Tkachuk Zhanna

Odessa, Ukraine 

Tel. - n/a

Address: Generala  Petrova str. 11, at. 19 Odessa, Ukraine

e-mail: anastasia_ sweetus@yahoo.com 



Dear Elena,

I would like to report to you about a scammer Janna Tkachuk, her nickname is supposedly Anastasia, because other people who use their internet service club have the exact same name as Janna and so they will not confuse who the letters are to. Her scammer agency "Anastasia" is located in Odessa.  I first contacted her through Freindfinder under the profile of sweet45637. Her e-mail address is anastasia_ sweetus@yahoo.com . The letters that she wrote to me were very vague and flowery and she did not seem to ever answer any questions that I asked of her.  She tried to get me to pay for her internet service and then I also got a note from this supposed manager, Svetlana Lubomirskaya at the service for her bill stating that I owed them money($105).  I tried to get more information about this agency but once again all I got was a run around. I believe that there is no such agency at all and that this whole thing is a scammer operation. I did not send them any money as they would not provide me with any more information about this alleged internet club at all. Her name and address is:
Janna Tkachuk
Generala  Petrova str. 11, at. 19
Odessa, Ukraine 65065
The phone number of the agency where they help to translate for the girls is 380-482-658530.  The manager of this supposed internet club " Anastasia" name is Svetlana Lubomirskaya.
S. H. ( Scam Hunter )



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Zhanna's Introduction Letter - Oct 21, 2001

Hi, my Knight XXXXX!
Sometimes people believe that Dragons from fairy tales never fly over the land and noble Knights have already forgotten about the Ladies of their Hearts. It’s a pity that old beautiful legends are separated from us with a high fence and in our everyday life there is no place for tender and romantic love. But nevertheless in my dreams I see myself a princess walking among thick woods. I am enjoying the ringing silence of malachite lawns. I am charming cautious deer and quick squirrels with my smile. With a white rose in hand I am going to a kind fairy, who will help me to find my great and passionate love. The fairy is taking my rose and throwing it up into the air. Oh, what a miracle! The flower is spilling into thousands of petals that make a tracery bridge. One end of it is
at my feet. At the other end I see you, my Knight!  I wish such a bridge to be Internet!J It will connect
our hearts even if we have half a world between us. My name is Joana. I am  23 y.o.  I am young and sometimes a little naughty child wakes up in me. I am a  sweet-tooth and like chocolate. My room is
decorated with soft toys, they bring so much pleasure to me. But very often I start thinking about a family
of my own to have a sweetheart close to me, with whom we will go through our life hand in hand.
 I am waiting for you, my Knight, with my heart open for love, with my hands open to hug.:))) It depends
only on you if we go forward to each other, if we rise to the shining sun together where only birds and
angels will be present at our meeting.
 I live in Odessa in Ukraine.It’s a wonderful city situated in the south of Ukraine on the Black sea shore. A little more than 200 years ago it received a very beautiful name of Odessa. Nowadays it’s a large
seaport and one of the resorts in our country as well. Tourists call it “The Pearl of the Black Sea”, because its wonderful architecture of old building comes along with serious business activities of many large
enterprises, mild climate and openhearted people of Odessa who are always life loving and enternal
optimists. In spite of all hardships they are always smiling and hope for the best.  Dear XXXXX, I think that knowledge of foreign language is very important in life of  modern person.
But, to regret, I can’t say that my English satisfies me. On ten- score scale it deserves mark “4”. Of
course, I shall be able to understand people in daily life, but for translation of my long letters I use the
service of the translator, as my knowledge of English is not enough for expressing all my thoughts and feelings.
 My darling, thank you for your photo. I liked it very much. Judging by it you are a nice person. It is a
pity that it is only your photo near me but not the original of it. All is left - to hug you only in my
dreams! :-))
 But meanwhile I can talk with you looking at your face! It speak so much...:-)))


