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Case of Lidiia Kolisnichenko vs. Michael Wnuk


Letter to Russian Detective by Michael Wnuk:

This is how the case was referred to in the court. It pertained to issuing a restraining order for Lidiia Kolisnichenko, my ex-wife, against myself, the ex-husband for an alleged “domestic violence”. In my wildest fantasy I would not dream up this unhappy end of an otherwise romantic relation. It began in December 2006, when I met Lidiia while traveling in Poland – I saw her as an intelligent, young and a beautiful woman of 38 (while I was well over sixty). Her profession was also something of the extraordinary; she was a healer who could treat any disease including incurable cancers. Right at the start she told me that she was in love with me, and if I marry her she would cure my cancer. This was an offer that I could not resist. So, I invited her to the USA and helped her to get a business visa at the US Consulate General in Krakow, Poland. A month later she arrived in Chicago and 11 days later we got married at the Circuit Court in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 



All went well and I thought I got the “deal of my life”. I was optimistic. However, when Lidiia moved into my modest condo apartment, she did not like it. She was quite disappointed and did not even try to hide it. This was understandable. Yet, a day or two later she began a “slander campaign” telling my friends (when I was not listening) that I am mentally sick, an addicted drunkard and things of this nature. I know that I am not perfect, but never had any problems of this caliber. Since my profession is education I can’t think how I could be all this. Prior to the marriage I assigned to Lidiia 3 million US dollars from my life insurance in case of my death. She said it was OK. At that time Lidiia continued to mesmerize me, and I would not believe anybody who would say a bad word about her. Being in love is a bit like being blind. As it turned out, this entire marriage was a ruse, a mistake and a fraud. The fraud was indeed premeditated. On several occasions she expressed disappointment that I am not dead yet, and that the results of the medical tests were rather good.

            Shortly after the wedding I began to understand that Lidiia is not really interested in having this marriage for real. A beautiful woman turned out to be a moody individual, sometimes hostile, almost a psychopath. She continued to bad-mouth me to our friends behind my back. If there were some truth to it, I would have forgiven her. Now, I just did not know what to do about it. I could not understand the purpose of her actions. Soon it all became clear.

            Her “work” consisted of visiting various beauty salons, tanning and having nail jobs and massages done. Few hours each day she spent at school, where she was learning English for the beginners. Secretly, she did some dating, too.

            As to marital fraud Lidiia followed the script shown on the Internet site “Green Card Girls – A Dangerous Breed” almost to a letter. Once, jokingly, she even outlined this scam to me as a warning that I better sign all the papers concerning her immigration status in the US or else – she will “teach me a lesson”. I never took it seriously. And yes, she got hold of some of my bank accounts. She used my credit card for purchases and drove a car, for which I signed loan application with a bank. She was the domineering party at home. At the beginning she acted like a good wife, if one ignores her frequent fooling around and sleeping around with other men, of which I learned later. She indeed was a master in the art of seduction. Her cell phone bill for a period of just three weeks amounted to $2,5000, while the calls on the stationary phone added up to close to a thousand dollars.

 After my brief absence – I was on a business trip in Europe for a month – everything changed. She was visibly different. First, before my arrival, she filed with the Immigration a petition for change of status due to “mental abuse” by the husband. She did this with a help of a social worker, a Russian lady. Three days later this was followed by a confrontation scene staged at home and made look like a “physical abuse” incident with the police participating in it, the immediate arrest, the works.

She started it by ripping off my cell phone from my hand and then – during the ensuing struggle – she fell on the floor and immediately ran away from the house turning to the nearby neighbors for help as if being in danger and “chased” by her husband. It is difficult to say whether her falling on the floor was deliberate or accidental; she was wearing flip-flaps at the time. Police stated in their reporting of the incident that there were “no injuries in the spot where she reported she was hit”. One picture was taken right at that time and then another one a day later. They both show clearly that Lidiia suffered no physical harm. Yet, it was enough to flag down a police car and have me arrested. I spent one night in jail. Next day the DA pressed no charges and dismissed the case. I missed an important conference. This is not the end of the story, though.

            Now, she got what she needed to file an I-360 petition of  “an abused spouse” and request a restraining order. In her later statements that followed the incident she added things like “being frequently raped” or “loosing consciousness” due to the fall on the floor and other details that were entirely invented. Yet later in the court all this was taken at face value. The same night Lidiia left the house and went to a battered women shelter nearby and shortly after she moved in with her newly found boyfriend. Along with her new status of a “battered wife” and a person whose life is in “imminent danger” she acquired new friends and protection of the state, including legal counsels. I never saw her again, other than inside the courtroom. She insisted on the restraining order. Initially the Commissioner at the court, after a hearing, denied the restraining order declaring, “The case does not warrant an injunction”. Lidiia, prompted by her Russian advisors, appealed this judgment, and eventually she got what she wanted from another judge, Dominic Amato. The judge ignored most of the evidence presented by the witnesses, as if he knew the outcome of the case even before the hearing started. My attorney thinks that appealing this verdict would be not effective and costly. Yes, all of these procedures were costly. Apparently Albert Einstein was right when he said, “Condemnation without investigation is the purest form of ignorance”.

