Lebedeva Galina

Samara, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: street Michurina 57-65 Samara Russia

Email:  oiurghokjgj@nerdshack.com 

DOB: 27 y.o

Submitted: 12/04/05

I was contacted on myspace.com, below I will paste the letters and I will attach the pictures that were sent to me. In a letter I said I was not a rich man, and suddenly the letters from this person immediately stopped. 

The letters slowly led up to wanting to talk on the phone but not haveing money to pay for phone service, esp. in the last 2 letters. I looked thru Russian Federations myspace.com postings and found three listings using pics of this girl, using the same name--Lebedeva Galina. I could not find these pics on your lists on your website--they may be new ones for you. 

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First contact on myspace.com

My name is Galina
I read your profile and you have interested me
You differ from the others the originality. You always such original?
To me of 27 years, I work as the manager in small firm.
I like a rest and relax under classical music.
I always searched for that unique and unique person who will fill my life 
with happiness and pleasure.
I am now lonely. If you want to continue acquaintance write to me.
I shall look forward to hearing from you to mine
e-mail: oiurghokjgj@nerdshack.com 
I shall be very glad, if you will send the answer today!


1st email reply to my letter:

Hello Duane!!!
It is pleasant for me that you have written to me!!! I waited for your letter
I was interested your profile and I am confident that you very good
person. I hope that we become good friends.
It is very interesting to me to correspond with you. I very much would
would like to know you better.
I search for Long time of the partner in life. Reliable and kind the
man, Serious and tender.
I want to tell to you more in detail about myself, I shall try to to
speak about itself it is detailed,
I hope that you can easily understand my English (to you likely
difficultly to read my English)
Though I always at school and university knew English perfectly well,
but itself never had practice in dialogue!
I hope that distance for true friendship not a handicap! I want to be friends of you!
More in detail about me:
My full name Lebedeva Galina.
I studied at usual school of city Samara. After I have left school I
started to study at the Samara state University as Faculty of economy and management!!!
It was fine time!!!! And I always with a smile recollect student's years!!!
Now I three years as do not study at university and I work in branch of
the large Russian company.
I since the childhood dreamed to be the the manager, as my mum, and
after leaving school have gone to economic university.
University I has finished am excellent. I liked to study sciences and I
always pleasure recollect student's years.
After six years training I for a long time could not find work in my
city as the operational experience everywhere was required.
I have been compelled to be arranged for work in small firm for small
wages and to work there.
I work as the manager in the firm engaged in wholesale trade. We sell
food stuffs to shops.
My work consists in going shopping cities, to offer them the goods, and
to conclude contracts on delivery from our firm of food stuffs in shop.
Right now, when I have constant well - paid work I started to reflect on the private life.
If I am not mistaken you now are lonely as well as I????
Whether I ask you as I want to know for certain you are open for the further attitudes!
I would like to be your friend. I am open for attitudes with you.
I had the friend during four years. We studied with it together at one
university and in one group,
but on coincidence of circumstances I have been compelled to leave him.
I do not regret about our separation and only I hope that in the future
I will shall find the person which will fond of me,
the person ready to lead all life with me on any vital difficulties.
I write to you about myself and about the private life in detail that
you had real representation about me.
I write about myself in detail and I hope that you also write in detail about you
Now, when the life varies daily, very difficultly find the person which
could to understand and help friendly council.
Now, when I write to you, I at all do not know, whether you will answer
my letter, but I hope that you receive this letter.
I shall wait for your letter back!
In our life the most important family and love!!! You agree with me???
I am confident that for a happy and fine life it is necessary to search
for second half, the love!!!
I do not present myself a life in loneliness.
Now I shall finish the letter.
I shall look forward to news from you!

Also I send you my photo! I have made this photo recently.
I shall be glad to see your photos.

If you wish to find out about me do not hesitate and ask.
I shall answer all your questions.




