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RUSSIAN DATING SCAMS (RDS) is a site that was created in the Fall of 2011 by Elena Garrett from to help organize the growing body of general information about Russian and Ukrainian dating scams. Elena Garrett is one of the leading specialists on these types of scams, and she provides free publications, writes brochures, and runs Russian Detective agency to help Internet users obtain investigative services in Russia and Ukraine. 



Integrative Global Solutions, previously known as E. Garrett Group, is a US-based company. Russian Detective (RD)  is a part of Integrative Global Solutions and it was created by Elena Garrett, the agency owner, in early 2002 in response to a growing need for quality investigation services in Russia and countries of former Soviet Union.

Russian Detective and it's owner, Elena Garrett, have earned a steady reputation in the Russian dating community. Elena Garrett is a recognized authority on Russian Dating Scam. She has done two TV interviews with CBS Evening News and with A Current Affair. Several other TV producers both in the United States and in Russia have contacted her for consultations.

Russian Detective is not a detective agency in itself. Russian Detective is an international service bureau that works with hundreds of independent private investigators and investigation companies in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of FSU to be able to quickly, inexpensively and efficiently allow you, the client, to get an access to high-quality private investigation services in almost any city of Russia or Ukraine.

Neither Integrative Global Solutions, nor Russian Detective are associated with any dating agencies or networks. We are a completely independent non-bias organization that caters to our client’s needs only.

Russian Detective works only with people or organizations qualified to perform investigation services. We do not employ lawyers to handle our investigations.

The main idea behind Russian Detective is to make its investigation services easy to use and affordable. Therefore we try to keep our overhead expenses to the minimum, so we could keep out prices as low as possible. 


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