Konopleva Anna

(aka Alica from Kirovograd, Ukraine)

Moscow, Russia

Tel. - n/a

Address:  Bulvar Chavaina 19 flat 390 Kirov

e-mail: alisan22@pisem.net 

DOB: Aug 22

Dear Elena,

I would like to report to you about a scammer Anna Konopleva from Moscow. She has a profile listed at Dating letters under the name of Anna Konopleva( ID# S647129) where she is 20 years old. She also has a profile listed at Matchdoctor (Alisa22) where she is now 22 years old and lives in Kirovograd, Ukraine. Her e-mail address is alisan22@pisem.net and her DOB is August 22nd.

I was not able to get her address, as I have not heard back from her after several requests of trying to get it. She also did not get a chance to ask for money yet but did mention in her letters about how tough it is in Ukraine financially, how the men are all alcoholics, the rents are extremely high and how her friend with 3 children did not get paid for almost 5 months. She also did not answer any of the questions that I asked which is another red flag that she is a scammer. She was obviously setting me up for her scam and would be requesting money for something as all scammers do eventually. Please add her to your scammer list as she has all of the markings of a scammer.


S. H. ( Scam Hunter )


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Profile for Alisa22


Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Seeking: Serious relationship, Marriage
Location: Kirovograd, Ukraine
Height: 5'6 (168cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52kg)
Race: Other
Body Type: Slim
Smoking: Don't smoke
Drinking: Drink socially
Religion: Christian
Children: No children
Education: Some College

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How would you describe yourself?
I about myself shall not write. That the man which will become interested in me, learns about me from correspondence

Describe the person you would like to meet.
I like the men of mature age, kind, tender, generous and financially independent.


Subject:  Hello John !
From:   alisan22 <alisan22@pisem.net>
Date:  Fri, 19 Apr 2002 09:11:23 +0300

Hello John ! It is very pleasant, that you have become interested
in me and haswritten to me.My present name Lilia. To me 22 years, I
was not marriage and I do not havechildren though I very much would
like them to have. I very much love children. My birthday of August 22
. I can not write to you much about myself, therefore that it not
decently. But I can tell you one, that I very much love to prepare and
to carry out all home work. For me it, as speak in my country, not in
burden and in pleasure. I work in shop, I the seller of cosmetics for
the men and women. Me very much to like my work. Dialogue with the
people me very much to like. I very much would like to meet such man,
which is able to love, to care of the woman and About the family. The
men of our country, have overlooked about that that is necessary to
care of the family and have shifted all on fragile shoulders the
women. I do not want to have such family. I want to leave in marriage
once and for all, divorce not for me. For me most important in the
man, is kindness, caress, courage. I know that the Internet not the
best place for acquaintance, but I have decided to try. And I think
what not simply , you see you have written to me and you can that the
man about which I dreamed all life and probably that that soon we
shall together. Anyway it would be desirable. My family not large. I
have a lot of cousins and sisters, but is not present native. I at the
parents one and they strongly love me. Sometimes to me their care even
has bothered , but is separate conversation. I very much love them
too. I shall not write to you much in this letter. I hope for that
that you were not disappointed in me and will write to me. Please,
send me the photo. Only if it is possible not in the large format, as
and difficultly badly works for us the Internet to accept the letter
of the large size. Write to me I shall be glad.



Subject:  Dear John !
From:  alisan22 <alisan22@pisem.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 09:48:39 +0300

Dear John ! The thank for your photo, me is very pleasant to
receive your photo and I think that now you always will be with me. So
it is pleasant, that you were not disappointed in me and has written
to me again. That I can to you tell about myself still. I very much
love to be engaged in sports. 2 times per one week I go in an exercise
room. It for me both rest and entertainment. I very much love romantic
supper at candles, but only with the favourite man. My favourite
colour dark blue, mine favourite flower- a camomile. When begin in the
market to sell these flower I constantly I buy them. My mum sometimes
comes in a shock from them amount . You me excuse, but I am not able
to write the letters, and to that still very experience much for that
that that that not so I shall write also you me not correctly will
understand. Mine English good. At school and in a school I always had
rating 5, and now I think 4. I write you the letters and I think that
you understand that that I write you. Yes, I have overlooked I very
much I love animals. At me is cat it call Senya. I live together with
the parents. It is better to me to live together with them than to pay
mad money for an apartment, which I shall remove. Please, write to me
more about the country. It is very interesting to me. I always dreamed
to go abroad. But unfortunately, saw her only on TV. I shall not write
to you much about the country, because about it know all. It certainly
beautiful country, but probably not the good man corrects by this
country. Because could finish her up to poverty. The people at us were
divided on poor and rich, much very much much at all that to eat. I
can not on it look. I live in the house and we have woman at which
husband alcogolic and at it 3 children. She one works in family and 5
months not gain the salary. I help to this family, certainly than can.
I sometimes bring by him products or old clothes. And they are very
glad even to this I has helped large but unfortunately I can not. The
prices for all on products on the rent simply mad. Well all about the
country. I very love beautifully to put on. I not have a lot of things
but all decent, at least they like me. Dear! I want that you were
sincere with me. Very important that now between us there was a mutual
understanding and trust. I do not love to deceive and I do not love
when deceive me. Many conversations go on that as sometimes act with
the women on the Internet, and I do not want to be among these women.
You excuse that I can in one letter write all that would not be
desirable, answer all questions. I can not as today send you the
photo, because I go in the Internet of cafe and me it sometimes not
from pocket. I think that you will understand me. Write to me I shall
be very glad and write to me more about itself and life.