Saratov, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: not specified

Email: sinichka@gawab.com

DOB: 25 years old

Submitted: 10/18/05

Dear Russian Detective,

Report attached.

I suspect that ‘Elena’ (sinichka@gawab.com) may be a scammer. She contacted me through ‘Dating Direct’, UK. ‘Elena’ has not provided her surname, phone number or address (I have not asked) and her date of birth is now unknown due to (1) below.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that she has not asked for money, but after reading numerous accounts of this kind of fraud her behaviour seems to fit a well known pattern: 

1. Original source of first contact now gone 

2. Questions in my messages are not answered

3. Personal questions from ‘Elena’ are not asked

4. Style and subject of ‘Elena’s’ messages is highly generalised 

I have been through your list of known scammer images, but cannot find ‘Elena’.

'Elena' never eventually asked for money. As an experiment, I sent her  an e-mail outlining all the reasons why I would be the worst choice of husband/father in the world. I recieved two further messages in the same style as before: happy, highly generalised and not addressing any of the 
quite serious points I had recently raised. I have not sent or received anything else.

Alex M


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Message 2

Hello Alex! It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I hope
that this letter will be the beginning of our correspondence in which
we shall learn more and more about each letter.

I think that in this letter I should tell to you a little about myself
that you had some representation about me and about my life. My name
is Elena. To me 25 years .? present time I live in very beautiful city
of Saratov, it to be on the river Volga. I work as the lawyer in a
civil engineering firm. I very much like my work, it enables me to
communicate with interesting people. I have finished the Saratov legal
academy two years back, and was happy to find this work so it has
enabled me to remain in Saratov. I was born also a vein in the Saratov
area in settlement Red Saratovec. There I have left high school, and
have then moved to study to Saratov. My native settlement too is very
picturesque place on Volga, but I always aspired to the greater as
there there is no opportunity to realize itself. My dream has come
true! Now we with the girlfriend (we studied together) who's name is
Sveta we rent an apartment in Saratov. She works as the lawyer too. We
have few free time, but we like to go to a cinema and cafe. I love
sports and I would am engaged fitnes what to behave in the form. My
growth of 170 sm and my weight of 52 kg. Also I very much like to
float, at me it well turns out.

I have parents which live in settlement. I very much love them and is
very grateful that they have brought up me the good person. As I have
the senior sister which lives in the other city. I miss on the parents
and consequently I try to find a few free time to visit them. The
family very much much means for me, and I am happy, when all of us
gather. I too very much want to have happy family. I had bitter
experience of relations. And consequently I was a little disappointed
in our Russian men. I understand, that in Russia there are worthy men,
but I am tired to spend time all for nothing because I have met few
such men and I have lost hope to find the love here. I know some girls
in Saratov to which managed to find the man of the dream thanking the
Internet. I understand them because I hope that global net will help
me to find the right man for me too. I hope, that my attempt will be

It seems to me, that now you have some representation about me and
about my life. I hope, that I could cause you interest to me. I shall
be glad to receive your following letter and we shall have an
opportunity to learn each other better. I am very sorry for my bad
English, I am trying to improve it day by day, hope you will be able
to understand what I wrote. I am sending you my photo, I hope you will
like it.

Best wishes and I'm waiting your answer in any case. 

Message 3

Hi Alex! I was very glad to receive your letter, I waited it with
anticipation! And I have decided to answer it at once. How are you
there? I hope so much your days are going wonderful and this letter
maybe will make you smile, I hope so.

