
search. You fine the man. With such the man as you I would agree to lead all life as it seems to
Thanks for such beautiful photos. To me very much to like to look at a
photo of your children. They very beautiful!!! Very much to like me
they!!! Years will be not important for my friends how many to my
favourite person. For my friends important that it to love me as well
as for my parents. Also I to think. You agree with me???!!! So
strongly to like me your song!!! You such romantic!!! I will search
for the man which very romantic and for which will ridiculously not
enjoy romantic attitudes. I think that we with you very much to
approach each other.
You Of any sports now you are fond? I in the summer very much like to float. I
Well I swim and I like to compete. And I swim well, because me
Have learned to float since 6 years. It was very amusing history. In the summer, I then
Vein with parents in village and I with the daddy and the uncle have gone to go for a drive on a boat. And I
Very strongly was afraid some water, and they have decided to joke over me. And as
Depth was small (though I to the bottom did not reach legs and water was
Transparent they without fear that I can sink, have thrown out me in water.
I am very strong then was frightened. I simply did not know, that to me to do. The daddy and
The uncle did not allow to me climb on a boat, and I had to be floating to coast, though I
At all did not represent how to be floating. As though severely then with me have not acted,
I am grateful to them that I am able to float. Because I am very strong
Was afraid some water and itself never would learn to float. At me is familiar
People which 30 years and it till now have not learned to float. They are afraid some water
And at all do not want to study. I think, they any more learn. Therefore I am proud
That I am able to float.
And due to the father I have learned to play table tennis. Mine
The daddy in the childhood liked to play in many games. I, certainly, not so well
I play in tennis, but I like this game. It is a pity, that there is no opportunity to play
In tennis in city. Only, when I leave on base of rest only there I
I play in tennis.
And you are able to float? Tell to me as you studied to float. Tell to me in more detail about sports in which you are engaged. You sometime participate at competitions?
Recently I walked in park in full loneliness. I went and went somewhere. And then I have seen
the in love pair. They went silently smiling, he strong pressed her to himself for a waist. It
was rather cold I have frozen and they don't. They constantly exchanged glances their eyes burned
passion, were kissing and to something lovely smiled. They were heated obviously with their love
to each other. I went and thought how probably well to go so with the favourite person, to feel
his strong and simultaneously gentle embraces. To look in happy eyes opposite and all all to
understand. To understand as he loves you and as you love him. I have left my meditation because
have finally frozen. The love pair was not visible any more and I stood near Internet - cafe and
shivered from a cold. Unfortunately the cafe was closed, but here I have recollected you. I have
thought of that as it would be wonderful to wake up near to you and to tell something like: " Good
morning my love! ". And so it became warm me from these ideas... Excuse. I don't know why I write
you all this, but I feel that something occurs to me. Yesterday I went to church. I have put a
some candles before Jesus's icon and prayed to the God for your health. I do not know why. I think
of you very much frequently, I recollect all letters which you have written to me. In them I feel
so much tendernesses and love...Hm...I need to be uttered simply? I know that I can rely on you, I
completely trust you and I know that you never will betray me. Please write to me in the greatest
possible degree, I like to read your letters and connection with you does me very happy. I want to
know what does you happy? I shall try to do the utmost to make you happy. I would like to think,
that sometime we probably could meet actually. I shall wait for your letter. 

Subject: Hello
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 21:55:02 +0400

Hi my sweet!
At last I can escape from the bitter reality and remain
alone with you and your letters. I am very happy that our life's ways
were crossed. You have excited my calmness.
I so am glad to receive from you in each letter a new photo. You very
beautiful!!!! Unfortunately I to have mobile phone and even domestic.
Usually I to send you e-mails approximately at 21.00 on my time. Now
in Russia summer and I like to spend a lot of time for a beach. Here
temperature approximately 30 degrees. I like to go in for sports and
lay at leisure on a beach. I like to walk with the girlfriend in park
and sometimes to go at cinema.
Fellow workers speak that
I have changed after acquaintance with you. I as though fly in clouds
as a bird and colleagues constantly should return me on the ground.
Recently I tried to understand that has changed in my life after ours
with you acquaintance something has understood... And you will
understand it soon. In this letter I want to tell to you about my
working day that you could imagine as I live. Per working days I wake
up approximately at 7.30 a.m. I like to luxuriate a little in bed.
Recently I catch myself on ideas that I present you laying beside me
as you sweetly snuffle to me in an ear. Approximately with such ideas
I go to wash myself and clean a teeth. And again in a mirror I see
your reflection I present you with the razor in a hand and a white
beard of foam on your face. Speaks if you want to see what is the true
face of the man, look at him when he has a shave. All this lifts my
mood and I go to have breakfast. I do not like to eat much since
morning therefore my breakfast consists of a cup of tea with a lemon
and several sandwiches. During breakfast I again think of you. It
would be pleasant for me to sit with you at one table to look as you
eat. We could plan what we shall do in the evening after work etc.
After breakfast I bring the appearance in the order. I use cosmetics a
little and I do not like to be painted strongly because it badly
influences a skin. Near 8.30 a.m. I leave from a house for work. My
way to work lays through Internet - cafe and if I have a little time I
run for one minute that to find out the letter has come whether from
you. Then I several times can re-read your letters on work. I try to
present what you make in this or that time. I work up to 6 p.m. and I
am very strongly tired because I should communicate with different
people very much. But all my weariness instantly passes when I come in
Internet - cafe, I read your letters which is sure go from your soul.
To me it becomes warm and cosy each time when our souls adjoin with
each other. I am very strong to you have become attached. You have
stolen my heart. Fellow workers speak that I have fallen in love. I
think that we should meet, we should see each other, to look eyes in
the face, because through the Internet many emotions are lost, them
difficultly to reproduce on the screen. I want you to ask. You
believe, that is possible to fall in love with the person, with which
Only you correspond on the Internet? You like me. Very much it is
pleasant to me To read your letters. I want to learn about you more
and more. You such interesting The person! I never met such
interesting person, as you. I It is very glad, that with you has got
acquainted. What opinion at you about me? Answer Necessarily on my
question. It very strongly interests me. It is still interesting to
me: you believe in love at first sight? I believe, because My sister
Masha has fallen in love with the guy at first sight. And it too has
fallen in love in It at first sight. I all over again have not
believed it. But it was then convinced, that It is the truth. They
meet 2 years. I think, that they will be together all Life. And I want
to find to myself such husband with whom would be all life. But I
doubt, that I meet such guy in Russia. Because normal Decent guys in
Russia almost did not remain. And you such clever, interesting The
person! Now still early to speak about the further development of our
correspondence, but I hope, that something can turn out. I do not like
to plan beforehand The future because once I have made a mistake. I
have got acquainted with the guy. I Of it has grown fond. We met it of
5 months. Then it began frequently To take alcoholic drinks. Sometimes
there were no some days. I and his mum Very much for him worried. Once
it has come to me very drunk and has beaten Me. After that I for a
long time suffered. It apologized, asked me, that I to To it has
returned. I have forgiven it. But a month later it has repeated. I
with it Has left for ever. I very strongly loved it. But I have
understood, that such husband For me it is not necessary. I am glad,
that we with it have not got married. The marriage is sacred Business.
I want to leave in marriage and to not get divorced. And you as
concern to divorces? Therefore I was disappointed in Russian men. We
became frank with you and I think that you want to know about my
sexual experience. In Russia the majority of men get acquainted with
women with the purpose to drag them in bed. They use them and then
relations is over . I so do not want and I can not. I want to love and
it means not only sex. Love for me it's when you psychologically can
not come off the favourite person: It is constant need for spiritual
affinity, desire to care of loved man, patience and trust. Only so I
can give both soul and a body to loved man. I'd like to trust that you
share my opinion, because I feel need for ours dialogue with you all
more, because being put to bed I again think of you more... I very
much would want to share with you my feelings, to glance in your eyes
and to see in them my reflection... Unfortunately my time comes to an
end... I need to go... With impatience I wait for the answer... Only
yours Galina