Zhanna's Letter - Oct 27, 2001

Hi, my dear XXXXX!
It is so pleasant that you have answered my letter. I am sure we will be lucky enough to find a soul mate in
each other. When I am understood my heart opens like a flower towards the sun!
 I want to tell you about my family to give you the opportunity of knowing me better. The brightest recollections of my childhood are connected with my mother –Dina (she is 52y.o.). And my father who was
died 6 years ago. My mother is a wonderful person, clever, sensitive and caring! My father loved her very much and she didn’t want to marry again. She had loved my father dearly and she is still faithful to his memory.
 She has always been an example for me in everything. Anyone can be envious of her cheerfulness and
optimism. I always ran to my parents with all my childish problems and misfortunes and they always found enough time and right words to console me.
 I remember when I was three and a half they presented me a doll. At that time this doll was a miracle for
me. It could walk turning its head to the right and to the left! She could speak! And it was taller than me.
We walked with the doll hand in hand and passers by exclaimed in admiration: “What wonderful dolls are
both!” But I was not the only one child in my family. I have my older sister Natasha. She is 32y.o. and
she’s married.
 When we grew older Mom taught us many things. We always helped her to keep home clean with great
pleasure. We inherited her cookery talent. If you tasted my special dish “baked sturgeon” you would like
to eat nothing more!:))) As I said my sister is married, but she lives with her husband and two little boys (Zhenya-10y.o. and Vanya-4y.o.) with us.  They are  very  kind and obedient boys. Zhenya goes to
school with pleasure. He is always interested in something new. His mother  has the only problem with
him: he asks too many questions “Why?” She calls him lovingly “ my why-boy”:))).
 Our family is small but friendly. But recently I started to ask myself about one thing: “ When will I have my own family my boys or maybe girls”. I would like to see the man by my side to whom I can devote all my life and to be together on bad and happy days. I want us to support each other in grief and to share mutual joys.
 I work as a seller-consultant in the Kodak studio. I like  my  job very much, of course, I'm tired towards evening because I'm on my  foot all the  day but all the same I get a lot of  satisfaction from my work.
The main thing is  that I feel  people need me. They need my attention, my smile, my advice!:-)))
 Dear XXXXX, I studied English at school,but, to regret, it is rather poor anyway. Now I am trying to
study it myself, but it is very difficult. I would like attend the courses, where high-qualified teachers
use new nethods of studying, but, to regret, it is very expensive and I can't afford it.
 It was nice to learn that you love your work. It is very important to make right choice of profession.
 Of course, I believe in destiny. Now ot seems to me that we are created for each other. Now we are
learning about each other via letters, but only meeting should be a result of our correspondence. Will
you be alone to visit me? The sooner our meeting will take place, the better. Do you agree with me?
 My address is: Generala Petrova str.11, apt.19
                65065, Odessa, Ukraine.
My birthday is on 27th of February. My real name is Janna, but there are a lot of other ladies with this
name, so I was given a nickname Joana, but then it was changed to Anastasia.
 Certainly I would like to speak on the telephone. How can correspondence through letters be compared with
personal communication on the telephone. I will ask my interpreter to help. My English is rather poor and then we can talk. The date and the time I will tell you later. How do you like this idea?!:)))

With sincerity and trust,

P.S.Thank you for the picture. It was nice to see you!

Zhanna's Letter - Oct 31, 2001

Hi, my Knight XXXXX!

 All of a sudden I felt so lonely, my heart was seized by cold melancholy. To dispel my sorrow I want to talk
to you.
 My dear knight, the defender of the weak and the consoler of the wretch! All of us (I mean the female
half of the humanity) are waiting for our handsome knight from our childhood until ripe age. I have seen
you in this image and I believe and hope sincerely that dreams will come true some day. Once we will
meet, you will take my hand and I will follow you even to the end of the world!
 Meanwhile I am alone here and the evil coldness of my loneliness is frozing my heart. I am surrounded by
nice people but I can’t explain my sadness to them. They don’t understand me though they love me and wish
me only the best. I can’t explain with words my feelings when I think how far we are from each other.
Hundreds of miles are separating us!L I am dying at the thought about these insurmountable distances. It seems to me that nature itself is mourning together with me. The sky is covered with dark clouds. Impenetrable darkness has fallen down on the earth. The sudden rushes of the wind are blowing in my face.
I come back home and try to find solitude in my room.
The wind outside either is wailing like a beast or crying like a child.
 Sometimes tears come up so near to my eyes that I can hardly keep myself from crying. In such moments sad
thoughts about injustice of the fate come to me and only your letters now can console me. I take them and
start re-reading from the first one. Tender sounds of  a flute are heard and I understand that the time will
come when you will take me to the magic world of love. Together will wander along the beautiful streets of a
wonderful city where only the happy are met, those who wish not only receive but also to give their love.
 Dear XXXXX, I was really shocked to learn what hadhappened to you friend. Was it a suicide? What made
him do it? I can only imagine how his relatives and friends feel now. I am very sorry that it happened,
please, accept my condolescences.
 Well, it will be difficult now, but I shall try to answer to you questions.
 My real name is JANNA TKACHUK. There are a lot of ladies with the same name in my Internet-Club, and I
was given nickname – Anastasia.
 Well, what about my work… I have already written to you, that I work in Kodak. All my working day I spend
being busy with communication with customers. Besides, selling of the photo goods, I do a lot of other
services. I consider my job to be very interesting. I was waiting fro your call on Saturday, and left fro
home very disappointed : -((( As I realized, you don’t want to speak with me via the interpreter. Don’t you
want to hear my voice?  Maybe, you will change your mind… I hope so.
 Thank you for the picture .It was nice to see you again. I have a lot of questions to you which I asked in my
next letter.