Today remarkable weather! The sun since the morning shines and it
pleases all around! I too am very glad to this! How at you weather? I
want to tell that in the summer I very much like driving on a bicycle
and navigation. And in the winter I love driving on skis and on
skates. You love it? I in general very much love active kinds of
sports meets! And irrespective of a season I am engaged phitnes and
navigation (earlier I was engaged in art gymnastics, I wrote to you
about it if you remember). Also I like to look TV - programmes about
sports and to go on competitions on volleyball. I the active fan!
Still I dream to jump from a parachute and to get on Olympic games. I
shall make it sometime! And do you love sports? What kinds do you
like? I have interest about it! I like to dance, but seldom I go on
discos as I have not enough of free time and I get tired on work.
Sometimes I simply want to stay at home to prepare for something tasty
(my firm dish is Rolton), to esteem the interesting book (recently I
began to read the book E. Hamingway <A farewell to arms>, And in
general I like to read the different literature: from a fantasy up to
historical novels, the main thing that the interesting plot and deep
sense were in it. I do not love cheap love novels for this reason-
they are simply silly. Though sometimes when someone has bad mood,
they, probably, can help to distract from gloomy ideas and to charge
positive emotions. May be: And in general it is affairs of taste. And
I also very much like to read press: my favourite newspaper is <
Arguments and the facts, and favourite magazines are "Countrywoman"
("Krestyanka" in Russian). It is Russian magazine for women. And the
name is such strange because the magazine was created during the USSR
when the ideology of the state imposed to people, that symbols of
Soviet people are simple the worker and a Countrywoman. It both is
ridiculous, and sad. So much the falseness was at the USSR: But
magazine good, it not less interesting, than "Playboy"!;) If I am
houses has much put arises at me, I do not miss. But I very much do
not like to watch TV!!! No, certainly, I love interesting films, but I
prefer to look them at a cinema. (Last film which I looked at a cinema
recently, refers to "Svoi." It is our Russian film of known director
Arcady Chuhraja. In it is narrated about times of Great domestic war,
but the sense of this film can be clear only to the person who well
knows a history of the USSR. Last years in Russia began more than
talented films, our cinema develops, it pleases me!) I can look news
or sports on the TV. But fall all the day at a box (TV): Is not
present, it not for me!!! If I have nothing to engage at home, I shall
go on a visit to friends better. You like to watch TV? What you look
on the TV? I have many friends with whom we have made friends when
together studied in Academy. We till now meet and we arrange cheerful
parties, picnics on a nature, in general we have fun with all the
heart! It is healthy, when have many friends. I am sure, that if I
shall find myself in a difficult situation, they will come to me to
the aid. But most my close friend is Sveta. I call her tenderly
"Svetic." It designates? Russian <a small ray of light>. In a photo
which I have sent you I had a rest from run. We with Sveta ran in
middle of October and have met friends which have decided us to
photograph. An autumn and in the spring very much very good weather
for run and I sometimes run for maintenance of the form. And other
photo is me at home with a Dingo dog (my present on mine 20th
birthday). I will end this letter now, hope you will not be bored by
it. I wait for the letter from you and hope you will write back soon.

Message 4

Hi my dear Alex!

I am very glad to receive the letter from you.

You know, today I catched myself on thinking of you and I just want
you to know that I think of you often here already, I think we were
lucky to meet each other and I really hope we won't lose contact
because I like your letters and hope you like knowing me too.

I am in the very good mood because today my sister send me a letter by
post. My sister lives in city of Murmansk with the husband and a
daughter. Everything is great with them. Today at them a holiday - 6
years of joint life. I very much like their relations. They like and
respect each other. Their relations are based on trust, respect,
mutual understanding and the responsibility. My sister is very happy
also I am glad for her. She wants me to find my happiness too and I am
trying :)

Now I in search of the right person. I want to find the person which
would love me and would lead with me all his life. For creation a
happy family it is not necessary to find the beautiful person, you see
in the greater degree the person should have inner beauty in his soul.
I think that the family should be based on responsibility and mutual
understanding, trust and respect. While I could not find the partner
in life. Two years ago I had a relation with one guy. I loved him and
thought that he loves me. I was happy with him. But he appeared not
such what I represented him. He deceived me and betrayed to me with my
girlfriend. When I have found out to me it was very hard. It was
strong impact. I long could not find myself, you see I did not expect
from him such low act. I think that a deceit this very mean and last
business. In general in life I have not got used to a deceit, to this
I was learnt by parents. I think that the truth always better than lie
even if it is a hard trueth. Responsibility and trust - the main way
to family happiness as I think...what do you think? I want that my
future husband was not only my partner, but also my friend on which I
always could will rely and whom I could let into the secrets all and
problems. In home life there should not be division into the husband
and the wife. All: the husband, the wife, children is one family and
they should be together always, at any time. They should overcome all
problems together. I want that my husband divided with me not only the
joyful moments of the life, but also everything else like sorrows and
bad periods too. For the sake of such person I am ready to go on many
victims. For me there is no big value where to live with such person.
I could overcome the big difficulties to be with such person. Now the
most important for me to find such man for me, I know it's hard to do
but also I know that it's not impossible. Find the person which I
could entrust my life.

I frequently think of it and I come to idea that in life of each
person the biggest problem is to find the necessary person whom could
entrust the life. You see the happy family is the most important thing
in the life for me. When I think of the future life I can not present
it without the right person near me. And it seems to me that I shall
find the partner in life, I will do my best for it. Ok, I wrote enough
for now and I already should go. I scanned another few photos for you.
One is me with the flower :), the second one is black/white photo (I
don't know why by the way). I will wait for your reply so please,
write soon. Hope to hear from you soon, Elena




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