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Русские и украинские мошенники в обзорах прессы



Year Quick Summary
Police in Yoshkar-Ola and St. Petersburg capture a large group of Internet scammers January 2012 A large network of scammers working in two cities in Russia has been disrupted. The group's leader is currently on the run from police. 
 New!  Two leaders of a scam group are sentenced in Yoshkar-Ola, the capital of Mari El Republic

The group was recruiting local high school students to write love letters to unsuspecting foreigners 

07/2011 A guilty verdict was announced in the case against the leader of scam group "Sparta" and his right-hand man. The two were criminally charged with involving minors  in the commission of crimes against foreign citizens.
15 more Mari El scammers convicted in Yoshkar-Ola. 

They were a part of the large group of scammers who were arrested in 2006-2007 and a second cell of that group to be prosecuted this summer.


08/2010 A verdict was announced in the case of 15 members of a large group of Mari El dating scammers. The scammers, young males of ages 21 to 30, received probation sentences ranging from 6 to 3 years. 
10 Mari El scammers convicted of fraud against foreigners. 15 additional scammers from the same group are currently on trial in Yoshkar-Ola.

Prosecutors allege that Sergey Gorbunov was the main mastermind behind their operations.


06/2010 A verdict of guilty was announced in the capital of Mari El Republic in the case of Internet scammers who were cheating hundreds of foreigners out of money.
Sergey Gorbunov, leader of a large group of Mari El scammers, arrested in Yoshkar-Ola


2008 Several Russian media sources have reported that the Mari El Republic branch of the Federal Security Service of Russian Federation (UFSB RF of Mari El Republic) has identified and apprehended "the boss" of one of larger dating-scam groups in Mari El Republic of Russia
Two Yoshkar-Ola scammers convicted of fraud in the nearby Republic of Chuvashia 2007 In the sentence announced May 22, 2007, the Moscowskiy District Court of the City of Cheboksary of Chuvashia Republic the court found Innokentiy Mashkin and Ekaterina Parkhomenko GUILTY of fraud (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of RF), and sentenced the convicted scammers to 6 years of work camp and to 5 years of probation, respectively.
Two Russian dating scammers convicted in Mari El Republic of Russia.  2007 Oleg Elsukov (1983) and Sergey Chetverikov (1985), from Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic, were found guilty of defrauding a German citizen of 28,400 euros in 2005-2006. The scammers used stolen pictures of Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova

How the scammers were fooling the foreign "grooms-to-be..."


2007 August 8, 2007. The agents of UFSB of Russian Federation in the Republic of Mari El Republic completed a large sweep operation designed to capture a criminal group of Internet scammers. The operation began July 19, 2007.
Russian dating scammers Alena Fedorovskaya and Vladimir Osipov of Ekaterinburg city are convicted, sentenced to 5 years of work camp

Link to a list of complaints about Alena Fedorovskaya: 


2006 Alena Fedorovskaya and Vladimir Osipov have been sentenced to 5 years, and 5 years and 6 months, respectively, on October 30th, 2006, by Verkh-Istetskiy Court of Ekaterinburg.
Двое скаммеров из Йошкар-Олы признаны виновными по статье 159 УК.


awaiting translation

2003 В середине 2002 года в Йошкар-Оле сотрудники МВД разоблачили преступную группу мошенников, выманивавших деньги у граждан США, Канады, Новой Зеландии и Австралии. Иностранцы отдавали деньги в качестве оплаты билетов и виз русским невестам, с которыми они знакомились через Интернет. Однако вместо девушек с потенциальными женихами вели переписку несколько молодых мужчин.



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