With love and tenderness,

Zhanna's Letter - Nov 02, 2001

Hi, XXXXX, my dear Knight!
 This morning I was waken up by something soft and downy that pressed my cheek tenderly. When my eyes
half-opened I saw green eyes and pink wet nose of my cat. How charming! He came to wake me up in such a
wonderful morning!:)))
 People say that cats are independent creatures but my cat is very affectionate and devoted. He is so funny
and he often entertains me with his jumps and games. His emerald eyes are following attentively everything
that is moving around him and his ineradical hunting instinct makes the cat to catch the legs of passers-by.:)))
 When I come back home tired in the evening I have a strong desire to have a good rest. I settle down in
the corner of my favorite sofa and my cat settles down in my lap at once. This slyboots knows the right time when he can get caress!:))) My fingers are plunging into his brilliant silk fur and from inside his purring is heard. The purring is so loud and rythmic that one can have the impression of a tractor engine that is working inside the cat!
 I usually calm down and relax. All the cares of a working day are left behind. The eyes are gliding aimlessly along the surrounding things. Everything in my room preposses for rest. The furniture is placed cozily. Soft sofa pillows are tempting to put the head on them. The eyes have a rest looking at the illustrations that are decorating the walls of the room. With big love I was choosing these small pictures. And here it is my favorite indoor plant. Its long thick branches are hanging down and tender fragile leaves are turned to the sun. Indoor plants is
one of my hobbies. I love my plants and they answer me with love too!
 On a low table there is a vase in which my favorite flowers (roses) are standing. A charming bundle is spreading around wonderful aroma and surprising freshness. The presence of fresh flowers in the room tunes me lyrically and my head becomes full of dreams. I imagine your eyes very close, in which dreaminess joins common sense, humor joins romantism. I also see kindness, decency and something else that I can’t give explanation to, but which attracts me most of all. :))) What is it? Can you explain?
 Dear XXXXX! I was fascinated with your picture, you are charming as always!

With tenderness and trust,

Zhanna's Letter - Nov 04, 2001

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

 I can’t still come to my senses after our call. Your voice is still sounding in my ears and my heart is
beating faster than usual. What do you think about it, is it bad or good?:-)))
 I wanted to tell you so much but when our talk began my thoughts flew away like a flock of frightened
birds. Maybe I was too much excited! Let’s talk once more someday.:-)))
 Maybe next time you will be able to say some words in Russian.:-))) Please, don’t worry, if I don’t
understand anything that you are saying, it will be my heart that will understand you best!

With tenderness,
Your Anastasia.


Zhanna's Letter - Nov 07, 2001

Hi, darling XXXXX!

 I want to tell you about a wonderful day that I have had today. My friends and I visited Opera House! I
adore any theatre performances but a visit to this magnificent theatre arouses an ocean of delight in my
 I like to come long before the beginning to admire the splendid architecture of that building famous all
over the world. It like a human being takes me into its embrace, wraps up with its magic beauty and draws away with cozy unique interier. Halls are decorate  with grand columns cut out of tender pink marble. The fireplaces are trimmed with intricate stucco moulding. The grandeur of the gilding is adding the fascinating impression to them.
 I am going up along main staircase covered with soft carpet and meet with a beautiful girl with dreamy
eyes… My! It’s me! A thin invisible side of a huge mirror is separating us. We meet like Odetta and Odilia, the two chracters from “Swan Lake”. This wonderful ballet I will see today and enjoy the great music by Russian composer Chaikovskiy.
 For a moment it becomes absolutely dark in the theatre, it’s the signal that the performance begins. I am hurrying to hall to take my seat there. The boxes and the stalls are full of muffled voices and there impatient clapping is heard from the gallery.
 And now… with some noise the curtains of dark-red velvet decorated with golden ornament in the folk style are raised.
 The orchestra is playing and charming melodies are streaming directly into my heart. I know this tale
from my childhood but this time it drives mw away with its unique charms. It brings the faith in love and hope for happiness into my heart.
 My dear, I am dreaming about the day when you come to me and together we will enjoy the splendid music. I will certainly show my favorite theatre to you.
 Dear XXXXX! I ‘m completely agree with you that the day of our meeting will be the most happy day for me!
You said by phone that you’ll be able to come to me : -(((. I wait for our meeting ,I think only the meeting
in person may define our destiny. Do you agree with me?
Thank you very much for the picture, I was pleased to see you again.

