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What we can not do

What we can do

Since many times people realize that they became a victim of a scam only when the scammer has already disappeared with the money (and lots of money!), we also provide investigations of scams and assist in the prosecution of scammers. 


What we can not do.

  • we cannot provide you with services for free (we are a business establishment, not a governmental agency) 
  • we are not authorized to arrest scammers (that's law enforcement job)
  • we cannot order Russian police to conduct Western Union "sting" operations. Russian police will not move a finger for you unless you have an criminal case going.
  • we cannot "stop" scammers from doing what they are doing unless you put them in jail. Only you, the victim, have the rights and the ability to pursue the investigation and prosecution of their activities. We can help you with the prosecution efforts, but we cannot do it for you completely.


What we can do

  • we can help you to track down the scammer and to provide you with the real information about him or her: his/her true photo, age, city of residence, address, photos, etc.

  • we can help you to collect evidence to file a criminal complaint against the scammer with the local police. More and more police departments around the country are getting complaints about the scammers and they are string to take those complaints seriously.   

  • we can help you to file a complaint against the scammer with the scammer's local police department

  • once you file a criminal complaint with the scammer's local police department, we can represent your interests during the criminal investigation

  • we can try to negotiate the return of your money in exchange for dropped or reduced charges


How do you proceed?

If you already lost money, please click here

Otherwise, please send us a request for a quote