Vedernikova Ekaterina (Katya)

Chebokasry, Russia

Tel: not specified

Address: Russia, 428000, Cheboksary, user box 49

Email: katechkalove_80@yahoo.com 

DOB: July 18, 1980

Submitted: 11/29/05

My Name is Bill Weeks. I was contacted by "Ekaterina Vedernikova) or "Katya" 
on Nov 15, 2005 through the Executive Dating Website. Since then she has 
written 12 times, sent 5 photographs, and confessed my love for me with out 
ever seeing a picture of me. She has asked that I send her money for Visa.. 
The only mailing address she gives me matches a known scammer on your site 
by Elena Volkova. It does appear that she is using new photographs, as I can 
not find these anywhere else.

Name: Ekaterina Vedernikova

Address: Russia, 428000, Cheboksary, user box 49

Phone number: not known

Her e-mail address: katechkalove_80@yahoo.com 

Date of birth: July 18, 1980

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Hello Bill!

I am very glad to receive your letter!!!! Thanks to you for your
letter very large!!!! You even imagine can not, as I am strong
is glad to receive from you the letter now. Let me to tell about itself. I Russian girl. Yes, I really Russian girl, I have written in
profile that I from other country that me have permitted to be the
member of this site, that me would permit to find love. 

I know, that many Russian girl leave for other countries to be happy. I have decided it to try too. If I it have not made, me simply would not give an opportunity to be the member of this site. I hope that you
understand me correctly. So, I very much would want you to tell about

My name Katya. I live in Russia, city Cheboksary. This city to be
on a coast Volga. This city to be in western part of Russia and at a
great distance from Moscow. My birthday of July 18, 1980. I want to
you to say, that I have ended school, and to become member in

I always dreamed to be the lawyer, I always dreamed to protect
The people, therefore I have chosen this trade. I want to you to
say, that I to end university very well, I thought that before me all
doors will be open, I was sure, that I can find good job. But
unfortunately, I could not find job, because in Russia all not as in the normal country. I could not find job, everywhere, where I wanted to be arranged at job it turned out so, that without familiar I had no
chance to be on this job. A bit later I have understood that so
it is impossible. I began to search any job. And now I work in a
hairdressing saloon. I have ended rates to become the
hairdresser, and now I work in this trade. 

I want to you to say, that till character I the optimist, I believe that all will be very good. Our family very small. I have only mum. About the daddy I did not hear anything, he has thrown us, when I was very small, to me there were then only a few months. He never did not occur any more. The grandfather and grandmother have died of old age. We with the mum live in city, in an apartment, we have not telephone . 

What you can tell about yourselves? What at you a trade? Than you are busy? Please, send me the photos, I would like to know with whom I communicate. I shall wait your letter!!!!!

I wait with impatience your letter

Hello Bill!

I am very glad to receive your letter! Thanks to you for your
Letter very large. I want to say, that from my city Cheboksary up to
Moscow an interval approximately 750 km. I not when did not travel, and I do not know what this sensation from trip. But I with pleasure would like to travel with the liked man, and to lead with it not overlooked rest. I shall tell a little about myself, as you know that I work as the hairdresser some years, because I cannot find job on the speciality. I have perfect legal education, I can work the lawyer or legal adviser..... But unfortunately, at me it has failed to make. But I do not despond, I the optimist and I to believe, that all will be very good. I live together with the mum, we often with mine the mum spend a weekend together. As a rule we make harvest, because I like when in an apartment cleanliness. Often I and my mum to
experiment various kinds meal. I very much like to prepare of a
various kind meal. It is possible to say one of my hobbies. To
me really to like to prepare!!!! I like to do home preparations, I
like when in the winter open to bank with cucumbers or especially
prepared by wood berries, and enjoy by taste and smell of a summer!!!!!