With love and tenderness,

Zhanna's Letter - Nov 09, 2001

Hi, my tender and affectionate friend!

 I am addressing you, my only one. I am grateful to you for your answer because it is a holiday for me.
Every day I am thinking about you and my heart is sinking waiting for the letter.
 I want to share the impressions and experiences of the spent day off. My friends, a newlymarried couple
had invited me to their country cottage on the bank of a small nice river. On the fine autumn morning I
started my way. I took a taxi and under the sounds of jazz I plunged into my thoughts about you, my dear.
But the noise of wheels and sudden braking brought me back from my thoughts. The tire was out of order. I
didn’t feel like spending this wonderful morning near the road waiting till the car could continue the way.
The country was not very far. I had to pass a thick and mysterious wood. I followed a path through this forest. Darling, you won’t believe but I had a feeling as though I got into a fairy-tale. All was covered
with gold. The trees were whispering something to each other… and I was ready to see the tiny home of some
forest fairy.J Suddenly something ran across near my feet. Both of us ran in opposite directions, the
scared hare and me, scared as well.J And now I had a thought that it was my fate today to visit this
wonderful place. The forest became thinner and I saw a small village, the river with willows on the banks and
the house where my friends were waiting for me.
 During breakfast I told them about my adventures. Then we went to the river. Oh, if you could know how
strong was my wish to see you near me among this world of pure nature, to feel its grandeur and beauty. A
boat on the river, a crane’s cries, everything excited my imagination and I visualized us boating, swimming,
 My friends as though they read my thoughts brought me to the middle of the stream. Soon we returned to the
bank, made a fire and cooked a tasty dinner. But soon
our company became greater. The neighbors attracted by wonderful smells joined our company.J
 Later we enjoyed funny stories told in turn. Every time I thought about you the fire flamed up with
bright scarlet color like my feelings to you. Then we said goodbye to each other and soon I was at home
where the cars were moving outside and it was so comfortable inside.
 I wish this night in your dreams you could see a boat on a river and me holding your hand and telling you the secrets of my heart.
 Dear XXXXX, now we are learning more and more about each other from our letters. There is a great distance
separating us. I’d like to ask you a few questions the answers to each interest me greatly. Here they allowed.
- Have you met the women in your life whom you loved?
- What kind of relations did you have with women?
- What attracts you in women?
- What traits in women you don’t like?
- What have you decided to search for your special
woman in Internet?
- What in women of your country doesn’t suit you?
- Would you like to find exactly a Russian/Ukrainian
woman? Why?
- What do you know about my country?
 I am looking forward to hearing from you. No, I will
be just waiting, waiting and waiting!
 Dear XXXXX, I always enjoy getting pictures from
you. I shall send you my pictures another time, OK?



Zhanna's Letter - Nov 11, 2001

Hi my dear XXXXX!
 I am writing this letter to you in very romantic surroundings. In our house electricity was put out and the only source of light at home is a candle. Evening has covered the city with a dark blanket and only  teardrops of rain are falling down and creating the atmosphere of a mystery and a fairy tale.
 I have never thought that watching the fire is so enchanting. It seems to me that the tongues of the flame have much in common with my nature. They are so light and burning, willing to give light to everything around. They are sensitive to any movement of the air and react to it at the same moment, like heart does. The tongues of the flame seem so unprotected in the vast world. Hardly you opened the window wider and harsh wind blows the flame out and the room plunges into heavy darkness.
 I’d like to light your fate with such a bright and flickering light, to bring joy and comfort into your lonely home and your life that is lacking the care and the warmth of a woman.
 Wax like tears is dropping on an ancient candlestick. The deaf silence is surrounding me and only the sound
of the burning candle and ticking of the clock prove that everything is in reality. People say if the candle is crackling somebody is thinking about you. Maybe it is you, my dear?
 It is difficult for me now to choose the right words to tell you about all the mystery of this evening. How
great is my wish to see the flames and the sparkles of happiness in your eyes. Such moments are rare in our
life and they leave the trace in memory for long. I hope much that on reading of this letter you will also
feel this atmosphere that my room is filled with in this evening.
Dear XXXXX, Thenk you very much for wonderful picsand delightful landcspe.
I would travel with you with a pleasure to a tropic island.
I am sure we'd spend  unforgettable time.
To regret you didn't answer my questions, so be so kind, do it in your next letter. 
I will be looking forward to your letter.
Your Anastasia.