Subject: hello
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 18:49:17 +0400

Hello my dear.
Dear I wanted to tell to you that I closely to read
your letter as it is always interesting to me. Dear I wanted to tell
to you concerning that that really to be of great importance for me
our correspondence as I to think that we really interestingly to
communicate. To you to seem so? To seem to me that our dialogue it
what I very much would want.
You the photo which you is poorly visible to send on it but I all the
same to see your beautiful person and I to enjoy your photo. I want to
tell to you that I never to dare to look at other men when I to have
the beloved. I never to give even an occasion for jealousy to the to
the man. Therefore I shall prove to you that if we shall be together
that you will never doubt of my feelings to you and fidelity. Me
always does sad when I understand that the person of me to deceive. I
very cheerful and consequently was necessary to tell or make even a
small joke and I shall laugh. Many speak that with me very easily and
cheerfully to communicate. I very much like to laugh. But also I love
serious sincere conversations. So it is pleasant for me to read all
your ideas!!!! So it is interesting to me to study about you.
I like to communicate with you as well as
well as you I every day with pleasure to go in internet-cafe to write
to you. I wanted to talk to you on one very important theme which
really very much to interest me. I wanted to speak you concerning that
that I really would like to try to learn you closer as me to seem that
it to have the big knowledge for me. I want to know your opinion
concerning it. That you to think concerning that that to us with you
to communicate more and to be closer to each other. Here I really very
much to get tired of such complex life and I really to think that very
hardly in Russia to live one if there is no person who to love you. It
is very difficult also I really I hope that all will be fast to become
on the places. I hope that I shall meet such person and I would like
that this person to become you! What you to think in this occasion?
How you to concern to this? It is important for me to know your
opinion as I to think that from it to depend much. I also would want
to know, that you to think would like to try you to create with me
serious attitudes. Today in the morning to me there came my girlfriend
for work. I did to it a hairdress On wedding. To me was so pleasantly,
that she to me has entrusted such important business. Because the
bride should look most better. And I yet very skilled. I soon shall go
on wedding. I want to catch a bouquet of the bride. I have recollected
one Interesting case. It has taken place approximately 5 years ago. Me
and my girlfriends Have invited to wedding. One of my girlfriends was
18 years. She has caught a bouquet Colors of the bride. After that she
has married in 2 months the man, Which knew only 3 months. When she
has caught a bouquet of colors, she not Trusted, that the following
wedding will be her. And has taken place. All of us were Are surprised
to such event. You believe in this sign? I now believe. I shall think
of you and with the big impatience to wait your new letter. Want that
you closely to think before will write to me back, always yours Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 18:56:29 +0400

Hi my dear!!!
I always with the big impatience wait for your letter.
Your letters to do my day very happy. I to want to receive your
letters as it is possible is more often and to write to you the answer
as it is possible is more often. But unfortunately it is impossible
because a lot of time to take away work. I am very happy that we to
get acquainted with you. I to value those feelings which I to test to
you and I to hope what exactly they the beginning of our warm feelings
to each other. I to hope that you to feel in the same way.
I shall be so is happy to see your amusing photos. I shall hope that
your friend soon to find a cable and you to send me your photos. Loved
so you are pleasant that to me to send so many letters. It lets to me
know that that you sincerely to care of me. I also to trust that our
feelings grow also I I do not know how many still want that we to have
dialogue on the Internet. I very much want that we soon to meet with
you. I think that I to test to you similar feelings as well as you. It
is very serious. I feel that I yet was not so is happy as with you.
Your letters give me so many good emotions!!! I so am happy that we to
get acquainted with you!!! You are wrong to understand my belief. I to
try to explain to you that I the Christian or Prodestant. For me the
religion will not be a problem even if you will completely other
religion. For me the main thing of feeling. To me to like that you to
write to me so many the ideas. I feel that I already to love your
ideas. You such sweet!!! Thanks you for such beautiful poem!!! So to
like me it!!! I think that I soon to teach her by heart because I so
much her to read. Thanks you big!!!!
I want to tell a little more to you about myself. I think that it will be
interesting to you!!!!! I like to prepare. I prepare is very tasty. My
sisters always asked me To make a dinner. I am able to prepare many
tasty pies, pies, rolls. Mine Favourite meal - pancakes. What your
favourite meal? I heard, that the Chinese kitchen very tasty. I heard,
that in China prepare for a meal with very plenty of sharp spices. You
know about such information? To you, what taste of meal to like? I
very much love a sweet meal. I very much like to prepare for rolls,
cookies. I do not love a bitter meal. I love a spicy food. It is very
interesting to me that you will answer me. Tell to me what foreign
kitchen you tried. I never tried foreign kitchen. I want to learn to
prepare under foreign recipes. If you know some recipes of tasty food
I shall be very grateful to you that you me to send this recipe. I
very seldom go to cinema, theatre. I have no many free time and Money.
I very much early go for work and very much late I go home after work.
I I write to you letters to a lunch break. The Internet - cafe to be
near to mine Work. I to go home to the parents in the days off. I am
very rare To go to the parents because the road up to them costs
dearly. I to go to It once a month. I am compelled to help them money.
My mum not so wants to release me in other country, but I shall help
it Money all life. I think, that if I shall live in other country I
can send more to it of money, than now. I very much want to work as
the doctor. I have The diploma of the doctor. But I do not work as the
doctor in Russia, because here very much A little pay money. I heard,
that in your country the doctor receives good money. I shall work with
the great pleasure in your country as the doctor. I have the full
right to work here in Russia under my diploma. But I cannot work at
once under this diploma abroad. I should hand over some examinations.
It is such protection of the diploma. Write to me whom you wanted to
become by a trade in the childhood. Write to me as you will spend the
days off. I very much wait for your letter. I hope soon to receive
your letter. Good-bye. Galina.

