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Would you like to get back at scammers? Read my plan!

If you lost money due to scam, or even if you just corresponded with a scammer and have an interesting story to tell, please help me to raise the awareness about the scams through the media. 

The idea I have is simple: the more people are aware of the warning signs of the scam, the fewer will become victims of the scam. Maybe one day the knowledge about these types of scams will become so common, that the Russian dating scam industry will slowly die off due to overexposure and shortage of naive foreigners to scam. But it is taking too long for this knowledge to propagate among the population. Hundreds of men are still sending their life savings to these Internet crooks every months, and the scammers are still profiting big time. What can be done to speed up the awareness-building process?

I think that the best way to raise the awareness about these types of scams among general population more quickly is to get the media's cooperation. A single 3-minute story about Russian dating scammers aired on a major TV network during evening news may reach hundreds of thousands of potential victims! Nothing else that my web site does, or what other similar web site do can make an impact of this magnitude. That is why I am starting this Media Awareness Project. 

Right now the media seems to be not very interested this subject. We need to change that. I am hoping that the more people will ask for a story on a particular subject, the more likely it is that the media will pay attention to the problem. 

So, everyone who is reading this, please contact your local and national media and ask them to do a story about Russian dating scammers.  It does not matter what country you are from: USA, Canada, Italy, India, Australia, Finland, China, Ireland, France, UK, Mexico, or whatever your country is. If you have been targeted by scammers, it means that other men from your country are being targeted, too. Contact the media outlet(s) of your choice and ask them to do cover the subject of Russian dating scams. 


Here is your plan of action:

  • Find out contact information for your local newspapers, radio talk stations, or TV stations. 

  • Write them a short letter (about a half of a page). Ask them if they could publish some information about Russian dating scammers in order to protect people in your community.

  • Send your request to all the local media outlets you can find.

  • If you want to take it a step further, contact the national media as well. Contact your favorite TV stations, national talk shows, magazines, radio hosts, TV or news correspondents, or whoever else you can think of. The more media outlets you contact, the bigger the potential exposure.


What if it works?

What if it works and a TV network or a newspaper airs a story on this subject, or asks you to participate in the story? 

Please let us know about it! It would be very exciting news for us! Good luck, and thank you for your help!


Best regards,

Elena Garrett

(July 2010)







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