Zhanna's letter - Nov 13, 2001

Hi, dear XXXXX!

 Thank you for your letter, your wonderful words made me a day! I am glad that my letters mean much for you
because each my phrase comes deep from my heart, each of my word reflects my thoughts.
 Today I have my day off. The morning was so wonderful and sunny that I felt a desire to go somewhere to have
some fun. I cooked my breakfast quickly some tasty pancakes and a cup of hot cocoa. In the morning
newspaper I read about the Exhibition of Flowers. I would like you together with us to go along marble
paths of this fine exhibition. I have never seen such a variety of flowers and indoor plants anywhere. 
 I saw snow white lilies, dark red dahlias, festive gladiolis of the most unprobable tints. I had a wish
to look at one of cactus and to come closer. I pricked my finger by chance and a drop of blood appeared at
once. If you could be with me I am sure you would have kissed my finger and this would have comforted me so.J
 In the next pavilion I enjoyed charming chrysanthemums and their exqusite fragrance.
Round the corner a surprise was waiting for me – the ocean of my favourite red roses! But I was under the
delusion because there was only one bundle there but it was put in front of mirrows and velvety roses reflecting in the mirrows made an endless corridor and somewhere far I saw your face. How much I would like to come along this corridor together with you holding your hand, listening to the melody of your voice and
looking into your eyes! My head was coming round with the rose scent and I would like this way never to come to end!
 You asked me about my special man…It doesn’t matter for me from what country he could be. The most important is to have wonderful relations: mutual understanding, tenderness and care about each other.
 I think mutuality is an important feature for any types of human relations. One must be able not only
take but give and in equal parts. Only them the complete harmony of a relationship can be achieved. Do
you agree with me? 
 I’m sure if both of us are willing to be together, we’ll work it out!:-))) And then we’ll go through life
together with sureness, proud and independence. Hand in hand, looking into the eyes of each other with tenderness and love. And you’ll become the best man in the world for me!
 I am disappointed in men, my compatriots. Men here are not interested in my heart, in my sincerity and
faithfulness. Children are burden for them!!!
 In our society as in yours morals are degrading. It concerns mostly the men here because they have stopped
being the head of a family and can’t be providers of their families. In addition they become the burden for
the families and the obstacle for the families’ prosperity. I mean alcohol and cruelty. And what an
example for children in the family! : ((-
 The women on contrary try to keep the family traditions. They can be wonderful wives and in most cases children stay with mother the divorce.
Our women are loving mothers and their example develops the best qualities in their children. They
are fine housewives doing their home duties perfectly, cooking well. But they feel the lack of the warmth of
another heart, attention, care and certainly of love.  Dear XXXXX, of course there were other men in my
life, but none of them managed to capture my heart. I have heard and read a lot a bout the USA, UI like
its independence and democracy. I consider the USA to be wonderful country, with rich culture.
It doesn’t matter for me what country I shall live in, I shall be happy only with my beloved man. Of course,
it will not be easy for me to part with my relatives, but I shall deal with it if I feel love and support of
my beloved man.
 Thank you for sincere answers to my questions. It was also very nice to see you again. You are charming, as
With love,