2nd letter to me

Hello Duane
How are you doing my friend, i am very happy to read your a mail.
It is pleasant for me to realize that you think of me, I am glad that
you could to understand me.
I have very big desire to start a new life. A happy life!
I am hoping to search someone special with whom I can live out the rest
of my life in peace and harmony and love.
Last year in the life I feel very lonely... But I do not sit at home...
I search to myself occupation.
At a leisure I like to go on occupations of aerobics, it gives to vital
energy, and strengthens health.
As I like to read books. Last book which I have read, it is Bulgakov's
novel "the Master and Margarita".
You heard about such book? It is very interesting novel, I advise you to read him.
In my house frequently there are children of my friends more often children Marina,
girlfriends from which I write to you!It is very pleasant when there
are such small, clever and reliable friends.
Children come in my house with the huge problems (for example very much
to like one boy the girl with which he sits at a lesson,
But he is afraid to talk to her and hesitates even to look at
her.Children wait from me for the help and I try to help them than I can.
It is the surprising fact, but children Marina speak me much more than mum!!!
After conversation with children I frequently recollect the childhood... Fine carefree time.
I recollect the children's naive dreams and experiences.You can
recollect yourselves in the childhood? The first love... It was fine..?.
Children wait from me for the help and I try to help them than I can.
I love children and children love me.
I live In city Samara. It approximately in the center of Russia. It
is very beautiful city. To me very much to like here!
I live in the street Michurina 57-65.
Also I like to travel, but my travel are limited only to movement
across Russia.I cannot dare to travel much.
My girlfriend has left to live for Germany and recently I visited her.
I was struck with her family. They live with the husband in the big
house and are very happy.
Her husband constantly looks after her and does pleasant surprises..
Probably in I shall move to live in the European country... But it only dreams.
I have lit up strong desire to change the life!
In Russia it is difficult to find worthy and cultural the man.
With the some people in general there is nothing what to speak.
My girlfriend has left Russia for Germany 1999 but I could visit her only the last year.
I planned to lead this summer to Germany, but now I can not tell confidently.
I really feel very lonely here in Russia.
Unique entertainment for me here it to go on a visit to my girlfriend.
She is more senior than me for three years, but she for me is the friend.
We with her very different people but understand each other from a half-word!
She has for example married in 20 years and now happily lives with Andy. (It is her husband)
Sergey the fine person and as is not enough such men!
She is the girlfriend has advised me to search to itself for the man in the Internet.
I could find with the help of the Internet many men in my city, but
they at all do not involve me.
I am attractive to many men, but the majority of men are rough, or changeable in attitudes.
My mum gave a lot of attention to my education and I am not capable to go now somewhere with the stranger.
It seems to me that low!
Looking through yours profil I have felt in you kindness and it very much was pleasant to me!
Sometimes when I meet the stranger to me it seems that I know him very much for a long time.
And when I have seen you I have similar feeling. You feel ever similar feeling???
When I read yours profil I have felt that you very close to me.
I have understood that you are capable to understand me and always ready to listen to me.
Many men want from me only sex, and women envy my beauty...
For me the friendship and understanding is the most important in family attitudes.-And still sex:)
But for me the most important feeling - love, friendship and mutual respect!!!!
I open before you the soul and I hope that you will understand me.
I want to be happy and sincerely I hope that you will be to me the good
friend. You can also not hesitating to tell in detail about yourselves.
I shall try to understand you!!!
In fact the distance between us does us by more frank.
I do not know why I write to you all about myself. I even with the
girlfriend did speak less than to you have told in this letter.

I shall stop the given letter to not tire you reading.
Tell to me about that where you work? How you spend the day?
Take care i love you, please let me have contact number so i can call you soon.
At present I cannot give you number of my phone as I have no a
SIM-card, but I plan to buy it next week.
So we can phone not earlier than in a week.

It is very pleasant for me to hear that you want to print my photos!!!
Certainly I not against if you will print them!!!
I send you new photos. Sincerely I hope that you will like they.
I frequently with the girlfriend walk on evening city.You love evening city?
But sometimes I want to visit the sea. I was on the sea only one time many years back.
Sometimes I present as perfectly to sit on seacoast and to admire a surf....
This feeling cannot be described.... Calmness rest and feeling of flight...
At least so it seems to me.
Write fine and long letters!
I shall look forward to hearing from you!!!

Say hello to your friends, and everybody surround you.