What you think of it? In the winter, when the sharp shortage of
vitamins it is felt it is especially useful. I would like you to treat
dishes!!! I think, that it would be pleasant to you!!!! I like a nature. I like to go for a walk on a wood, to collect mushrooms and berries. to me to like from berries to make jam. To me to like to prepare various soups, dish from meat, a bird, me to like to prepare dishes from vegetables. I like experiment with products, sometimes it turns out very unusual combinations of tastes, present masterpieces!!! In the evening I go for a walk on city with the girlfriend. We like to go for a walk on park. At us such beautiful city is especial in the evening, when becomes darkly and in windows of apartments light is lit. The city becomes similar to a luminous sphere, the show-windows of shops by various colors of fires are lit. In the evening I like to pass at a fountain. I very much like to look at water. Please describe to me city in which you live. Write to me than you are job? I would
like about it to know in detail. I want to you to say, that in Russia
I unfortunately fail to find love. It really is very difficult. I
Am tired to search for love in Russia. In Russia the man it is a
lot of to drink alcohol, and from it they become very aggressive and
often to beat the women...... I do not want to myself such love. I search man, which there will be a love me to protect me from danger, and to care of me, which will be honor and sincere with me in all
questions. I want that I and my love created the small world, in which there would be only we. I want to give the man happiness. I shall do all for this purpose!!!!! I very much want to find love, the true love, which gives happiness. For this purpose I have addressed to the Internet, I very much hope that at me to turn out to find love. I would like at you to ask, that I shall write to you about the life, I very simple till character the girl, and I very much hope that I will not be
boring to read, how you to waste time.

I wait with impatience your letter



Hello Bill!

I am glad to receive from you the letter. Thanks for your
pictures I was glad to see them, and I want to say that, it is beautiful to me very much it was pleasant, I like your pictures. I like sports.

I each morning go on sports a platform of school which is located about
My house and I do morning jog. After it I go home and I accept of
Cool souls. I do not smoke and I do not use spirits drinks. I keep up
The health, because I want to have healthy children. The cigarettes
Very strongly pollute a body. I understand that if the man drinks on
holidays, it not strongly influences health, but the girl needs to keep up the health, because it is necessary to her to give rise children and their health depends on health of their mother. I like to be engaged aerobics. It helps to support my body in the form. I like to be on fresh air. I try in a weekend to leave on a nature what to take a walk on a wood. You like sports??? Tell to me about that how you keep up the health??? How often you play sports???

I wait with impatience your letter



Hello Bill!
I am very glad to receive your letter!!!! Thanks to you for your
letter very large!!!! I want to say, that I have said to the mum
about our acquaintance and has told that you the good man and my mum has reacted very well she to me still has said that you not when will not be rough with me and she will not experience for me. And my friends asked more about you and I as has said that you the very good man and they to me have said that me very much was lucky with you. I live in a place with the mum I help the mum both on kitchen and on the house. My friends like to have a rest in cheerful campaign, I and my friends we go in park in cinema and theatres. My dream to find the liked man that he me I liked also it liked and to live with it as all happy pairs live. I thought of meeting with you and I want to say that I would like with you to go on a beach to speak about you and about me, I would speak you all that I think of you, that you mine an ideal the man. I freely speak till English language. I do email in the Internet of cafe because I have no a house of the computer. I work 5 days per one week.

I wait with impatience your letter


Hello Bill!

I am very glad to receive your letter! It was very interesting
to me to read your letter, thanks to you. I have said to the mum and friends that you the very good man you decent that you never will offend the woman and will like the woman and I have said by him that I have grown fond of you. I want to say that safety for the Americans is in our perfect city. I yesterday thought at the night of you and dreamed as we with you we shall meet and that we shall do also my dreams were to meet you in your perfect city to embrace you to see to you in eyes and gently to kiss you, to descend with you to drink coffee, to go for a walk with you on a beach, to float in a place with you, to do to you very tasty Russian meal, to feed you and to care of you. With other part of my life I want to divide her with the liked man and to like it. I want to say that I would like to see you and to meet you. I have no a photo with my friends but soon I shall send you them. My city very perfect there are a lot of theatres, cinemas it is a lot of known sights, museums, parks of culture. When I think of you I see the perfect kind man, decent, clever. I want to say that I always I think of you and I understand that you sense of my love. My friends speak that me was lucky with such man as you and they know that I think only of you and speak that I have found the love with you.

I wait with impatience your letter
With a gentle kiss



Hello my Bill!