Zhanna's Letter - Nov 17, 2001

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

 I was so excited when I got your letter. You can’t even imagine how greatly my life has changed since the
time when you appeared in my life. I have become another person. I stopped crying and getting angry at
minor things. High spirits never leave me now. Owing to you I am in the bright untroubled period of
 Not long ago I recollected one story from my childhood.
 It was November. The weather was cold and dank. The dark sky was hanging so low that it seemed that soon
it would burst with snow. All of a sudden somebody knocked at the window. It was my father. He showed me
something in his hands. It was a frozen swallow.
 The poor bird was stiff with cold and was like a small piece of dry wood. Dad brought the swallow into
the house and made r a nest for it out of his scarf. I didn’t leave the bird for a moment trying to warm it up with my own breath.
 Some time passed and I noticed that the bird was returning to life. At first its eyelids started to
tremble, than a wave came through her wings. Now it opened its eyes, set the feathers in order and flew up. The swallow was flying high under the ceiling trying to escape. We opened the door and let it out. I looked through the window watching it flying away. Suddenly the swallow turned back. It approached the window and started to circle around it as though thanking us for the warmth that had returned strength to it.
 Sometimes I feel as that swallow. I have been living like in a dream until your tenderness and love warmed

With love,
Your Anastasia.

Zhanna's Letter - Nov 21, 2001 - Word by word the same as the previous letter


Zhanna's Letter - Nov 30, 2001

Dear XXXXX, I was glad to get your letter. I am happy that we have not lost each other. I missed you and your letters. I am glad that your seminar was successful.
 This morning hardly I opened my eyes I understood that the day would be a special one! The whole room
was full of some amber light. Wonderful sunshine was streaming into the room! I ran up to the window and
looked through the glass at the miracle outside. The first snow had fallen down during the night. The streets, the trees and bushes were covered with the warm quilt of snow! Everything became white and beautiful!
 Last night the strong wind was blowing. The broken tree branches were crackling. The gloomy heavy clouds
were floating in the sky. The yellow moon like a pale spot was peeping through the haze. I felt sad, the sorrow seized my heart. I was thinking how far we are from each other. I tried to imagine what you were doing at that time, which you were talking with, what were your thoughts about, what was your heart filled with. I went to bed under the wind groans and with my thoughts about you.
 In the morning a marvellous surprise was waiting for me – the first snow! Like a wonderful fluffy carpet it
stretched around under the blue dome of the sky. In bright sunrays it was painful to look at it. Through the snow the park was like a dark spot. Though not long ago it was so thick and noisy now it was grey and bare. Only the green fur branches were seen stretching out of the snow. The frost covered all pools with ice and they became like polished surface of mirrors in fluffy snow frames.
 How I like to have a walk on the first snow and to hear the quiet crunching under my feet! I like to put some snow on my palm and watch it melting gradually, the crystal snowflakes are getting smaller with the warmth of the hand and turn into limpid drops.
 Today I made a discovery, the first snow is tasty!:)) Children were enjoying most of all. Their joyful laughter was heard here and there. The smaller were sleding and throwing snowballs into each other. The snowballs were making their way over the heads of passers-by.  Everybody was in a hurry to enjoy this wonderful
winter gift because later in the afternoon the snow might start melting. Snow here is rare. If it falls it doesn’t stay for long.:((
 It’s a usual thing in life: all that is wonderful, beautiful and special doesn’t last long. That’s why we
are waiting for it like a wonder! So I am waiting for your letters, like the first snow!:))
 Dear XXXXX! I have written that to regret I don’t have yet any photos to send you but I promise you to
photograph and send you some photos.

With tenderness,
Your snowflake Anastasia.

Zhanna's Letter - Dec 06, 2001 - about help with payments for the agency's services

Hi, my darling  XXXXX!
 With each day you are becoming closer to me! I imagine us together and my dreams take me far away… I
often think about our first date. How it will happen? Maybe we will hide our eyes in embarrassment and won’t
be able to find the right words to say to each other? And maybe my natural shyness won’t be able to resist
the passionate and calling glance of love!
 My imagination is offering me a wonderful picture! In semidarkness of the hall I see small round tables lit with table lamps with colored silk shades. Out of darkness many-colored flashes are seen: green, blue,
yellow, red… Our lampshade is pink; it puts tender spots of light on the snow-white tablecloth and paints
the clear glasses into the color of the daybreak.
 Some tender melody is heard. A languid waltz is inviting you to put your arms round my waist and we
join the dancing couples that are circling in the entrancing vortex. The unseen orchestra is enchanting the couples with the melody. The beautiful gowns, flowers, scarves, shoes, dark suits are flashing here and there. The tender and sweet aromas of expensive perfume are in the air.
 You are so close to me. You bend to me and whisper some sweet words into my ear. I feel your breath on my
cheek and I am dizzy. It seems to me that under our feet some words are flashing: “Love forever!” “You are my husband, I am your wife!” “I love you dearly and believe in Love!”  Then we are drinking some light sparkling wine from one glass! I press my lips to the place that your lips have touched. We here believe in superstition: if two in love are drinking from the same glass they know the thoughts of each other. And so sip-by-sip the differences between us are becoming less and less. Out thoughts are becoming mutual and we are the unity. It’s wonderful!
 Dear XXXXX, I feel uneasy writing you about it but I have to. Many women here in Ukraine don’t have a PC at home because it’s an expensive thing for us. That’s why when they want to find a life partner via Internet
they address to Internet Club. So did I. The Internet Club via which I correspond with you is a good one. The people there help me much, they often do me some favors carrying out some services free of
charge but the most of services are requiring payment.
I have some financial problems now, so, can you take the payment for our correspondence on yourself?
Certainly if you have such an opportunity and your feelings to me are clear and sincere!