Yours Ever


3rd letter to me:

My friend Duan!
I am happy to see yours the letter today.
Many thanks for your photo!!! It is excellent!!!
I very much like to look at your photo. You have a remarkable smile.
Your smile very much speaks about much. I see that you very kind person!
At you also remarkable eyes. You right eyes, this mirror oppress!!!
I very much regret that could not write to you earlier.
The computer of my girlfriend suffered failure. It has been struck with a virus.
I understand in computers a little, but I heard about computer viruses much.
But now I am very glad that I again can to write to you!!!
Let me to name you the friend as I am happy to see your letters.
Sincerely I hope, that you also are capable to name me the friend!!!
I am glad that you want to speak with me!!! I too very much want to talk to you!!!
Our unique way to talk, is a phone conversation!!!
I would like to talk to you on a computer, but after a virus the
girlfriend more will change nothing on a computer!!!
Also I have no web the chamber and a microphone, but I think that we can soon speak by phone!!!
I know that I shall receive the premium on my work in two weeks! I also
know that it will be very small premium. But I think that I shall find a way to speak by with you to phone!!!
SIM card-it is a card with which help I can call to you from cellular phone.
I am sure that we shall to have telephone conversation because I very much want it!!!

How in you weather? Hot??? In us today, very much a sunny day!!! In
such days we with the girlfriend like to go in the river, about fountains.
In solar fountains of days very beautiful!!! In air rainbows sparkle!!!
I very much like to look at a rainbow!!!
You love a rainbow? It is very beautiful!!!! Anyhow I shall necessarily
send you a photo of these fountains. Trust me, it is very beautiful!!!!
Usually for travel I use a bicycle. The gift as receives the blessing
also it is fine to bathe in such high temperature in cool and virgin pure water.
This lake amazes me with cleanliness!!! Depth of this lake reaches 25 meters,
But thus it is possible to see easily from a surface the basis of lake!!!!
You saw ever similar lake? I am happy to do small travel!!!
If I would live in other country with higher standard of living, I
necessarily travelled all over the world.
I envy people which can travel all over the world.
I would dream to visit Egypt and to look at the big pyramids, Rome and
to look old centuries temples,
Paris - the Louvre, South America also would study Maya cultures, But
unfortunately I live in Russia, and I cannot travel somewhere...
I would like to leave from city even within one month and to live a free life.
I would like to enjoy freedom and to not think about something, if not rest...
Today I have fine day. Your letter has made my mood even better. I am involved with our acquaintance.
When I have written to you, I thought, that we shall be with you good friends.
But also and I search not, only friendship, my soul and my heart want
to love, and I want to make whom - that (I am not yet confident who it) happy.
I very sincere person, and the majority of people do not understand it!!! I only openly express feelings!!!
My soul is always open for others!!! My soul is always open For Friends!!!
Our correspondence allows me to learn better you and your culture.
Yes, write, if you will not complicate, are more detailed about you
culture, it is very interesting to me.
That I know all about your country, I have learned, basically, from TV.
I very much love jazz music, you love a jazz? And Classical music?
To me it is very similar Classics German classical music of the Renaissance.
But from music I most of all like to listen Chayovsky and Bethoven. At
a leisure I like to play on a piano.
From a life I have devoted eleven years to music, game on a piano!
I play on a piano since fourteen years.
My personal products all like. I very much want to receive a piano,
Now I try to save above on money, and, it is possible, that in a
semester I can enjoy game!!!
When I can write down songs to send you, will necessarily send by e-mail.

Today I again went on city park. Day was very solar and warm.
I liked to sing from birds, game of the sun,
I was absolute, and it not anybody, I should speak. I thought of you,
thought of a life, about the future.
It not anybody of me, should divide feelings and sensations. I some
hours have gone on park and enjoyed calmness and silence.
In my soul all flaring Feeling of freedom more urgently and more
urgently, Sometimes it seems to me, that I fly highly in the sky.

The photo which I send you, I has made in my city in park.
I would like to send you a photo of me on the river, there the big
fountains, but I have no any chamber,
This photo has been made by my girlfriend during walk on city!

Yours Galina.


