Lapteva Alla

Madison TN USA

Tel: not specified

Address: not specified

Email: isulla2005@yahoo.com; lla7575@gawab.ru

DOB: not specified

Submitted: 11/24/05

I have been exchanging e-mails for a couple months originating from American singles. She was listed as living in Madison TN. I see she is currently on AS as allocka75 in Madison,TN. I have e-mailed the service about this, they are closed til Friday 11/25 for phone calls. I will be following up with a call this Sat 11/26.I wired her $400 to help her return to US and start work supposedly 11/29 at Comfort Inn in Nashville by Opryland. She had me call 615-866-4385 to talk to her "friend", which I did. I tried to call this # again today and it is "non-functioning". 

Her e-mail addy is kisulla2005@yahoo.com and another she started with on the American Singles website. think it was alla7575@gawab.ru . Her is one of her e-mails from 11/3/05 about going to Russia to "help" her friend:

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Hello my lovely Paul. I am very glad to see as always your new letters
in mine email because I as always very much missed under your letters
and very glad, that you so quickly could answer me my new letter. But
I want to apologize at once before you, my lovely Paul, for my such
long absence, but simply I was very much busy these days funeral of
the father of my best girlfriend. Simply my girlfriend - the unique
person who could organize funeral of her father and she could wait for
the help only from us, from her girlfriends, I was therefore simply
obliged to help her with this funeral. Therefore I to think, that you
can forgive and understand me (and I to apologize, that then has not
written to you my promised letter on Monday, but I really was very
much busy this funeral). I till now cannot really believe, that I, at
last, have met the man in Interent which could grow fond really
sincerely. I now really to understand, what the love does not know
borders, whether not so my lovely Paul? I recently only and to think,
that only about you, my lovely Paul. I to go to bed and always before
dream to recollect you and to dream of us. I am sure, that I would be
glad to see your relatives, sight of your district and, certainly,
you, my love. But the main thing, would be desirable me, that you were
always near to me. I also would like to go with you in a wood on small
picnic if certainly it would be possible. I to think, that we could
make and learn much about the friend the friend during our meeting in
a reality. Thank for your very much stimulating romantic dreams, it
would be simply fine, if is fair, if once in the near future such our
dreams have come true. Therefore I want to set to you again my
question: you Would like, Paul, and there could be you me last decade
November? Really it is very important for me to know it. Simply at me
now such situation, that I recently called to my girlfriend in TN in
Medison and learned how affairs on my work are, and she has told to
me, that I need to leave already on my workplace on November, 25.
Therefore I should be already in Medison on November, 24 to come to
work. And I now to be engaged in search of an apartment for purchase
for my family and I can not while to find the necessary apartment
suitable for me under the price. Though my American visa available,
and I can depart in USA at any moment, but only I should buy in the
beginning an apartment for my family. Therefore I shall search now for
an apartment for purchase quickly and urgently, and at once as I shall
buy an apartment, I shall depart in USA. Therefore my offer to you,
Paul, such: that on a way in Medison I could come to you for some
days, and we could spend together time. Ok? Because I all the same
need to be in Medison already on November, 24, and I simply could
leave earlier Moscow for some days and come to you that we could
better learn each other and understand our feelings to each other, my
loved Paul. You like such variant of our fast meeting in a reality?
Please, answer me this question because it is very important for
knowing for me. By the way, thank for your new photos, these photos of
the nature are simply surprising and fine, I to think, that really in
the future we can visit these places together.

On it I to finish my letter and I want to tell to you, my love, that
yours only the right to trust or to not trust me concerning my
feelings to you, but know, that not looking on anything I really very
much have become attached to you and to feel in my heart to you huge
sympathy to you, therefore I very much want to meet you. Also I want
to tell, that I do not hurry at all, my loved Paul, I simply do not
want to miss chance to feel once again happy... I very much to miss
and I wait for your new letter with the big impatience. Please,
seriously consider my question on our meetings at you. I to kiss you
and to think of you. And I to send you a photo of my city in Russia
and my son.


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