I am very glad that you so well concern to me!!!! It was very
Pleasant to me to read lines of your letter!!!! Especially it was
pleasant to me, how I and you we shall be together and that we shall do
further..... I am very strong to you I want to say, that you think
that I can arrive to you? The business that to me would not be
desirable to create to you superfluous expenses..... I think that if
you will arrive to me to you it is necessary to pay for the ticket and
visa to arrive in Russia, to pay for living in Russia together with
me..... Then I think what is it will be rational that I shall want
to arrive to you in the country!!!! Excuse but I do not have money to
such expensive pleasures..... You will begin to pay for, that I could
receive the visa to pay to myself and me the tickets? I think what to
spend so much money simply a little not rationally..... I think that
it will be better if I at first simply shall come to you..... I think
that so it will be better and much more cheaply for you.. .... Please
excuse that I so all has calculated, but I do not want that you spent
superfluous money there, where you could them not spend.... I think
that you understand me and see as I think of you well..... If you me
understand, we could act as follows...... I want to you to say that I
has met you due to travel agency. I have signed some contracts to have
an opportunity to find the husband..... In result I have found you!!!!
I am very happy, that me so was lucky with you!!!! One of conditions
of the contract was that if I find to itself a pair, I should necessarily buy the tickets in its country in this agency..... To me
have said that I cannot worry about that. That as I shall make out
the documents, because the managers of this agency carry out all jobs
connected with registration of the documents. If I shall not do it
that I automatically I break conditions of the contract and I am threatened with punishment and payment of the penalty.. .... Other way
I could all do itself arrive to you, but I am afraid that at me all
will turn out slowly.... I shall be very glad if you attentively will
read my letter and will understand me correctly..... I want to learn
the exact answer.

With love Katya.



Hi mine liked Bill.

I want to say, that I am not offended because I like you and I
Want say that you certainly can to arrive to me to Russia and I with
impatience shall wait for you. I would be happy to accept you
and I shall think as to meet you I so to experience because I like you
and I shall think now as well as in what conditions to meet you that
to you to say that to make for you, as to me to behave with you, I want
to say, that I very very strongly like you, and want to be with you
and to think only about you to dream about you to kiss you. I wait
for you with impatience I like you mine liked and road Bill.

Kiss you,
Love you,
Your Katya.


My Love Bill!!!
I am glad to receive from you such beautiful letter. I am always
Happy to receive the letters from you. When I receive your letters, my
Mood rises also I feel by the happiest girl on ground. I want to say,
That my intentions serious and I plan our relations with you as new
life. It is possible, that our letters will be the beginning of our
happy life. I would be happy to have meeting with you. I would like,
that you have visited me, but I worry concerning you, because in
Russia there are a lot of people, which can cause harm. In Russia it is
Very dangerous, therefore I think, that it will be most better, if I
Shall arrive to you. I know many cases, when in Russia plundered the
People and caused them harm. I hope, that you understand, that I care
of you and I want, that with you was that's all right. I Concerning my
complete name, my complete name: Ekaterina Vedernikova. I want to say,
that my spirits from a collection Avon. I like these spirits. I buy
spirits from this collection. To me to like Avon with taste of
chocolate, because it is most liked a smell, which is pleasant to me.
I have brown eyes. I often travel with the friends on Russia. I never
was in other countries. I would like to visit other countries once. I
want to say, that the rent of an apartment on 10-14 of days makes
about $200-300 (USA). I work in a beauty salon, where make hairdresses
for a hair. It is very prestigious interior in our area. Many people
comes to us to do beautiful hairdresses and to replace image. I like
this job, because I deliver a lot of pleasures to the people, when I
do by them hairdresses. I sometimes go with the friends to a disco.
The name of a disco "Drive". It is very fashionable club, where many
people have a rest. I spoke to the girlfriends concerning you and our
relations with you. They speak, that I became happier, when I began to
write to you the letters. They are glad, that I have met such nice,
polite and careful man. Such men - large rarity in Russia. I want to
say, that I hope, that our relations will be most serious and we shall
have meeting soon. What you think of it? I finish the letter for you.
I invest in this letter soul and all love, which is intended for you.

With Love


My love Bill!!!

My love I is happy to receive your letter. I love to receive your letters. I am certainly glad that you want to arrive to me and it very
well, but understand you will have more expenses if you will come
behind me and will take away me and it will cost very many money. I could arrive to you and it would be very economical for us and we would lose much less expenses than if you will come to me and will take away me to itself, I do all that for us it will be better because I like
you and I want to be with you as soon as possible mine liked Bill.
Besides my decisions, I too would like to arrive to you and to see your
Country and what she, I would like to remain in your country both to be
With you and to live with you long and is happy. Mine dear Bill at us
In Russia became very cold today 10 degrees below than zero and I
Today very much have frozen, I want when you will be with me that you
Warmed me and gently would embrace from such cold that I was warmed.
When I did the picture at me there was a bad mood and I could not
smile, and when I read your letters at me the very good mood rises and I smile because I very much very much like to read your letters and
consequently that I like you and I want to be with you. At me in
heart the love and it you my happiness has appeared. I think of you
always when I lie down to sleep, I rise, I think of you all day. I feel
that our love very very strong and I want to say, that I like you
strongly, I want to say, that I not whom so did not like as you mine dear Bill.