4th letter to me:

Hello Duane!
My friend!!! I am grateful to destiny that she has allowed us to find each other!!!
The god has specified to us a way and we go on this way.
I am glad to read your mail, your letters do me more happily.
I very quickly get used to people and you for me already much more than simply familiar!
Tell little bit more in detail about itself, about the parents, friends.
Tell to me about the interests how you like to spend time?
I am happy to acquaintance to you and I am interested with your life and your interests!
Forgive that I set to you these questions, I like you! I want to find out you well.
You also can ask me any questions and I shall necessarily answer you.
I in my life have devoted the long period to the education and now my
ideas are devoted to my future! My private life!
I now dream of a small and cosy small house behind city, or even in
city, but the small house should be necessarily cosy.
I want children!!! I many times imagined as perfectly to have children, Cheerful and cheerful!!!
My girlfriend from which I now write you this letter have given birth
to three and she speaks me that I did not hurry up.
But I disagree with it. In fact we are given birth to give a life to to children!
I live to make only this world better!!!
You want children? I very much want! But I want to provide completely
children and I want that they never had lack of!!!
When I the child my mum could not provide me with necessary things.
I wish children of happier and safe life.
Now I rent this room almost two years and very much I hope to replace a residence.
My parents live nearby in a small small town, but there I could not
find work and consequently I live a room in Samara
My parents live in Savino. It is small small town on our surburb republic.
My mum has worked all life at school the teacher of the literature, And
I have decided to go on its stops.
Now my mum on pension, but continues to teach the literature.
The given letter can turn out very long and about myself I shall write
more in detail in the subsequent letters.
I would like to speak with you by means of Yahoo or any other programs,
but PC my girlfriend does not allow it.
She uses PC for work and allows me to check my mail only.
If I would have the PC I have tried to do Yahoo,- but I have no PC.
I like to receive from you long and substantial letters.
I would like to talk about our attitudes I want to learn you better!!!
I feel that you true the man, you to me very much, very much like.
In the letters I am very frank and I wait for reciprocity...
I hope We are waited with very long friendship!!!
If you have desire that we can see each other...
I have made these photos this summer ! These photos are surprising!
They display my mood now!
I love spring!!! Spring my most favourite season!
I want that these photos always were near to you!!!
I hope for your prompt reply.
I with impatience shall wait your for the letter.

Love allways your friend Galya.


5th letter:

Hello my friend Duane!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. From your letter I see, that I
and you know each other more and more.
I'm happy, that I have met you, I happy that you in my thoughts all the day.
I am happy to read your letter. How do you do? How mood? I think, that at you all is good.
I want it very strongly.
I shall pray God that you'll healthy and happy, that me and you maybe, have a meeting :-)).
I want to tell you, that my heart begin to beat more often when I think of you.
I want to feel you, your gentle sight, your smile, your hands. I so need your warm and care and I think, that
I ask not so much.
I search pure love and romanticism in mutual relations.
I like, when all is beautiful, fine, gentle and romantic!!! Desire to
have the family, the loved person beside, feeling care and constant
support in difficult minute, to what to aspire each person in a life and I too.
I'm 27 years old, and I not have, about what to speak you. I was near
to happiness in the past, but my heart has been
broken. I should trust the person with whom I shall be all life. To
trust everyone his to a word, gesture, a sight, a smile.
In the world now so it is a lot of meanness and a deceit that is
necessary to concern to people which to surround you
very attentively. I dont speak you, that is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone,
just necessary to know the person so that to be completely confident in
him. I know you not for a long time, but I can tell, that you very fair and open
and it very much involve me and allow to believe, that I can love and be loved!!!
My parents learn me since the childhood, that I should be always open.
I tell to mum, that our mutual relations to develop successfully, and she is happy for us.
She dream, that I, at last, there be not one, and have family.
We are far apart. But it does not prevent our dialogue.
Though I already thought, that through the Internet it is not
absolutely enough dialogue to understand each other more strongly.
What do you think of it? I would like to see you.
But I do not know how it probably, because we very much far apart. You like me and I think,
that our mutual relations can be deeper. I do not know how to explain it words. I simply feel it.
Your letters make my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul. I think, that sometime me with you shall meet.
I would like to arrive to you, to meet you, to look, how you live.
I want it because I start to understand, that between us appear something the greater,
than the friendship, it seems to me, that this feeling of trust each other,
it seems to me, that it is love, it's seems to me, that you too feel
it. I now very much want to talk about you!
I so want to share with you pleasure personally when I see your eyes and a smile, I am glad of that.
I want to see your pleasure and share it with you.
I want to know, what make you happy? And I shall try, that everything, that I make was the present happiness for you.
Please, give me chance to make it!!!
Let me chance again to know how to be loved and loving woman.
I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of you each minute!
your friend Galya.