With love and tenderness,

Zhanna's Letter - Dec 07, 2001 - $105 for Internet

Hi, my dear XXXXX!

 It is so noble on your side to suggest helping me with the costs of our correspondence. I feel uneasy but at the same time it would be difficult for me to write you often and to send you long letters without your help. I will accept it with gratitude only on one condition: it won't be a burden on you!
 Today I visited Internet Club and asked the manager to count how much I must pay for correspondence
expenses. The costs are $105 Club fee, sending and receiving the letters and photos and translation of letters are included in this sum. My sweetheart, I hope you can help me with paying for our
correspondence and it won’t be too difficult for you.
You can send money via Western Union on my  real name Jana Tkachuk. I want to explain you that there are
several ladies in our Internet Club with the same name as I have. That’s why I’m using a nickname. You can
use such address:
Generala Petrova str.11, apt.19
65065,Odessa, Ukraine.

Your Anastasya.


Zhanna's Letter - Dec 15, 2001

My darling XXXXX!
 I've visited the Internet Club for a long time with a hope that you wrote me even some lines. But maybe
something had happened and you couldn't write? Please, write me that everything is O'K, that your state is
well. I don't know how to explain your silence. But each day is a torment for me and your silence is like
a pain in my heart. It seems to me that I lost the sense of my life! Write me if only you found another
woman, but don't keep silence. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Love,


Zhanna's Letter - Dec 17, 2001

Hello, my love XXXXX!
I was happy to get your letter . I am glad that you remember me.
You sent me letter which I have already got twice. How can you explain it? I wrote you three times that my
real name is: Jana Tkachuk.
My address is:
Generala Petrova str., 11, apt.19,
Odessa, Ukraine, 65065.
Please, answer my questions: are you serious about me?

With sincerity,

Zhanna's Letter - Dec 18, 2001

Hello, my love XXXXX!
I am sorry than  there was a misunderstanding between us, of course it was my fault. I just wrote you my
home address automatically
Gaidara str., 48. apt. 52,
Odessa, 65078, Ukraine.
Today the manager of Internet-Club said if I won’t have paid for our correspondence, it will be closed. I
believe that my letters and feelings mean a lot for you.
 Several times I started my letter to you today and something was always preventing me from doing that. I
don’t like when such a thing happens while I am writing to you. When I am absorbed in what I am writing I don’t pay any attention to what is going on around.
 Meanwhile genuine winter has come to us. Like a white fluffy quilt it covered the trees and the roofs of the
houses. Firtrees dressed in winter costumes are like Santa Claus’ daughters and create the atmosphere of a
 I stood by the window long watching the children having fun sleding from a small hill. Their faces
flushed with joyful excitement.
 Outside the frost had decorated the window glass with fantastic lace. A human hand can’t repeat such a
delicate drawing. Like in childhood I breathed on the cold window glass and on the wet spot I wrote your
name. Then I watched the letters melting slowly on the glass but they remained in my heart.
 I felt a wish to write to you, to tell you how much you mean for me. If written words had the voice you
would hear how much tenderness are in my voice whenever I utter your name!
 All of a sudden the light was put out. The houses and streets plunged into the darkness. It is impossible to
adapt to such inconveniences. Though the electric power is put out regularly I was taken by surprise.
 I lit the candle. Its flickering flame was reflecting on the window making the frozen lace gold. I took a cup of hot milk and settled comfortably in my favourite place, in the arm-chair. The silence was
broken only by the ticking of the clock and the quiet noise of the burning candle. If at that moment you were by my side I would feel the happiest in the world! You know I could spend hours sitting in myserious semi-darkness enjoying your company!
 Let winter reign outside but in my heart warmed by your letters spring is in full swing!



