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We offer background checks on individuals and business entities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries of the Former Soviet Union.


Here is what that you need to know before ordering a background check.


  • If you never personally met the person whom you are trying to check, please visit our ScamDetector page first

  • Full-scale backgrounds checks take longer and cost more in Russia and Ukraine than most people expect. Even with the simplest investigation such as a Registered Address Locator check, for example, you can count on at least 1-4 business days processing time. Employment checks and marital records checks, often take 1-4 weeks to perform.


    • Personal privacy laws In Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are much more restrictive than in many European or Western countries, so the investigators are very limited in the type of tools they can use and type of information they can legally access

    • Both Russia and Ukraine are divided in a number of sections called "oblast," republics, and autonomic areas, which are like states or parishes. For example, Russia has 89 of these states. Ukraine has 26. Each state is broken into numerous districts (called "rayion"). Each oblast or republic has a complicated system of state and local governments, each collecting and maintaining various databases related to its function.

    • Federal, state, and local agencies rarely share information between themselves and usually they do not share information with third parties, so most of their data cannot be easily accessed by the investigators. Accessing needed information can be a real challenge.  

    • Russian and Ukrainian governments (especially local ones) still store their records in paper files, but more and more of them transfer information to computerized databases each year. Still, occasionally investigators run into situations when manual search through archives is required to obtain data.

  • Because of the restrictive privacy protection laws, obtaining officially documented information is extremely  difficult. If you need actual copies of records of any kind, please make sure to communicate this to us before we provide you with a cost estimate. Obtaining the official records will be more costly.  

  • If you plan to use any of the documents obtained through us in a court of law, please discuss those plans with us, as there may be additional steps you may have to take to obtain those documents in a way that will follow the laws set by your court.

  • Surveillance service is very frequently requested, but the costs of this service are pretty prohibitive. In fact, surveillance is the most expensive way to obtain information, averaging about $40-$100 per hour, but not necessarily the most effective way (depending on the goal of the investigation, of course). It is also a difficult-to-provide service that is not available in many regions. 

  • Russian Detective is not a detective agency. We just locate the investigators in Russia and contract their services on your behalf. As contractors, the investigators set their own schedules, prices, and rules. We will have to consult with the local investigators before providing you with any price estimates or investigation plans. All the back-and-forth discussions between the client, RD, and the investigators take time.