Possible Scammer: Gordienko Natalia

Odessa, Ukraine

Tel. - n/a

Address: Aleksandra Nevskogo str., 43/2 kv 83 Odessa Ukraine

Date Submitted: 04/25/04


I wanted to thank you again for your insight into this situation with Natalia Gordienko. This is something that I have struggled with since I ceased communicating with her last June. You not only confirmed my suspicions but proved that they were correct. There is much to my story and I will keep it as brief as possible. I hope it will help others not to get scammed. My story is as follows:

In December of 2003 I began communicating with Natalia Gordienko through A Foreign Affair. In my first letter to her I inquired as to why at 29 she had never been married. In the letter she stated that although men were easy to meet she never met any that were husband material. We corresponded for a few months and then I told her that I was going to fly to Odessa to meet her. In April 2004 I flew to Odessa using A Foreign Affair. Up to that point we were e-mailing each other about every two days. I did have some concerns about meeting her due to the fact that she was not very inquisitive about my life but I attributed it to cultural differences and her wanting to see if we had chemistry. She met me at the airport and we began spending time together. At dinner that night she confessed that she had been divorced. I inquired as to why she got divorced and she stated that she had been married for 7 years and divorced for one year and she divorced him because he cheated on her and he was an alcoholic. She explained that she wanted to tell me this in person. At that point I should have broken it off but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. We spent the next several days together. I arrived on a Thursday and by Saturday I met her mother. What was interesting about this was that in her letters she stated that her mother lived with her but when I was there I discovered that her mother lived in another apartment. As I have discovered this was one of the many lies she told me. She even went to the extent of lying about the type of music she liked. She also told me that she was involved in real estate. In her letters she indicated that she was a manager in a company that bought and sold apartments and buildings. When I arrived she stated that she was one of the owners of the company and that she had gotten the money from her ex-husband when they divorced. She stated that she had two partners. As my time in Odessa neared its end we discussed the possibility of her coming the United States. It was at this point I was floored. I told her that I would need a copy of her divorce certificate and she indicated that she could not provide it because she was not divorced. I told her at that point in time that I could no longer see her and told A Foreign Affair about my experience. They immediately put her on their scam list (by the way they do nothing with this list- they do not publish it for everyone to see). They notified her after I left that she had been put on the scam list and she was very upset. Like an idiot I contacted her when I returned and had a phone call interpreted by Tonya Adams (the wife of the owner of A Foreign Affair). We attempted to work through the issues and to sum up what happened was that AFA removed her from their site (Removed per Request) until she provided a divorce certificate. In a conversation with Tonya after our call with Natalia she indicated that she believed Natalia and that she thought she was a "good girl." As a result of Tonya's "blessing" I continued my correspondence with Natalia. Natalia indicated that she filed for divorce and that I was the future man in her life. After I ceased communicating with Natalia I did contact AFA again and told them what happened. They denied what Tonya told me but did put her back on their scam list. Natalia's ID number through AFA is 55180. Interestingly enough I did spot her on UkraineBride.net and she listed herself as single once again. I informed them about her and they removed her from their site.

As time went on she mentioned her sick grandfather once again. She mentioned him in her first e-mail to me but I ignored it. She stated that he needed to go to Kiev for treatment and she wanted to take him but wanted to find a way that would not costs her any money. I was that way. I gave her some money for airfare. Shortly thereafter she took a vacation to Crimea and stayed at a four star hotel. I guess it was a vacation on me. What was very interesting was that towards the end of our correspondence she indicated that she made $5000-$10,000/month in her business. If so, then why would she need to find a way to take her grandfather to Kiev at no cost?

As I began to inquire more into her life (as one usually does when you are seeking a relationship with someone) she began to get more and more aggressive. She mentioned that one of her friends had recently returned from the US to visit and she was very upset over what she had heard. Her friend told her that her husband would not provide medical care for her and her child nor would he let her spend any money. I inquired where this woman lived in the U.S. but Natalia never answered my question. As a result of the issue with her friend, Natalia needed to be certain that I would provide for her. She began stating that she regularly spent $500 on shoes and $800 on dresses. This conflicted with the what she said when I was there. In fact, she wore the same outfit twice within 3 days. Within a week I went from the future man in her life to her stating that she did not trust anyone and she was sorry if it offended me. I was a little taken back by this and assured her that I would be able to provide for her. As our correspondence neared its end she even went to the point of asking what my disposable income was and how much could she spend of it. I told her that I believe her to be a scammer and that I believed her husband was in on it. The only response I received was that I offended her. Thanks to Elena I now have closure on this issue. Natalia never had the intention of coming to America because she never divorced her husband.

I had many signals to point to the fact that Natalia Gordienko was/is a scammer. I ignored them for several reasons. First, I wanted to believe the stories that the agencies tell you about these women. Second, I attributed some of them to cultural and language differences. Third, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because I was told that I have been too hard on women in the past and never gave them a chance. My advise is to trust your gut instinct about these women. There are many good ones but some that are very bad. If you think there is something wrong then there is more than a good chance that there is a reason for your concerns.

Elena, I will have to scan the first letter I received from Natalia. I will do this when I am back in the office tomorrow.

Thanks again for all of your help. 

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