Zhanna's Letter - Dec 20, 2001

Hi XXXXX, my one and only !
 Your letters bring me true pleasure. I got accustomed to address you in my thoughts that I constantly and in
any situation imagine you by my side! It is so nice to be aware that I can trust you and be sure of your understanding. You have become so close to me that I have a desire to share every hour of my life with you.
 You know we had a very cold day today. Waiting for a trolley bus at the bus stop I got very cold. The pools
were covered with thin ice. The trees looked bare and unprotected. I broke off a piece of bread that I was
carrying home and threw the crumbs of it on the side-walk to feed birds that are staying in winter in the city. A pack of sparrows flew up. The birds started to peck the crums lively.
 At last my trolley bus came up. A young couple entered the trolley bus with me too. They were as well
as I cold after long waiting at the stop. The young man took the girl’s hands into his and started to rub
them and warm up with his breathing. And he was looking at her with the look full of love! They began to talk and laugh. Their faces were beaming with joy and love. If you could see their eyes shining and sparkling!
 I got pleasure watching this couple. It’s wonderful that they have found each other in our great world!
They are so happy!
 I remembered that I also have found you and if at that moment you happened to be near me you would also
try to warm me up. At that moment I would like to see your face. In my eyes you would see the ocean of tenderness that overwhelms my heart! I will keep this tenderness until the day when we meet. Then I’ll give it to you to the last drop!
 Dear XXXXX! Our Internet club has no name. The name of our manager is Anastasia. The phone number of the agency is 380-482658530 (country code is included). By the way, you called me at this number. 

Your Anastasia.    


Letter from Anastasia T., Manager - Dec 21, 2001

Dear Sir!

Your correspondence with your lady Anastasia has been closed, as it hasn’t been paid for. The total sum of
you debt is $110. Until it is paid for from any side (you or your lady) your letters will not be delivered
to her as well as her letters will not be sent to you.

With respect,
Internet Club Manager


Letter from Anastasia T., manager - Dec 22, 2001

Dear Sir,
We want to tell you that our Internet-Club doesn’t have official name and in all documents it is called just an “Internet-Club”.
 Our manager doesn’t have to give you her home address and telephone number. Address of the club is enough
for you.
 We are glad to explain how our Internet Club is working.
 It is not an Internet Cafй where people get a computer at their disposal for some time to work in Internet or to send and receive their e-mail. Our club is a sort of a women’s club for those beautiful and family oriented women who are disappointed in creating a family with men that they meet here and looking for another ways of their self realization as mothers and wives. But PC in our country is an expensive equipment and providers connecting your PC with Internet takes a sum of not less than $50 a months (an average wages here are about $20 a month). How can an ordinary woman provide herself and allow buying a computer especially if the work in Internet needs special training and good knowledge of English? That’s why such club like ours offers a woman to make an attempt and to start her search for her one and only in Internet.
 On coming here a woman receives the chance to start corresponding with a man on a credit. An operator
working on a computer opens her personal e-mail box and sends her letters that she leaves translated
(using the services either of our translators or her personal one). When the credit comes to the limit we
ask the lady whether she can pay for club services and send the letter informing her correspondent about this
situation. It’s up to you to pay for the services that your lady is using or not, it depends on your goal of your correspondence with her. If you are willing to go on corresponding with your lady let us know.  If you have more questions about the work of our club we’ll gladly answer your letter, which can be sent on the same address but on the name of Anastasia. The operator will pass the letter to me.

Internet Club Manager.

P.S. Your correspondence with your lady is confidential and only operator is working with it.


From Anastasia T., Manager - Feb 04, 2002

 All the expenses are paid via Western Union, the operations through any other bank system are not
suitable due to unstable financial situation and unreliable bank system here.
 If you can't find Western Union Office give us the name of your city and we will help you with addresses.

 The pays should be sent on the name of our Financial
Manager of our Internet Club:
Svetlana Lubomirskaya
Odessa, Ukraine.
 OR on the name of your lady:
Janna Tkachuk
Odessa, Ukraine.
 When you transfer money via Western Union they will give you the code (a row of numbers) of your transfer.
You should send us this code because we won't be able to receive the transfer here without it.
 Please, do us a favor, don’t write any control questions while sending your wire!
Internet Club Manager.