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 21:12:13 +0400

Hi my loved.
I so am happy to receive today from you the letter!!! For
me your letters always a pleasant gift from you. I so to require them.
I to not imagine now any day without your letters. I very much to miss
always under your letters. And I really to require from you even the
small letter every day. My feelings to become to you every day is much
stronger. And I to enjoy all that what to occur between us. I am happy
that to acquaint us with you the destiny. I want to tell to you about
the dreams of desire. In the childhood I very much wanted to become
adult, now I would like to return in The childhood. I want to grow
fond of the person who will love, respect me. I I want, that my
relations with the husband were based on trust, love, care. I I want,
that me appreciated, that my work, care, attention it has been
appreciated. I want to have many children. I want to have good work. I
want to work The doctor. I want to receive good money that I could for
the work To provide the family, and also to help the parents. I want
to live happily. I want to have houses a dog. Certainly I want to have
a lot of animal. But I do not like, when in a small premise to be a
lot of animal. They litter. And furthermore if there will be a small
child it will be not hygienic. I know small children. They like all to
lick, push in a mouth. Therefore in the house it should be necessarily
clean. I very much want to have the big house near to city. I want to
have a beautiful horse. I very much like horses. But in Russia horses
very dearly cost also the maintenance of horses costs too dearly.
These are my dreams. I understand, that many of them to not be
executed. But as speak to dream not harmful. I think, that in a life
the most important is love, therefore the most important my dream to
grow fond of the person and really to be loved. How many you want to
have children?
I want that you to send me the recipe of the favourite dish. I want to
learn to prepare for your favourite dish and to prepare for it for you
in the future. I really the doctor. I probably was wrong to write the
ideas in the last letter on that that I much more happily than you a
little. I wanted to tell not it. I wanted to tell that I feel myself
such happy what I did not feel never. And I to have such feeling that
I the happiest woman all over the world. Because I to get acquainted
with you. Please send a photo of the tattooes. It so is interesting to
me!!! They to have what or value? In Russia it is a lot of tattooes to
have value. To me to like when on the man there are some tattooes. But
certainly I do not like when it is a lot of them. I to not have
tattooes on myself. I never to try a mango. Here them very seldom to
sell and they to cost very dearly.
I want to have so much children on how many my health will suffice and
how many will be Opportunities of all of them to provide. I very much
love children. I earlier at school always participated in school
amateur performance. I appeared on stage, I played on a piano, sang
songs, drew newspapers. I liked to do all. I very much wanted to learn
to play on a guitar, but I have gone to Cheboksari to study at
university and consequently I had no free time to study to play on a
guitar. But I always liked, when men play on a guitar. I like to
listen to songs about army. I even cried, when listened to some songs
about army. And to what songs you like to listen? About what these
songs? I remember as I 2 times in 10 and 11 class participated in Ms.
to the schoolgirl. It is very honourable competition for girls. At
this competition of the girl show all beauty, all talents. The girl
who will win first place was considered as the best girl at school. I
all these 2 times became Ms. the schoolgirl. I was envied by many
girls. To me envied very much frequently because I very much liked
many boys. I always easily found with them dialogue. And other girls
took offence at me. Tell to me about that as has passed your time of
study. I think, that this finest time. I very much wait for your
letter. Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 14:32:07 +0400

Hi my sun.
Your letters do my day by the happiest. When I to read your letters I to become the happiest woman on light. I so to be afraid that once there will come such day when you to cease to write to me. I very much to value that that our attitudes to develop and I think that we to have an every prospect to construct strong attitudes based on love. 
I today to go to my parents and to arrive back to Sunday in the
evening. I shall miss very much under your letters. My name sounds as
Galina. So my name is written in the passport. But my friends call me
in abbreviated form Galia. Thanks you for such interesting stories
about the past. It is valid so interestingly to me.
I want to tell to you about associates of me people.
I have such friends who can help me only morally. At us in
To village everyone live badly because have few money. In my village in general there are not enough empty seats for work. In village to be only 2 shops: food and ware. There is one drugstore in which medicines which are necessary constantly come to an end. There is one hospital. There is a building of militia. There is a club where to be carried out Disco for youth. Therefore workplaces anywhere are not present. Each family lives only due to domestic cattle. And what at you in the country a standard of living? How people there live? You have people which live on
To street. At us in the country many people sit in the street which ask
Alms. It is awful. I always help such people. I cannot pass
Easy by them.
I have not got used to that that someone helped me especially money. I have got used
In this life to achieve all. I was brought up by my parents so, that
If I shall not help myself, nobody will help me. I very much like for it
The parents. In our life it is necessary to be able to struggle for the best life. I such
The person, that I have got used to achieve the purpose. Now I want to find
Serious relations. I have kind character. I always help people. Only I have noticed, that in my life very much many people use my kindness. I shall help them, and they even thanks will not tell. And it happens even worse, then will make to me something bad. I cannot understand at once on the person good it or bad. I have got used to trust people. I always forgive people of their mistake. I never answer evil on evil. I try to not communicate with bad people, but in our life they very much frequently meet.
Write to me more about that that you like and that do not like. For example about meal, about
Music, films, sports.
I very much love films which come to an end well. I do not like when in
Film there is a shooting from pistols. To me like cheerful more
Films. I love films about animals. I love comedies. Music to like me
Quiet about love and cheerful under which always it would be desirable to dance. I
Very much I like to dance. I possess a plenty of energy positive
And it is a pity to me to spend this energy only for work. I love films in which show love stories. I very emotional woman, therefore I frequently pay, if show something tragic. I remember several years ago in Russia film about Titanic was very known. You can it looked. There Leonardo Dee Kaprio It was removed in a leaging role. I this film looked many time. I constantly cried, when it looked. Tell to me about the favourite films.

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 21:47:41 +0400

Hi my love!!!
I have received your letter and have understood, that I
never so was not pleased lifes as now. I am pleased that you write
such warm letters.
Thanks you for that that you to send me the photo on which it is
visible your tattooes. I want to tell that they not spoiling you. To
me very much to like to look at your photos. You such beautiful!!!! I
do not understand a little that you to want to ask me this offer: So
you said that Galina is said with the G pronounced as in "g" reat or
"g" ate or even "G" od? is that right? In the passport my name Galina,
friends name me Galia. If you want to know as it that sounds
Galina-sounds as is written, and Galia - sounds too as well as is
Every day, with each new letter from you I
understand, that my dreams start to come true. It seems to me, that my
life becomes a fairy tale in which you are the knight on a white horse
who necessarily will rescue princess and will steal me from the lock
of cold loneliness. And as in Russian fairy tales people will tell
about us: " And they lived long and happily and have died in one day
". From the beginning of our attitudes I very much wanted, that at us
all would be good, but I could not present as far as well. It not
seems to me at all, I am firmly sure, that my search of that man only
for me the intended is completed. I have found this person. This
person is you. You so correspond to my desires, that I can not
constrain the feelings any more, I want to tell you much, but the main
thing sense all my ideas and words is that I LOVE YOU ! I LOVE so,
that I want to leave for you in marriage! I LOVE so, that I want to
you to give birth to the most fine children in the world! I LOVE so,
that I want to use the best efforts to make you happy! I LOVE so, that
for ever it is ready to share with you all pleasures and griefs of
your life! And I am not ashamed to speak to you about the feelings, I
believe, that your heart knocks also loudly as mine, I simply can not
believe in the opposite. I dream to look in your eyes, to speak you
about the love. I want to feel your palms on my cheeks, a neck...to
feel, feel, feel... I LOVE YOU and I want to speak to you it always.
It is very a pity to me, that only our letters connect us, I want to
see you actually. I dream, how you meet me at the airport, as we
search each other by eyes, we find and we rush into embraces to each
other. And after this the most fine evening in our life. I have found
sense of my life, I love you and I grieve without you my love. My
lover you the most valuable part of my life. Probably sometime I shall
be capable to find all correct words, that to be capable tell you.
Well, I should go my dear, I shall grieve without you, I LOVE YOU and
I wanna be with you for ever! yours and only yours Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 18:54:44 +0400

