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The arrest of 4 scammers (2 men, 2 woman) in city of Yoshkar-Ola in Russia has made news on Russian TV.

This arrest was a result of investigation by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia after a complaint filed by a US sitizen, who informed the Ministry of Home Affairs that he lost more then $2000 due to the fraudulent activities of the scammer from Yoshkar-Ola.

We assume that some other complaints from citizens of USA, Canada and Australia were made, as they were mentioned in the report.

The following investigation resulted in arrest of 4 people: 2 men and 2 women. Men were writing letters. Women (one of them you can see on the photo on the right) were used to receive money transfers.

According to the article in the news, women were paid $50 for each pick up, no matter how big or small the pick up was. 


One of the men working with this group has already been convicted of crimes related to Russian Computer Law, which generally covers computer fraud, hacking, etc.

Investigators announced, that they will need to figure out how long the group has been active, but even now they estimate the earnings made by this group in hundreds of thousands of US dollars.



The report about this story appeared on "News" (one of the major newspapers in Russia) on June 20, 2002



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