Yaroslavl, Russia

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Email: liliya1@yahoo.com 

DOB: 15th of July 1975

Submitted: 11/10/05


my name is michael, i browse some webistes like adultfriendfinder.com and its sister sites, and i was contacted by  woman named liliya from yaroslavl, now i cant remember exactly because she has been booted from the site and any emails she sent their were deleted, but im pretty sure she sent me an email without ever viewing my profile, and her profile on the site im pretty sure was misrepresented. she gave me her yahoo address liliya1@yahoo.com (and i am reporting it to them) and told me to email her there, and the ensuing emails fit some of the descriptions
mention on your site, as soon as i asked her for a picture holding a current local paper with a sign that said hi mike, i might have gotten one more email and when i persisted that was it. i am attaching the pics she sent me, i couldnt attach the emails so i just copy and pasted them at the bottom. i also attached the header info from one of her emails that shows the ip address where she logged on. thank you

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Hi Mike!
Thank you very much that you answer my letter. I saw your profile on
add. I do not know exactly what I liked, your profile
or your description
but I decided to write to you and nobody else. I
hoped that you will answer, I check my mail
and at last it is happened. I think that you 
want to know more about me? Ok I tell you about me but not all at once. 
At first I want to tell you that my name is Liliya. I live in Yaroslavl, 
which is situated in the central part of Russia.
I am 30 years old. My birthday is 15th of July 1975 Year. I will be 31. 
It is the age when everybody should be defined in life. 2 years ago I
with the girlfriend 
went to America on the worker the visa in USA. Worked there one month 
as waiters in cafe, I do not remember now what name.
The half tried to find, but has not found.
I tried to find my one man in Russia, to get acquainted with men but
nothing was happened maybe because russian
men have such mentality. They want just to be 
drunk and to get some women to bed and then any warm word. I just tired 
to search and my
friend advised me acquaintances through the Internet. 
I have never tried before to use Internet but I decided to do it. But 
if I will can to find my one man who will love me really and with 
whom I can create a family. You see destiny such unpredictable. Nobody 
knows where find and where loose. Do you agree with me? I heard that 
american men are very kind and sociable and they respect woman like 
personality. Is it true?
I like american men for their patriotism, for the good relation to the 
family and to the children. I do not know what american woman need for 
full happiness when near are such men!!! Can you explain me it? A lot of
russian woman want to meet some man
abroad but some of that man are bad and much of them 
are cheats. But how they can play on the other fellings? But It remain 
on their conscience. I apologize that I begin to tell you such things and 
not tell much about myself. But this severe things which people must 
say. I am very glad that
you write me and for your interest. If you disjoint the same point of view and want to talk to
me, write me to this mail. Ok? I will tell
you more about myself.
Your new friend Liliya.

Hi my friend Mike! I saw your structure on friendfinder.I am very glad 
to see your letter and that you
find me interesting. I go to the Internet Cafe to check my mailbox
because I do not have personal computer at home.
In our city Yaroslavl
where I live now it is very expensive and not each of the citizens can
afford to buy a computer here. I always try to find time to know if
there is a letter from you. It brings me pleasure.
I hope that you understand it. Today we have very good weather, the
sun is shining. It is very warm in the streets and it would be
desirable. And now something about myself. * And now I want to tell you
about my work and my family. My family is not very big. I have only
grandfather and grandmother. I do not have brothers and sisters. My
parents were lost in automobile accident when I was 5 years old. I
was grown by grandfather and grandmother, they are very kind
and they helped me in everything. Now I live in the
small flat,Which I rent but it
is very convenient. I always visit my grandparents, always help them
or we simply talking. And do you have a big family?
How soon do you visit them? And about my work I can tell you that I am
a seller in the shop, I sell fruits and vegetables. Though I have
high pedagogical education and I finished pedagogical institute but I
did not find the work by my specialty. It is very hard to find
the work by my speciality. And what about your work? I like my work
but I would like to work by my speciality (the teacher of junior
classes). I like children very much, talk with them, play. To enclose
a slice of heat, which I was deprived in childhood. In institute I
learnt my english very well but there is not limit of perfection and
that is why I want to learn english better. I have a hobby. My hobby
is to knit woolen jackets and coverlets. I has learned it from my
grandmother. Do you have hobby? Tell me about it. And what do you plan in
future? Also it will be pleasant for me to see your photos if it is
possible. You can ask me any questions and I will try to answer them.
Ok? If you will be busy write me please some lines. I will wait for
your letter. Your friend Liliya!

Hi my friend Mike! 
Today I came to the internet cafe and have seen your letter. It was 
joyful. I start to feel you, though you so far away. It is raining the
wind also blows,  weather is
awful. Sometimes, when I am one in an apartment, I become very alone, 
it would be desirable heat and a cosiness. But it is not present.
Sometimes it would be desirable
to hear your voice as it sounds, but it is a pity I do not have phone. 
And to put it at home, it is necessary to wait the big turn and to
pay too much  money, which I
do not have. I suppose that at you everething is allright with that. 
How are you doing? How is health? I am good. On work
everything is all right too, today were a lot of 
people and all bought fruit, there
was such feeling, that all have started a healthy way of life. I begin to think
about you, what you do, what think? I believe in destiny and trust in god,
but not so frequently go to church. It seems to me, that each person should
have a belief, the spiritual patron. Do you agree withme? It helps to 
live in our not a simple life. I want to tell you about myself:
what I look, what  I listen. Ok?
I like different music. I listen to music in different situations 
different. For example: When I fell badly I listen to classical music or cantry.
When I am cheerfull I listen pop or rok-n-rol. Cinema,
I love a  fantasy, a melodrama,
love stories, and also youth comedies, especially
American films. In them there can
be everything, unless it is not fine?? I liked it very much! I 
frequently go to the cinema or simple to the theatre on performances. And what do you
listen and look??? I saw your photo and to me have very much
liked. I to make  a photo with the newspaper and to send you later. Ok?
When I came home from work I like to prepare different dishes,
especially I love the Russian foodstuffs: various salads, pelmeni (it is
similar raviolly), borsh (soup)
and many other dishes. I prefer the foodstuffs which
has been made at home.
It is possible to prepare much and it is tasty, but I
do not have person to prepare for.
Maybe it will be you? Excuse, for the plenty of questions,
but I would like to know more about you! Well, I will stop on it. Write 
to me, I shall wait for your letter!
Your Friend Liliya!

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