Greetings my light.
How are you doing today? How - all with you? What is new? I thought
About you all day today, I grieve without you very much. And I was very pleased Receive 
news from you.
It is very pleasant for me to receive so frequently your photos. I so
strongly love you. I understand that still know each other more few
but I to feel as though I to know you many years. I very much want you
to embrace to kiss. I to arrive to you though now but unfortunately I
cannot pay to myself such trip. But I very much want that we were
together as soon as possible. The snow in Russia happens approximately
6 months in one year. I very much like to throw with friends snow in
each other. It is very amusing.
Each day I become so happy when I open the letter from you because remarkable energy
of your sensitive words and cares arrives to me through yours e-mails. 
I want to tell to you about that as I like to put on.
I very much like to carry such clothes which show more parts of a body. I
I like to look sexually. I have got used to that that when I go on city on
Me men constantly look. They not simply look, they admire
Me. Men approach to me and want to get acquainted with me. But I do not want
Such acquaintances because from me it is necessary to these men only sex. I want
To grow fond of the person and then I shall satisfy only it. I prefer
To go in jeans when I go on the nature, because jeans in this case
Are protection against insects.
I very much love romanticism. I the romantic person. I like to compose verses. I
I like to walk on the nature. I can kiss only the beloved. I can
To kiss it so, that this kiss it will recollect all life. And this
Kiss it will want eternally. I was spoken by many my friends who possessed to me more serious feelings, than I. They spoke that I very much draw people. Many men dreamed of my kiss, but I gave the kisses only to those men to whom I tested serious feelings.
Write to me about that what clothes you you like to carry. Write to me what clothes to you to like on the woman. Write to me what colors of clothes to you to like on the woman and on itself. To like me bright colors. I like to look brightly. I like, when to me pay attention. I on men to like me dark blue, red color. And in general my favourite color green. Only I use this color in clothes a little. 
Write to me about the tastes in clothes.
Today I to go to shop with my girlfriends, and I had a lot of entertainment. 
You know I - precisely just as each unique girl in this world is similar to visiting of shop and I buy
Things so I enjoyed my time much. 
Honey, I grieve without you very much, and I think of you much, you know
That you resemble remarkable dream which has come in my life, and I - Very happy about it. 
When I look at stars in the evening when I go Outside of I think and I dream of you and 
us together. And I smile each time I imagine your person when I close my eyes.
My dear, you are so dear for my heart and soul, I grieve without you and yours sensitive 
words all time. I am very pleased, with what we have got acquainted The friend the
friend and I hope, that our relations will be fine. I really hope that dream about 
full Happy that I had in my opinion for long Time will come true soon.
I finish my letter now, and I shall expect your answer!!!
Remember, that I think of you!
With embraces and kisses,

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 18:55:59 +0400

In this letter I shall tell to you about the relatives and family. My
mum to be born in village Svetlii. It so refers to my village where I
to spend all childhood. I very much to value this place. There each
birch, each tree is familiar to me. I know there everything, I am
known with all people which live there. It is very small village. Mine
the daddy to live in village which to be near to this village,
approximately 10 km. But in that village where to live my father there
is no school for children and it has been compelled to go every day to
village where to live my mum to study. Then when it studied in 10
class in it have bought a bicycle. It is more senior than my mum for 3
years. THEY to get acquainted at school and to grow fond each other
then. Then when mine the daddy to study in 11 class it to invite its
first time to date. She was very happy. They to meet 3 years and when
my mum to leave school they at once to play wedding. Then my father to
construct the house in village where to live mum and they to start to
live there. They till now there live. I to be born in 3 years after
their wedding. Then when to me there were 7 years to me mum has told
that I will have brother or the sister. I remember that my mum has
sent me in school and when I to return from it in the house the small
child whom constantly to cry was. I very much to like children and I
to spend with this girl all time. So to be born Masha. And when to me
there were 8 years I to notice that my mum began to get fat. I to ask
my mum why she to have such big stomach. But she will speak me that
she to grow thin when to appear one more child. And the child to
appear in some months. I at this time to walk on village with Masha
and the girlfriends. Now I very much to regret that I to not be
present at birth of my little sisters. I very much to envy you. You
really happy person because you to see all this. I always to like to
play with the sisters. Now Masha already meets the boy and they very
much like each other. She speaks me that they want to marry in
September. She will not go to school any more at this time. I my
younger sister Kate she will study 1 more year at school, but she to
have many admirers, therefore I think that she quickly to find to
herself the husband. Only I worry about that that their husbands can
to drink frequently very much alcohol and to beat them. I very much to
be afraid for it. But I shall not interfere with their life. Let they
decide to live as them. When to my mum there were 2 years that she to
have the senior brother. And it should go serves on war. It has left
and wrote some months. Now it is considered in lists disappeared
without a message. My grandmother very much to experience and for a
long time to cry on the son. Also on war to serve its husband. It
wrote constantly almost every day. Also there were some days up to the
end of war and it was lost. But it has received many medals. It very
bravely battled. Therefore for mum of my mum it was very difficult to
lose at once 2 favourite people for it. And to remain with it only my
mum. So they and to live in one house now. Parents of my father to die
early when to it there were 20 years. In their village very terrible
illness I has appeared do not know as she refers to in English. This
illness is transferred by air way. His parents to receive this illness
and doctors had not time to rescue them. Then from all village have
rescued only 5 person. Doctors perished even. My father to have the
sister which was more younger than it for 5 years. But she to die when
to it there were 3 years. She to have very much poor health and
constantly to have illnesses. To strike her the tick which has been
struck with this illness. From this illness till now do not know a
medicine. That I can tell all this to you about the relatives. I hope
that to you was interesting to learn it.

