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If you are not sure whether you are corresponding with a scammer, we can take a  look at the situation you have and provide you with an opinion on what I think the chances are of you being scammed. 

We cannot guarantee, however, that our opinion will be 100% mistake proof, and we take no responsibility for the client's following actions. All we are going to provide is our opinion on the situation you described.

Before you submit a request for a free evaluation, please complete the following steps:

If you found out that your lady is indeed a scammer, and you already sent the money, please read this

After you have done all your research and still cannot decide whether your lady is a scammer, feel free to contact us.



Therefore, do not expect an immediate reply back. Realistically, you can expect a reply within 2-7 business days.

And remember, if your lady needs money to be sent to her and you are waiting on our response to your request, DO NOT SEND THE MONEY. Most big mistakes are made in a hurry. Instead, do more research on the Internet - check black lists, our anti-scam forum, or request our letter analysis service, etc.


Instructions for requesting an Evaluation:

1. In the subject line type in EVALUATION REQUEST and then the name of your lady  (Ex: "Evaluation Request: Elena Nikolaeva from Russia"). 

2. When writing your message, describe your situation in detail. Point out things that made you suspicious. Mention if she made any money requests. 

3. Mention what research you have done yourself (checked black lists, googled her information, etc)

4. We do not need the pictures of your lady. They will not affect the evaluation. 

5. Seeing her letters can be helpful but they are not necessary. If you do decide to attach them, please do not attach more than 1-5 of the girls emails. We don't need your entire correspondence.  

6. Send your email to

Note: you can write in any language. We can translate your email using GoogleTranslate service.


Scammer-Possibility Evaluation
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