I rise in weekday at 6:30 of minutes because I prepare to go on
job. I work 5 days per one week since Monday till Friday. In days off
I rise at 8:00 of minutes and I help the mum to do harvest an
apartment. For breakfast I very tasty Russian meal she is called Pel'meni. I finish the job at 17:00 and I come home at 17:30 of minutes. For dinner my mum does meal she is called Pancakes them eat with honey. I go to sleep at 23:00 of hour. At us at job give beautiful
dressing gowns and we work in them. And I go to job in a raincoat as at us in Russia it became very cold to carry easy clothes. I lie down to sleep in nightclothes. I wait with impatience from you of the letter my love.

About love and gentle wishes yours on always.



Hi mine dear and liked Bill.

I am glad that you want to send me something. You can do it on my user's box (Russia, 428000, Cheboksary, user box 49). I do not give you my address, because I take off my apartment. The owner of this apartment himself uses the address of the mail and he can take away mail to itself till mistakes. It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you any thing, I shall value very much to it , it will remind always to me you. I want to say, that I went in agency and me have said that I can receive the visa. It is the most optimum variant to receive the visa, but she works only 3 months. I do not want to wait I want faster you to see because I like you and I want as soon as possible to be with you mine liked Bill. Mine weekend has passed wonderfully, I with The girlfriends went in park sat saw coffee and talked, but me was very strong not you and I very strongly missed for you. My mum is glad for us with you and I see that at my mum of mood to become better when I to speak about us and she is happy for us. I shall say to the mum that you have passed her hi and she will be happy it to hear. I want to say, that at me no more native at me only one my mum. Your age not a problem, I want to say, that I have grown fond of you and I cannot present that the age will prevent us it not so you very much are pleasant to me also I like you mine dear Bill. I too want to
hold you for a hand and to kiss you mine liked. I do not have house of
the telephone it for us with my mum very difficultly to make the
telephone. Yes I want to work, I want to work on the lawful trade. I
with my mum and my friends spoke about that that if I shall leave to
you they have said that they will miss for me and will call that I did
not miss strongly and they have said that I did not overlook them and
contacted to them and at an opportunity visited them. I like water and
I like to float. I want to have children from the liked man it from
you mine dear Bill. And I grieve on you mine dear and liked Bill I like you.

With hot kisses and strong embraces.
Yours for centuries Katya.


I love you mine by a road Bill. I want to say, that I have addressed to agency, it is very much dear in Russia and I in this agency very much dear client, I have faultless reputation for reception of the visa. This agency works 12 years in the market of tourist services. We can try to make the visa if that that to fail I return to you money. I think it will be better to try to make to me the visa and if it turns out that you will be happy also I, and at us will be much less expenses, and if not I will turn out back I send you money and I wait for you in Russia and I shall wait with impatience. I think to us it is necessary to try mine dear Bill and we that can lose it the best variant in agency. I want to do it faster because I cannot wait and consequently that I like you mine liked Bill. I want to write to you because I you I like and other people me do not interest because all my life it you mine liked Bill.

My ideas when I think of you to embrace you gently and to kiss you I
think very much often of it. I want to arrive to you and I wait for
this moment when we shall meet when I to meet and to embrace you and
gently I shall kiss mine liked. I want that we have united by unions
of a marriage I like you and I want it that I have left for you in
marriage. I very strongly grieve on you mine dear Bill and I want to
see you as soon as possible. I like you mine Bill. 

With hot kisses and strong embraces.
Yours for centuries Katya.


Hi mine liked Bill.

I shall wait for you mine dear Bill. I wanted as it will be better to
us, but I shall listen to you and I shall wait with impatience. The agency which gives the visa is called of Travel. This most good
agency about him speak good very much. That I could leave in other
country to me the tourist visa is necessary. I would want that we did not spend many means and I offered you to arrive to you. I understand that you can not send mine dear me money because you did not see me in
eyes and I understand that you should see me. I shall be glad to wait for you in Russia mine liked after Christmas and I want that this time
has passed faster. Well we shall not speak about money and about the
visa but understand me I wanted as better. I shall wait for you in
Russia mine dear Bill. 

Kiss you,
Love you,
Your Katya.




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