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 19:04:11 +0400

In this letter I shall tell to you about the country.
I live in the country in which all life is
concentrated in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg. Our people can be classified on rich and poor,
thus more and more or less rich people live in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or on the north country,
other part of the country lives below the breadline. Normally to live at us it is possible only in
the big cities, thus it is necessary to have very much qualified work and to work much. There is
one more way to become the provided person, this way easier, but less safe, it is necessary to
become the gangster. In our country there is more than half of officials and state persons, which
steal and take bribes. Almost all militia is bought by gangsters. The fair person is outside a
chain of commodity-money attitudes. Our country makes the necessary nobody wars etc. Simple people
in our country still have only a freedom of worship and some democratic principles. The country
keeps itself only due to the natural resources. All is far from being so perfectly as it would be
desirable. People is decomposed by a free teleimage and the sea of Alcohol. All as in ancient
Rome: to people give only some bread and a shows. There IS NO I objectively could not illuminate
your question, all I told it's only my opinion. Do not think that I the pessimist, but I see ours
only so. Certainly at us many good people and one of them I think our president, but he is one,
and one man in field is not the soldier. I know many talented people and I assign on them the big
hopes, but the future of my country is very vaguely. I love the country what she would not be. At us many beautiful places. My city is in the middle of the country. In the winter at us it is very cold, and it is hot in the summer. But it is very beautiful. About Cheboksari there is a lake. I very much like there
To go to have a rest. In the summer there has a rest to many people. The some people go
There with tents, do shish kebabs, bathe. And in the city there are parks, I
Very much I like to walk on them. In general I love the nature, and it happens me difficultly
For a long time to be in city where there is no pure air. In fact I have grown among
The nature. It is good, that on surburb of city there is a wood. I in it frequently walk in
The days off. In the winter I ski, in the summer simply I walk.
I to hope that to you it was t to learn. I wait for your letter.

Subject hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 21:54:31 +0400

GREETINGS my dear!
How are you doing today? How - all? You grieve without me, hun? As to me I miss
You very much very much and I thinking about you am constant. You - always in
My opinion and my ideas. I am very happy, that you have appeared in my life
And changed it. I am very pleased, that we have each other now.
Thanks big for a photo of your children. Very much to like me these
photos. They so are similar to you!!!! It was pleasant for me to learn
so a lot of new about you. I today to talk to the friend which works
in travel agency. After your yesterday's letter I so seriously to
think of arrival to you. And consequently I have decided to learn that
it is necessary to visit your country. My friend speaks that I can
visit your country and it is absolutely unessential that you to arrive
here all over again. I can go in your country as the tourist. I shall
become the client of travel agency. My friend will help me. They to
make the plan of my trip for some months. They will help me to receive
the tourist visa to your country and then I can go in your country. I
shall not speak in embassy that I go to you. I shall tell him that I
the tourist. To explain it to me my friend. It has told that many
people to go this summer to Australia through their agency. What you
to think of it?
I think, that there are no secrets between us now, and I think that we
Spoken about so many things so in my opinion, it has come time conversation about
Some negative parties of our characters. How you think? I would like
To be completely fair with you and to inform you about some mine. I think
It in some cases I am too timid. I mean I I am sociable also liek to
Meet new people, but sometimes I feel, that I am timid. I - also was a little
The conservative, I have old values of family, sometimes I do not understand
Young people from them it is too many freedom. And you know, hun when I was
Younger I thought, that I - not a beautiful sight, and I thought, that it was
My bad party, certainly it is cunning now, but I only wanted, that you knew as
I grow, change as I felt inside. You know, sweetie, sometimes
I feel many fears inside me, I feel, that I am afraid to remain one. But
Now due to you, I have no these some kind of fears more, because you
In my life now and I feel much better about it now. Also that concerning you,
Dear? You have what negative parties, in your opinion? You know, I
Think, that noone it is perfect so to be much better strongly enough to
Understand, who we. How you think?
I hope, that it - is good, if I ask you it because I am really interested 
knowing you very much very well, has no value if it is good or bad to want 
really also I to become closer to you. I need in you very much in my life 
and to me would like, that our relations grew. 
I substantially was borrowed today, and I am a little tired now so I finish my 
letter to you and I shall expect your answer! You know it
Your letters always decorate my day!
With warm embraces and kisses,

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 20:42:23 +0400

GREETINGS my light!
How are you doing today? How - all? I hope, that you are fine. My day was
Fine, I was on work today and when I have come to Internet - cafe, I could not wait up to
The moment when I shall be capable to check up my e-mail and to read the letter from you. 
I thought of you all the day. 
I need in you so much, and I want, that you were about me, I cannot wait up to
The moment when we meet, I hope, that it will be fast! It will be the best day
In my life, I am confident!
Thanks you big for such beautiful photo of you and your daughter. She
very beautiful same as you. Also you to have very cosy conditions of a
house. I to notice that your house very pure and in it is very
comfortable. I can take the visa till 12 months. And behind this time
I think that we can save up money to visit my parents and then I shall
already ask the visa of the bride and we shall marry. What you to
think of it? I at all do not know on how many to take the visa. I
cannot really pay to myself such trip and and it is very inconvenient
for me to ask to help you to me. But it is a unique opportunity to
meet to us. I cannot present at all as children in Australia probably
were glad to a snow. In Russia each time when drops out a lot of snow
children very happy.
Yesterday, when I went to bed, I dreamed of you, I looked a window and looked stars, which
Were in the sky and I thought of you and me, I have imagined us together and very happy.
I think it you - what I searched for all my life, you are so sensitive, kind and
Caring. You have remarkable soul, I am very happy, that you are in 
Mine a life now! You force me to smile and bring to me pleasure and that 
The special novel And care which were absent in my life before I has met you. 
I finish my letter now, and I send you all my tenderness and
Care which is in my heart! Have the big day, honey! And always
Remember it I grieve without you much and I think of you! You are on my opinion!
Expectation of your answer,
Embraces and kisses for you, beloved!
Yours Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 19:54:09 +0400

Hello my dear!!!
Many thanks for your letter, I was very pleased to receive it. I
Always happy to receive news from you.
Today to arrive to me my other sister Masha and to remind me of that
that on this Saturday to arrive to us all family, all relatives. It is
such tradition in our family to gather every 5 years in August. They
will live at my parents in the house all the week long. And I should
arrive necessarily. Therefore I cannot write to you since Saturday
approximately during a week. I think that I to arrive back on August,
22. I shall miss very much under your letters. I shall think much of
you. I have overlooked to give you the address. But I to speak you it

My address
Bochevskaia, Galina
Ap. 25
38 Lenin Street
Cheboksary 428000

I will have many ideas on that that when I shall arrive to you. The
most important I want to spend a lot of time with you. I shall dream
very much of that that we to spend a lot of time for a beach, you will
show me beautiful places of Australia. I dream to get acquainted with
all your relatives, friends. In an apartment in which I to live I to
not have animals, therefore I to not worry about animals. Thanks you
for that that you to send me a photo of a part of the house. It so is
interesting to me. I to send you the address of electronic page of
travel agency. But I am afraid that you there to not understand
anything because there is written in Russian.
http://www.travel.ru/transport/. I today to learn the necessary sum
for such trip. To me have told that if I want to legalize quickly all
papers that to me it is required about 400 USD (American) on all and
still money for residing at Moscow. Because I can do all documents
only in Moscow. And also I should buy tickets. Provisional cost of
tickets about 1600 USD (American). That I therefore turn out to
require in 2000 USd. It is a lot of and I cannot present at all that
you would like to help me such sum. It is a lot of.
Yesterday we with the girlfriend on kitchen drank tea, and we spoke much about
You. You know that my heart full various emotions because
From you so I wanted to divide that with my girlfriend. She listened to me very much
Closely and only wished me good luck. I have told it what even that me
Never saw you in real, I feel deeply in my soul, that I can feel safe and the safe with you.
Honey, you know, I think much of you. You are in my ideas all
Time regardless of the fact that I do, I thinks of you. You are very dear for
My heart and soul. I am very happy, that you are in my life now. 
You know I is so happy, that you are in my life now, that we
Building new relations which grow day by day. I am very happy
That I can speak with you about that I can open my heart and soul to
You which we can communicate easily with you. 
WELL, my dear I finish my letter now, and I shall expect
Your answer!
I grieve without you!
With embraces and sensitive kisses,

