Gorshkova Olga

Ulyanovsk, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: Russia Ulyanovsk Komsomolskaia street,76-sq. 138, Russia 426900

Email: lapochkal@inbox.ru  olga_sun77@mail.ru  olgunia_288@mail.ru 

DOB: 25.12.77

Submitted: 12/15/05

Name: Olga Gorshkova.
Address: Russia Ulyanovsk Komsomolskaia street,76-sq. 138,Russia 426900
DOB: 25.12.77
Email addresses: lapochkal@inbox.ru  olga_sun77@mail.ru  
Web sites: faceparty.com girlsdateforfree.com 

The address she gave me is a false address as I have already tried to send a letter to her,but it came back returned to sender.Not surprised about that.
She was last in contact with me about two weeks ago,when she asked me for 280USD for her visa she claimed was waiting for her to collect or else she would loose it.
Unfortunatley I forgot ot back up some of my data and have lost the Emails from her and to her.I had some of the photos she had sent me on a seperate disc,so I have attached them for you.
This girl/bloke/whatever is to my belief a scammer,she/he must be brought to attention of your website so that others can be well warned of her.

Thanks for the good work.


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