            Some months later the divorce process, which I originated, was completed at the same court. This time it was with a different judge and the judgment was based on the Marital Settlement Agreement. Lidiia had total of three lawyers helping with her legal affairs, all paid by the state. Now, she is waiting for her green card while collecting welfare from the state as an “abused spouse”. I feel kind of stupid about this, because I am the person who loved this woman and did more for her than anybody else she met in her life. There was never any “physical abuse” in our home.

            False accusations and perjury seem to be not only tolerated, but also encouraged as they go entirely unpunished. Lidiia is a notorious liar. Her statements to the police and later in the court are a series of lies, and they frequently contradict each other. Anybody who reads those statements would suspect perjury. Lidiia was well coached and well prepared for carrying out such an elaborate plan. She is regarded now to be a victim, almost a “martyr”, which makes me look like a criminal. Worse, I feel that the public opinion is on her side, since nobody wants to hear the truth. Why?

            I am financially ruined and emotionally devastated. Yes, it was an expensive relationship. Should anybody be considering a marriage to a “Ukrainian Princess”, such as Lidiia, think twice before you embark on the journey.

            I tried to be here as brief as possible. Some details pertinent to the case are outlined in the attached text written by a person who was a witness (twice) in the court proceedings. His testimony was entirely ignored.


Dr. Mikolaj Jawdosiuk

9163 41st Street

Franklin, WI 53132



Judge Dominic Arnato

Milwaukee County Courthouse

Room 514

959 9th North Street

Milwaukee, WI 53233

RE: case No. 06FA007253

March 2, 2007


Honorable Judge Amato:

On February 27, 2007 I was a witness in your court subpoenaed by attorney Kathryn

Aldrich of Wisconsin Legal Action. When I was on the witness stand you asked me direct

question: ''why are you here?" and then I was not allowed to give you a complete answer,

because you have answered the question yourself.

Here is my answer to your question. I was trying to convey to you a message that

the person who falsely accused Mr. Wnuk of domestic abuse (quite a while ago she

described to me the details of such an event) is also a con artist involved in an

immigration scam. There was only one purpose of the scene of September 17th 2006; and

this was to create documentation of alleged "domestic abuse" in order to use it in her I360

petition of an "Abused Spouse", which she filed a few days later with the US CIS,

via the International Institute of Wisconsin, to secure her legal stay in this country. And,

after the incident, she did not need a signature from her husband. This was the fastest

track to obtain her citizenship in the USA. As you can readily check with the US

Department of Homeland Security all her educational credentials were falsified. Do you

really consider her testimony given in your court credible?

After Kolisnichenko learned on September 8, 2006 from attorney Mary

Radzimowski that her husband did not sign her petition to US Immigration Service, her

actions followed closely the plan described in the attached script "Green Card Girls - A

Dangerous Breed". I have reasons to believe that she was preparing for this event and

collecting "evidence" long before the incident considered in your Court, sometime in late

April and early May of 2006 when she visited in my office. She has told a very similar

story of her "unhappy married life" to several acquaintances, whom I also know.

This was a premeditated and carefully executed plan aimed at manipulating the

US law designed for decent individuals. It appears that the Police and the Court System

of the State of Wisconsin supported her in this endeavor. This, of course, was done at the

expense of the hard working taxpayers of this country.

I have known Dr. Wnuk for 25 years. And I know that those 5 months of his

marriage to Lidia were not happy times. He was under constant stress and had to seek

medical help. I'm sure that he acted in self-defense. His short marriage was a big mistake

and a fraud. Mistake was on Dr. Wnuk's part and fraud on Lidia's; and it was Dr. Wnuk

who was abused in many different ways.

I think you should send out a clear signal from your Court- statewide and nation

wide - that any such fraudulent marriage should not be encouraged. This would help

other citizens in our community in the future to avoid making similar mistakes and thus

have our Court System truly contribute to the cause of Justice.

Should you feel you have any questions regarding this matter, please call me.

Sincerely yours,


Cc. 1) A-tty Kathryn Aldrich, Legal Action of Wisconsin, 230 Wells Street, WI 53203

2) A-tty Linnea Matthiesen, Centro Legal Por Derechos Humanos Inc., 1711 S. 11th

Street, #209, Milwaukee, WI 53204,

3) Ms. Tatyana Borodin, Social Worker, Int. Institute of Wisconsin, 1110 North Old

World 3rd Street, Suite 420, Milwaukee, WI 53203



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