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 18:52:06 +0400

Greetings my dear!!!
How are you doing at performance today? What is new? As to me I do 
Well here and I think of you all time, I grieve without you very much. You are 
On mine opinion all time and I like to read your sensitive words, it always brings to me
The good mood also places a good smile on my person.
I to go tomorrow early to parents and I shall be very pleased to see
all relatives, but I shall be absent very much under your letters.
I shall study, as you can pay for tickets, and then I to you write.
I have a question for you. Inform me more about your traditions, please.
Inform me how you usually celebrate yours Birthday? What tradition do
You have? As to me I can inform you about a part of our tradition. 
Necessarily on a table there should be a pie, in a pie to put candles, them put so much 
How many to be executed years to the person. To this holiday to invite all loved
Friends and relatives. It is necessary to give all gifts ??????????.
Honey, you are very dear for me, and you know it, correctly? But I think it
These warm words never it is enough and when the person who you worry
Informs you it, that it is always pleasant to hear. For example, for me, when I
Read your letters, I feel your heat, and I feel your tenderness and care.
And I hope, that you feel the same in my letters. I inform you all
Time, how many you mean with me and as I worry about you. I always think
About you and I pass your letters, your words, I grieve without you, road!
I finish my letter now, and I shall expect your Answer!
With embraces also kisses,
From yours Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 19:20:31 +0400

Greetings my dear!
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter as usually, I was
Expectation of it. Today weather is very good here, the sun
Shining brightly, I am in high mood! Honey, a unique thing I need
Is you about me, I expect that moment when we are going to be
I to arrive little bit earlier than I to plan. I was very good to
waste time with the relatives. I to have some new photos for you. I to
do many new photos and also I can scan a photo where I was small. I
think that to you it very interestingly. I shall send you it
gradually. I with the relatives to go for a drive on Volga on a
steamship. It is very beautiful. We to spend a lot of time on a beach.
Now weather became cold. But all this time was very warm. We to go to
a wood and to prepare for shish kebabs. It has turned out is very
tasty. Also I to bring the small nephews in Cheboksary that they to go
for a drive on cheerful hills. Everyone were very happy to see each
other. I prepared for all for very tasty pizza. After that I dictated
to all the recipe of preparation of her. She very much to like all. It
was certainly hard to prepare constantly on such plenty to people. But
all to try to help me. My relatives to bring it is a lot of children.
And I was very happy to play with them. I to spend a lot of time with
them. Also I very strongly to miss on you. I to think of you much. I
always to dream of you at night when laid in a bed and to look at
stars. I to talk about you to the relatives much. I to speak them
about that that you very beautiful, clever, interesting. I him have
told that I the happiest woman on light because I to get acquainted
with you. My relatives not all to approve my choice. They will worry
very much about that that to me very difficultly to live in other
country. But the some people spoke me words of support. They have told
to me that the most important that we to like each other.
I have got used to your letters, I like to look at your photos. Day by day we
Find new things about the friend the friend, I think, that we as it was supposed, were
Together, there can be you be a person of my dreams! I - know, that it - a
It is a little early to plan our future, but I think seriously about
At creation of family and I imagine our future happy family. When I go to sleep I always I think of you, other people do not interest me more, I need only you, my heart and my soul are open for you!
Beloved, now I would like to divide with you my dreams of our future.
If I arrive to you the first thing, I would like to do, should get acquainted
With your family and friends. I hope, that they will love me. It - very much
Important for me "to be approved" by your parents. As I think it
The family is very important in our lifes. They are dear also the relatives
People to you and I want, that they have accepted me as yours soulmate, your future
The wife. I would like to be a part of your family. I know, that it will not be
Easy for me to be there all over again, because it - various culture and
All variously, but I know, that you will be about me, and you will be
Help me to get used to my new life, our new life the majority of a part of mine
Time I shall pay attention to you to our family, we there should be the happiest
People. Certainly, I did not get used only to sit doing something,
So I think, that for the first time I shall be capable to study or work. How you think?
In my opinion, for me to function and feel good it it is very important for me.
And I would like to have children in the Future, but I think, that we should enjoy some time only me and you in all over again. You agree with me? What you think? It - how I imagine our future. Also what concerning you? Of what you dream? How you would be similar to our future to be? Please, inform me, that it will be very interesting to me for knowing. I know what a few early to speak about things similarly to it before we meet in the person, but I find this theme very interesting and excitation. I like to dream of our happy future. 
I finish my letter now, and I shall expect your fast
The answer, you know, that your letters decorate my day and force me to smile. I
Very happily, that I have found you!
Have the big day and a smile for me, my light!
With all my tenderness and care,
Yours Galina.

The first photo has been made when to me there were 11 years.

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 19:24:01 +0400

Greetings my dear!
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter
as usually. I always think of you, I need in you much, you - always in
my ideas. The first thing That I do when I arrive the Internet cafe, I
check my e-mail and I hope to receive the letter from you. I love your
letters very much, I feel as sincere and serious you to me. I can not
express my feelings to you but if we meet you will see all in my
opinion, my pleasure, mine ???????. Honey when I look in your photos I
I imagine our meeting, I would like, that you knew how many you mean
with me, I am really happy, that I have met you! My light, you know, I
would like to inform you, that you have changed my life a Party, you -
always in my ideas. I am sure, that we have met because the God
Assisted us, it - His gift for us. You know, I already am afraid To
lose you, lose our special communication which we have while, I do not
know As my life is going to be without you, I can not imagine it now.
You have Brought me so it is a lot of pleasure and happiness, I trust
you completely! I have opened mine Heart to you and I really would
like, that our relations were for ever is similar It - now, is similar
we are in remarkable sweet dream! I finish my letter to you now, and I
expect your answer now! With embraces, Yours Galina

Here on the first photo to me of 15 years. And on other photo to me of
16 years. On the first photo near to me there is my sister Masha. And
other girls our cousins. On the second photo near to me from the right
party there is my second sister Kate. Also my sister Masha second from
the left party. And other girls it is our nieces. The third photo has
been made in these days off.


Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 17:04:27 +0400

Greetings my dear!!!
Many thanks for your letter. It decorates my day!
I hope that you have the same feeling when you receive mine. And
certainly, I enjoy to ours the correspondence and I am serious. I
believe, that you will be my friend, I think that you understand me in
a plenty of things, and it is easy for me to speak You on many themes.
You can ask me any questions which you want. I think it very important
for relations, if both of partners want the relation to grow. The
trust also is very important, any relations not can be are strong
without it. Being fair with me and from my party I can speak, that I
shall be fair with you also. I think, that we should try to inform the
friend the friend so much, how many we can.
Thanks you for such beautiful photos. I never to see such big soap
bubbles!!!! Thanks you for the recipe of very tasty dish. I shall
necessarily try it to prepare as soon as possible. I want to learn it
to do is very tasty that then I can prepare for it for you.
I would like to know you better from an internal part because you seem
very interesting to me so I have a question for you: What qualities do
you estimate in people most? In my opinion, honesty, fidelity,
kindness, sincere and understanding is very important in people. I
also Think, that in each trust of relations plays a leaging role. For
this reason I think, that the trust on 100 % should be between the
person and the woman, they should be capable speak each unique thing
each other, divide all their pleasures and grief. If they have a
problem, they should try to find solvation together. What you think?
What your opinion? You know, I think, that the age is very important
in relations. I Think, that the person should be the grown-up than the
woman. As to me I prefer my future husband to be the grown-up than I.
Senior people know how to address with the girl. The right, they know
that the girl wants. It is much more interesting to speak them. Also
there is one more thing. I search serious for relations and guys of my
age they usually only want to have an entertainment, them have no any
serious intentions, they do not think of the future. I do not do
similarly to this. I not against an entertainment, certainly, each
rest of needs of the person, but was not present all time. You
probably understand me. What you think - I am right? My dear please,
informs me more you. What your purposes and dreams? What you search?
And what - your intentions? It will be Very interesting to me to know.
If it - not difficultly, please, answer they questions for me. Also do
not hesitate to ask me that - ??????, I shall answer you about great
pleasure. Well, I finish my letter now, and I wish, that you had the
big day!!! Remember, that there is a girl in this world who thinks of
you. I shall expect your letter!!!! Sincerely, Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 20:32:03 +0400

Greetings my dear!!!
Many thanks for your letter both your sensitive words and care. You
So sweet to me, it is so pleasant for me to read 
Your letters when I close my eyes I I can see you, speaking it to me, 
It force me to feel very good. This big feeling, I thank 
The god, that you are in my life. Even that we are far from 
Each other actually, in my dreams with which we are together, we 
Walking together in some good place in the nature, holding hands and the statement 
Sensitive and warm words to each other. I feel, that you are very special to me, 
I should read your letters is similar, I need in air or water for residing. 
I could not think at all, that something like it could happen with me. 
Thanks that you near to me.
I do not think that you to become fussy. To like me that that you
always look forward in the future even our attitudes. It very much to
like me. To me duels on a floor on a bed also would be very pleasant
and in general to run one after another on the house, a garden and to
have fun. It very much to like me. I disagree with that that the good
guy never to receive the woman. I think that you the good guy but in
you as in any person there are bad qualities. And I think that I shall
love you for these bad qualities and to appreciate in you all your
high qualities. I think that in 12 months we together with you shall
walk and enjoy somewhere our love. I very much to hope for it. I to
have the representations of you and it coincides with my ideal of the
man. If this image really you then you ideal the man for me. I always
was sincere with you on 100 %. I do not love lie and I do not want to
build such sacred feelings on lie. Every day I we shall dream of that
that together and naturally if I shall have any opportunity to arrive
to you I necessarily it to make. It is very important for me. I
understand what difficultly to trust which person never to see. But I
think that for the sake of love all of us should go on risk. I am sure
that we are compatible. I think that if we were completely different
people that we cannot with you so for a long time to speak with the
friend the friend on the Internet. I to hope that I to answer all
questions which you to interest. It is pleasant for me to answer your
You know, I do not think, that the external beauty is most important a thing, you can be
The most beautiful are beautiful during some time, even, but in
Some years this beauty will leave, there there will be other people, who movement, 
To look better. I think, that real beauty - inside yours oppressing, it, 
What stay for ever. The person should be beautiful from an internal part, 
In my opinion. Unless you do not agree with me?
I see in you the person who I can speak easily with who is interesting to me, that, 
Who forces me to want to know you more and more. I would be like to know your soul, 
I would like to know all about you. I see that you do not play with me or comic 
Around, many of our ideas the same, our values - it is very close, 
And we search for the same things, we search special. I see, that I can 
To establish emotional communication with you, I can speak with you on 
To any theme, it - very easy for me, it resembles, I know you during 
Long time. 
I love your ideas about a life and attitudes between the person and the woman.
I can speak your letters, that you are the decent person with 
Serious intentions. I am similar to this in you. I think, that we - even 
It is a little similar in it. I also seriously concerning to our correspondence. 
I like to read your letters and me think, that I shall really like 
To speak with you in the person, you, apparently, intellectual and it is good 
The educated person. I hope, that some time we goes in to meet. 
WELL I finish my letter now, and I hope, that you have 
The big day!
I think of you, and I am really happy, that we have met! This idea
Forces me to smile.
The hope to receive news from you is fast!
With embraces,

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 20:48:05 +0400

Hello my love!!!
I wait, also I dream during one moment of our meeting at your my airport.
I shall shout during this moment when I shall leave from
Air pass and when I shall see you mine because it will be from ours
Happiness my dear. I close my eyes, and I imagine about it so
Happy a picture.
I do not know on what you a photo to see date 2003. Winter photos have
been made this winter. I think that on the camera date has been
incorrectly established. Because it is old cameras and it can not
work. Your news it is a little to afflict of me about that that to
receive the visa it is necessary to have so much only. I to learn from
the friend which to work in travel agency about that that usually
insurance to enter into cost of tickets. It has told that very seldom
meets such that airlines to force to have insurance separately. And
that that about the bank account. That it is not necessary so. I can
show a living wage on this quantity of days cash and then they me to
let in your country and to give the visa. Before I to get a job I to
pass full medical survey and to collect many information from the
various organizations which are necessary for reception of the visa.
Therefore I to have many documents on hands. And it accelerates
process of reception of the visa. As to speak me my friend that that
urgent manufacturing of the visa and the passport costs approximately
400 USd American. And to receive the visa I should have tickets on
hands to show them. I think that I can make all quickly through my
friend because it have many friends in Moscow which can to help me
with registration of all documents.
My love, I dream, as we shall live together my loved,
To go on the walk keeping for our hands my love. I want it you
Will show me your native basis, places where you like to go for a
Go and where you like to spend more than your time, also I
I want to get acquainted with your relatives and close friends so! I
Such big my love wants to be with you very much! I love you
And I to miss you my most expensive love! My dear, I
Want to tell to you, that I have, spoke with my mum and the daddy, also with
My of the sister about us again and again, it is especial about my arrival in you. I
Want to tell to you, that my family has so many happy smiles for
Us and they I is approved our close feelings of love with you, they - so
Happy because we like each other very much, simply they have told to me
That we shall be happy with you, and they wish us the big happiness
Together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with
You, and they understand me, that we with you cannot without each other
Also wish us the big love at this time and our future life also!
Simply big congratulations from my family to you, please,
Accept love from my parents, they love you as the relative son! Well, my love 
Let me to finish my the most my dear electronic
Mails, I wait for your message so a lot of my person of love!!!
Wish to be with you such big my love,
Really, your lady of love to 


Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 20:21:58 +0400

My magnificent love!!!!
You really touch me deeply in my heart such love which you have for me. I
Know his very painful, we - not together nevertheless, and you I gently care also love, I know, that day will be
Arrive for us and all our hopes concerning love to be real and beautiful for us my love, I really know our love
As one another - the majority of importance because you I like and I want, that so was with you and us a life much
Our life, together happy also is filled from the big love. I all so think only of you. I want you more then
Something in this world, which my love to you is yours to hold and with you together, we will be happy
And the feeling our love, it is the best for certain you, I have fallen so in love with and has really
Received to feel your love in such touching letters to me we really belong together, and it should be for
Us because a life - love and we the confident feeling also sees it in us so, we shall be together my love, I shall not be
Again search for love one, I have found real beauty of love, and more really I is pure and most of all
Fine love I adore all about you and I love all from you, my love every day and wants to have night a
The kiss with you also speaks not the person, how many you mean for me, and our love we divide always and for
Ever I love you, my life of love will be with you, I do not want anybody ever, but you so honey my love
You have all my love yesterday and all, tomorrow, that nobody can place you or give me sensations
Like similarly to you, do to me and let to me such pleasures know and be in love.
I love you, I know, that expectation to sad, that we require in the friend the friend and we allow to be love real a kiss
And it is much more you, I want to feel yours solfnes leather and beauty only, you have a key to my heart
Only you I like and know a life with you to be the best ever something by a life for and more you I
Like so deeply and more than my love which I shall be with you. I always present day of our
Meetings, it will be the happiest day in my life. Fine I feel very happy because I know that we
Soon will together with you, and we shall be the happiest pair on the basis. I was sad, really had a
The kiss with you also has love to see, so I know deeply, that us require our love together to enjoy a life
And the love - pleasure and so is more. But I do not excite time to be fast, and I shall be safe in you hands we
Will kiss nights and days and will have such love to love, adore you my love. Letters give me
Such love such desire of us together such feelings to have and the god we shall be us together my love
We belong one to another to not be any broken hearts, but hearts are filled from the big pleasure and love all ready, know a
The life with you to be paradise and more real love which lasts and more so is healthy to know and
The feeling about us and it a habit escapes from us, but reconciles us in carrying out of hands and a kiss
Like we divide, together happen soon. 
Your love Galina.

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 19:53:07 +0400

Greetings a sweet loved, my magnificent love!
You have love which really means much for me all words. I feel so well when receive yours
Letters and I can imagine me there with you and desire to look at your beautiful smile. I love you
Easy falling in love with you, any the man does not force me to feel like similarly to you, my love does not do to me of anybody capares to you.
We are so intended for each other, and we have such pleasure about our love which we divide to one another unique. I
Know, how we feel about each other and serious creation, which is beautiful to have and think of you. 
You have come in my life in letters and love and that I see in you, all is perfect true
Meaning caring love. Love which stored so deeply in heart love, it about a good life
And long love, which does very good to have and a share for us. It really shows love and
You are more so delightful, so beautiful goes with love, never had such pleasure in my life as I do about
Us my love. I shall respect you, observe our love and have taken care of our love to the whole life. 
I want to be near to you all my life and to allow to you my best love always both sexual cape and care
And the most meaning. Honey I love you very much in love very much desire of us together very much us
The real true in love pair. Your name on my lips - always there only for your kiss. I lose you
I shall lose the biggest fan, ever you mean more for me then a life directly. I have found that unique
The person, as you.
I am very glad that you even last night only have learned about that
that on your camera there is a timer and now you can receive for me
many new photos. To like me this photo. You very beautiful. I to print
the letter in Russian and then I to translate it independently on the
English language. I to write some offers at once in English. I to read
your letters in English. Today in the afternoon here it is warm but
nights to become very cold. Here in the afternoon of 20 degrees, and
at the night of 10 degrees. I think that you to have a lot of anxiety
with mice.
Which I shall love all life and it is more than me, which it is not necessary if not you. I want to be
Only yours and to what has more. To me who is not so interesting any more from men, you my ideal, you
My genius, you my angel. The god on our party, It has blessed us, and has presented such happiness
As the love, not observing such big distance, but it - not the Barrier to us because I think, it can
Stop existing love it. 
Who in this world is not capable to prevent, to find to us the general happiness and love. I want,
That we with you had some beautiful children, we shall love them very urgently, we shall give them
All care and warmly love of parents. I all dream of time of it. I all time wait during that moment when
We at last shall meet you, also all troubles will be behind of us. We should be happy, I think,
That it - our destiny.
Cannot be on the friend. I very much hope for your support and the help. 
When I to you shall arrive, I shall be the happiest woman on the basis.
My love, I feel, that we should wait a little. When I present, which is fast we with you we
Will meet, my heart starts to knock with such force, that it seems to me, that it approximately and
Will remove from my breast. I so worry, I do not know, that to me to speak, when I shall see you
In me the gift of speech at once will leave, and I cannot speak, for excitement and strong feelings.
Then you should capture me very urgently and kiss me so urgently as, whom and when has not kissed.
And I shall tell to you three words, I LOVE YOU, and then I shall cry, but you do not calm me it
There will be tears of happiness and pleasure, that I at last have found such love, it to me and
Did not dream.
I now write to you, and in me, tears of happiness already drip. I such happy. I hope, that it is all
Do not dream. If it - dream, I want, that it when did not arrive to the end... 
I want to comb you fine beautiful hair after you bathe, and you speak a kiss as far as beautiful you
And how many I really love you. I want to sit you conversation with you and wit of laughter you and to feel ours
The love brings to us the big entertainment and the pleasure being together and being in love.
I want to wake up, in the morning see, that you open your beautiful eyes and see, that you smile and see you
Kiss me and have such remarkable joyful day with you. 
Love - an entertainment, but only with you my love. I can inform you, that we shall have the big love very much
The good life of love about true caring love best of love to be us honey. 
I want to help you completely with a life and to show you, the love is so beautiful as the sea and coast
Go together. So that we were - works of love, and does everything, that we can have a life of good cape and care
And the help, I really care deeply of you my love my best friend my heart, has you in it, you have
Only the key to this all yours for the whole life and more fair you gives me hope and belief and love and
Happiness of such pleasure. 
Well I have reached to run in the house, and I shall think of you all time. I shall think of you and
Desire to be I there with you so we can be real true beautiful pair. I love you very much very much
Very much very much very much honey of it more then meaning his pure offer, caring love. Care my love
Hold my heart with you his love There with you for the whole life, our love will never go, but to grow and
Grow and grow, and grow, I love you honey, time will arrive for us my love.
I shall always feel like safe with you and in you hands, I shall be safe. 
With the big love, sincerely yours love, Galina

Subject: hi my dear!!!
From: Galina Bochevskaia <galinkka@yandex.ru
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 20:28:12 +0400

Hello my dear!!!
HOW you? WHAT plans for this weekend? I to hope that you will well waste time. I very much to miss under your letters. 
I to worry about that that you to not write to me today. I to hope that all is good.
I to hope what soon to receive your letter.
Have good day!!!

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