next letter:

Dear my friend Duane.
I missed your letters. I get used to you and looked forward to hearing from you.
You the remarkable person and such people as you very little.
This luck is valid that we have got acquainted, at least for me,
I very much hope that you well understand my English.
I can well read on English and I can well write on English, but I am
not confident that I can to speak well on English.
I never spoke with person for whom the English language is native.
If we when or shall meet, and now I am interested in our meeting, I want to know English perfectly.
But even if we when or shall meet, I hope that we can freely communicate with you.
I even wanted to take individual lessons of colloquial English,
I have found under the announcement the teacher of the English
language. he has lived 9 years in the USA and realizes this Language.
But he (it was the man) has refused to train me for that modest sum of
money which I could offer him.
Really your country such country that all who in her lives thinks only of money?
Or, probably,he such was born, to save only money. What for?
What he refuses the happiness for the sake of money?
When I talked to him to me it seemed that he is very lonely and has no friends.

If I would have so much money I have engaged in charity, or would go round all world!!!
But anyhow I have decided to study in colloquial English later. I would like to speak with you!
This letter can appear very big, but I sincerely hope that you without
effort can understand my English!
You well understand my letters? I can write less though,
I am not capable to express in the short letter completely the ideas and feelings.
I shall send you still a photo with this letter and in the answer I wait for your new photos.
Duane, we shall conclude the small friendly agreement:
As we is far and are unable to meet now, Let's send each other a photo in each letter!
We can communicate with you only by means of mail and consequently We
should make your letters even better: send a photo.
You very nice person and you like me.
I would like to speak by with you to phone but now my cellular telephone does not work.
It is a sad history: I have phone which does not work, and the outstanding credit in bank.
I very much wanted good phone but when I bought it I did not think as I shall pay the credit.
The next month I plan to pay completely the credit, and I shall start
to think as though it to sell more expensively : )
I shall try to include my phone, or if I shall enough have money, I
shall call you from the phone - automatic.
And still I think that by phone all is impossible to tell that is on soul and on heart.
One minute of conversation with you costs 60 roubles, or 2 American dollars.
If I could call to you free-of-charge I would not depart from phone and would talk to you hours.
If I would be in the USA you have allowed to arrive to your house, for one day?
I wish to look as you live and as spend time.
Yes, it only dreams...
If we would be a together... If we could reach the friend the friend a hand...
I am completely confident that between the man and woman there is an invisible and inexplicable communication.
And this supreme force connects people in a single whole and even on
distance can person know that occurs to loved.
Who knows as though there could be our attitudes if we were beside.
We could enjoy affinity each other.
To me very difficultly correctly to express the feelings and ideas so
forgive me if I shall write ambiguously.
I would like to speak to go in restaurant and to have supper. Or at cinema.
It would be fine. I very much for a long time did not go to cinema with the man.
I love practically all genres of films, especially I like adventures.
i very much like the trilogy " the Lord of rings " , And to you?
You love what films, whether Frequently you go to cinema?
Whether frequently you visit restaurants? What your favourite foodstuffs.
And know, I never was at good restaurant,
When I studied at university that I with friends went to student's cafe.
You know that students never have enough money, or in you students are rich?
And after university I had no good the friend with whom would wish to visit what or a romantic place.
Certainly me frequently invited, but not I was very timid.

You the fine person and when I read your letters to me seems that I am
ready to go with you everywhere. I BELIEVE YOU.
I still want to tell about much to you, But I am compelled to finish the letter,
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Always yours Galya!




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